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Kitchen Kids: Cinnamon Cocoa Donut Recipe

Donut Recipe to Make at Home

Get mixing and making with your Kitchen Kids! Make this yummy (non-fried) cake, cinnamon, cocoa donut or doughnut recipeWe've got great tips for making icing cookies and donuts less messy. Make yummy donuts at home with this cocoa doughnut recipe. Enjoy!
Kitchen Kids Donut recipe Doughnut Cinnamon Cocoa how to make
How do you make homemade donuts
With lots of love and family fun.

How do you spell doughnut?

This Cinnamon Cocoa donut recipe was made with a Donut Maker, but you could also use a cake pop maker or muffin tins in the oven.

You Will Need:

2 C. Flour, 3/4 Sugar (we used Splenda Baking Mix in case the Diabetic Daddy snagged one.), 2 Tsps. Baking Powder, 1/4 Tsp. Ground Cinnamon,  2 Tbs. Cocoa Powder, 1 Tsp. Salt, 2 Beaten Eggs, 1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract, 1 Tsp. Shortening.

how to make maple donut glaze

How to Make Donuts:

Warm Donut Maker or preheat oven to 325 Degrees, lightly grease muffin pan (or donut pan if you have one).  In a large bowl mix flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, cocoa and salt (dry ingredients).  Stir in wet ingredients (milk, eggs, vanilla, and shortening). Beat all together until well blended. Fill each cup 3/4 full. Bake in oven for 8-10 minutes or until donut maker ready lite changes color. Donuts should spring back when touched. Allow to cool before removing from pan and frosting or drizzling with maple glaze. 

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Purchase the Kindle Version of our Holiday Treats Cookbook* (Winter Holidays)

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Kitchen Kids: Tips for Donut Frosting and Recipe for Icing, Frosted Donuts and How to Make Maple Glaze

Easy tip for donut frosting and easy recipes for icing frosted donuts

You don't need an expensive icing tube or even a fancy bag; here's an easy tip for donut frosting and easy recipes for icing frosted donuts and a maple glaze recipe. Enjoy!

Doughnut Frosting Donut Frosting Frosted Donuts Recipes for Icing and glaze
Plastic Icing Bags with clothespins to keep 
the icing in place (works for toothpaste too).
You can purchase plastic cone/tube bags to use with recipes for icing or you can use plastic Ziploc baggies and cut a tiny hole (about 1'4") on one bottom corner then, roll it up as shown above. With this technique, you can use the tubes as a pen and write names with frosting. Use a larger opening to make and pipe ribbons and roses.

icing tips, recipes for icing, glaze donut recipe
Make maple glaze recipe.

Make Maple Donut Glaze Doughnut

For the glaze:  1 C. Confectioner's Sugar, 2 Tbs. Hot Water, 1/4 C. Maple Syrup

How to make donut glaze: 

Blend confectioner's sugar, hot water, and maple syrup in a small bowl, drizzle over donuts.

For the frosting:  2 C. confectioners sugar sifted, 1/2 C. unsalted butter, 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract, 2 tbs. milk, food coloring (if desired).

How to make frosting: 

In a bowl with a hand mixer (electric mixer on low), beat the butter until well blended and smooth. Beat in the vanilla extract. With the mixer on low speed, gradually beat in the sugar. Add  milk and beat together. On high speed, beat frosting until fluffy (about 5 minutes).Now is the time to add a few drops of food coloring if desired. Keep in airtight container so confectioner's frosting doesn't dry out.  


Easy Donut Recipe? Santa's Doughnut Maker Mistake

Easy Donut Recipe

In 2010, Santa brought the little one a doughnut maker.  She asked for a cupcake maker, but it was the hot item and hard to find that year.

Mommy was tired after all of the Christmas doings, so Daddy was in charge of making the doughnuts. I never even saw one. I heard, "They were so good!"  Mommy has been very busy.  Mommy experienced the Easy Bake Oven with the teenager.  It took Mommy over a year to make the doughnuts.

