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This Earth Day, Grow a Memory: Activity for Preschoolers

Easy Activity to Celebrate Earth Day with Preschoolers

As a little girl, trips to McDonald's were rare. Today, it seems to be a staple in the little's diet. I wonder if they will remember their favorite Happy Meal prizes as I do.

Once upon a time, Mickey D's gave out tiny little peat pots and sunflower seeds; the gift that kept on giving. My Dad and I went home, planted those seeds, and later transplanted them into our backyard gardenFor years, we had a row of giant sunflowers. I even entered them in a 4-H contest. Sweet memories... you can make yourself. Enjoy!

Earth Day Preschool Activity Grow a Daisy
Just add soil, water, sunlight, and love.
This is a great project to pair with our Daisy-Head Mayzie Activities.


Daisy the Donut Fairy*

Rodale's Basic Organic Gardening: A Beginner's Guide to Starting a Healthy Garden*

Earth Day Recipes

Daisy Hat Craft

How to Make Doughnuts Do-nuts Donuts Recipe a Sensory activity to do with kids

 MMmmm... How to make Homemade Powdered Sugar Do-nuts or Donuts

Kids have tons of fun helping make this doughnut recipe. MMmmm... How to make Homemade Powdered Sugar Do-nuts or Donuts. No matter how you spell it they still taste good!

How to Make Doughnuts Do-nuts Donuts Recipe with kids

You will need:

Cans of refrigerated biscuits (buy generic for 25 cents a can), Vegetable or Canola oil, Powdered Sugar, 1 Egg, Milk.

Make powdered sugar donuts how to 

Flatten biscuits with a roller or glass. We used a kid's medicine cup to cut the centers out. Roll the centers into balls for the doughnut holes. Beat an egg slightly and add a few tablespoons of milk, mix well.

How to make traditional doughnuts at home.
How to make doughnuts at home.

Dip your biscuits and centers into the egg mixture with a fork or slotted spoon. Coat well and lay on a plate to allow for drippage. With a slotted spoon, drop 2 or 3 "doughnuts" into about 1/4 Cup hot oil. You can add a drop of water first to check for readiness of the oil. Water should sizzle and bubble. Cook doughnuts about 1 minute each side or until golden.

how to make homemade doughnuts
Make homemade doughnuts.
making fried doughnuts frying donuts
Fried homemade doughnuts.

Make fun shapes too. Remove with slotted spoon allowing excess oil to drain off. Roll in a plate of powdered sugar or add your favorite icing and sprinkles.

Powdered sugar donut hole recipe fried doughnuts is a fun sensory activity to do with kids/
Make powdered sugar doughnuts at home.

Too much fun! Make these tonight in a flash! Yummy yummy! Tummy tummy!  Maple glaze for doughnuts

2012 Doughnut upgrade?

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