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Make a Baked Ring or Wreath Tuna Salad Recipes

Make Your Favorite Salad a Breaded Party Ring Recipe

Interesting Tuna Salad Recipes are hard to come by. This Tuna Salad Ring or Wreath is the perfect Recipe for a Super Bowl Party or Football Tailgating Party. Angie often contributes recipes to our blog, click the recipes tab above for more great party recipes. Enjoy!

Make a Ring or Wreath with this Tuna Salad Recipe.

Make a Ring or Wreath with this Tuna Salad Recipe.

How to Make Tuna Salad Wreath Recipe

2 large cans tuna (drained)
2 celery stalks chopped
onion chopped to taste
1 cup mayo
Dill seasoning to taste
2 cans Crescent rolls
1 egg white

Preheat oven to 375. In a Lg. Round Stone or Pizza Pan lay separated crescent rolls in a circle with point end going towards center of pan.  Seal sides of triangles together using a Pastry Roller or use fingers.  Mix all ingredients for the tuna salad in the Large Batter Bowl and then evenly scoop mixture 1 in from wide side, then fold the point ends back towards the wide side.  Brush on egg white and bake for 25-30 min.

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Turkey Snack Cup Kids Craft: Easy Thanksgiving Craft

Make a Snack Cup placeholder Kids Craft for your Thanksgiving Table. 

This easy turkey craft is fun for kids, and they can reuse the cup at snack time. These make fun placeholders for Thanksgiving when you write their name on the "feathers".

Turkey Snack Cup Easy Kids Thanksgiving Turkey Craft
Turkey Placeholder Cup for Thanksgiving Kids' Snacks.

I saw this on the Disney Family Fun Page using feathers. I thought we'd give it a try with Popsicle sticks from the dollar store. We went on a shopping spree with only a few dollars to spend to get supplies. When I saw the sticks, I decided that they would have to do. That's the best advice I give, 'Go with the flow'. We'll recycle and use the sticks in other projects


Leaves or Construction Paper

Hot Glue
Paper Cups
Craft Sticks

Glue sticks to front of the cup in a fan or tail pattern. Hot Glue works best.

Draw a face and gobbler on the construction paper.


Glue to the front of the cup itself or onto another stick.

Amanda, age 2, drew this face by herself!
She told me where to glue each stick.

turkey snack craft idea for kids thanksgiving celebration
Turkey Snack Craft for place setting.

Sam's, 'girl turkey', a thing of beauty.

Make a Turkey Snack Cap for Afterschool.

Fill with popcorn and serve pre-turkey to keep tiny tummys occupied!

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