As a kid, I had a Holly Hobbie, Old-fashioned,  Easy Bake Oven.  What fun I had baking cookies and cakes on the floor of my bedroom...  Wait that seems like an odd memory, true, but odd.  I have no memory of my mother helping with this endeavor.  I do remember my Dad eating the results. As a matter of fact, I remember my Dad eating teenager's Easy Bake Cookies and Cakes.

Holly Hobbie Easy Bake Oven: Easy Doughnut Recipe
Remember how the cookies tasted baked in your Holly Hobbie Easy Bake Oven.

I also had a Baby Alive growing up.  You mixed the baby food  and she pooped and peed.  I liked her food.  I thought. "It was so good!"  Easy Bake and Super Doughnut Factory food tastes exactly like Baby Alive food. My, how my tastes have changed. And, for those of you who read my post on doll collecting, yes, somewhere, I have both of these items.  (Hoarder, Hoarder, Hoarder)

This year (2011), my son wanted a doughnut maker.  He knew exactly which one he wanted. Grandpa took us shopping and when we explained that we needed to leave the toy aisle and find the small appliance aisle both Daddy and Grandpa were perplexed. My son is very practical.  He also asked Grandpa for a new, winter coat. So, he got this one.

Mommy has been ridden with guilt. Knowing she should make the little one's doughnuts but not wanting to make the doughnuts. So, I had a brilliant idea.  We'd have a doughnut maker bake-off. Doesn't that sound like fun?

What I learned from said Doughnut Maker Bake-off:

Good ideas- aren't always. The genius idea to rid the house of Easy-Bake and Super Doughnut Maker packets would be more genius if I secretly tossed them. Easy-Bake is a Misnomer. Super Doughnut is a Misnomer.  

What's Super about it?  Doughnuts are tiny.  You mix them in a tiny bowl with a tiny spoon, put them in a "machine" that squeezes  supposedly squeezes them back out into a tiny muffin tray. We are not elfs, we are humans. The extra step is not easy, super, or fun. It works better if you use the tiny spoon to place the batter in the tiny muffin tray. Then you add the filling.  HA ha ha ha ha. Finally you stick it into the microwave for 45 seconds. Voila! Easy.  

Mommy taught the teenager how to use the microwave with her Easy-Bake supplies when she kept getting the pans stuck in her oven. I should have invented the 'Super Easy Cake Maker', I would be swimming in the dough. Yep, dough.

If you put something off for an entire year forget the guilt; I'm sure you had a good reason. Someone's got to clean this thing! I've made my last Easy-Bake or Kiddie Baker item ever.

It might be possible to persuade me into feeding Baby Alive.  Thank goodness the little one doesn't like dolls, especially babies. I've changed enough diapers in my life. After she ate microscopic, microwaved, mini-doughnuts made from year old ingredients, we grabbed a box of cake, followed the recipe for cake-like cookies, spooned them into the practical doughnut maker, popped them out after two minutes, and coated them with powdered sugar. Now that was easy.

Daddy ate the doughnuts. None of these doughnuts are fat-fried, I guess that's a plus. Here are some of our other Easy doughnut/fun food recipe attempts that really work!

Refrigerator Biscuit Doughnuts (Powdered Sugar Recipe)
Cinnamon Donut Recipe (These were made in donut maker. They are good and beautiful)

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The Wonderful Things You Will Be Book Activities

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

Explore the possibilities, what are the wonderful things you will be? What can you be? Take a page from the most well-known Tigger when he sings, The Wonderful Things about Tiggers. Perhaps, Emily Winfield Martin, was inspired by Tigger's wonderful song. Penguin Random House gave us a copy of her book for review. We've included book activities as companion book projectsEnjoy!

The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin is a delightful book. It explores childhood dreams, good character, and family relationships. It inspires children to express their hopes and to be themselves. It encourages them to dream big and achieve their dreams.

This easy-to-read book is filled with lots of love as parents express thier support of their children and their imaginations. The beautiful illustrations invite you to explore the pages and the surprising fold out at the end is, well, wonderful.

I love the way this book suggests possibilities of things to be and also states positive attributes (like kindness) that they know the child will display. It's a book that works on various levels and makes children think in a playful yet deep way.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be PDF
The Wonderful Things You Will Be PDF.

Wonderful Activities to do with this Book:

1) Play dress up and encourage your child to use their imagination.

Superheroes to the rescue!

2) Bake muffins together to bring to a neighbor or friend to show that heart of kindness.

Donut Muffins

Check out these delicious donut muffins- so fun to make together!

3) Draw pictures of something you might want to be together (like a monster truck driver).

So many imaginative things can be made with pencils, makers, paper, and scissors!

4) Play outside in the mud and maybe even plant some flowers.

Playing outside is always creative!

In, The Wonderful Things You Will Be, the sky is the limit on the wonderful things that your child can be. Be imaginative together. Spend time reading this sweet book and talking about your hopes and dreams. Compliment your child on their many wonderful qualities and encourage them to be their very best self- they are one of a kind (Just like Tigger)!

This book is sure to quickly become a family favorite. The story is beautiful and the message is timeless!


The Wonderful Things You Will Be*

Art Projects for Black History Month

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What are Good Outdoor Games to Play?

10 Great Outdoor Games for Kids

The days of simple parties where balloons, music, and a cake with candles were enough are long gone. In 2019, fun birthday ideas are at a whole new level. You need these 10 great outdoor games for kids to get moving and enjoy their special day.
Kim and Kanye set the bar high with a "kidchella" themed party, featuring bouncy houses, a Ferris wheel, and several music stages. While you won't have the same budget as the Kardashians, take inspiration from their intuitive ideas and create a party with good outdoor games to play.
If you're arranging a summer party for your kid's birthday bash, what outdoor games can you play? Read on for the 411 on which outside games your kids will actually love!

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What are Good Outdoor Games to Play?

Outdoor Games Kids Will Love

We all know the math. Kids + Birthday parties = Chaos!
Instead of expecting kids to sit around, drink tea, and chat like adults, prepare some cool games that will burn all their pent-up party energy. We've chosen 10 outdoor games that will have your guests giggling from beginning to end. Are you ready? Let's get this party started!

1. Hop Your Way to Victory
Try a traditional sack-race to get the kids moving. Give each child a good quality burlap bag or king-size pillowcase. Line them up in a grassy area and have them hop their way to victory down a marked path.
To mix it up a little, decorate the plain sacks. Make it more challenging and make the marked path curvy. Even if you just do it the old-fashioned way, it'll get a lot of laughs on the way, Scout's honor!

2. Make Your Birthday Party Pop
Balloon stomping is one of the best group games for parties. What's a party without balloons popping?
Before the party starts, prepare by blowing up at least one balloon per guest and a few extras just in case. Tie a long string or ribbon around the end of the balloon so that it is long enough to tie around the children's ankles.
When the party gets started, tie a balloon around the ankle of each child. The aim of the game is to pop everyone else's balloon while protecting your own. The last kid with an intact balloon wins.

3. Jump to It
Let the kids blow off a little steam before you sit down to open presents. One of the best outdoor games for kids, is an outdoor bouncy house. Hiring a bouncy house is an exciting treat for the kids! It really is fun for all ages (even big kids!)
From bouncy houses and inflatable water slides to blow-up climbing walls and bouncy bungee runs, knowing which one to choose boggles the mind. Do your research to find out more about the options and you'll find the perfect match for your big outdoor birthday bash.

4. Treasure Hunt
Treasure hunts have been around a long time, but they're still one of the most interesting outside games for kids to play. Adapt the hunt depending on the ages of the guests and the style of the party. Be sure to offer prizes and other birthday party favors for the winning team.
For instance, create a list of items in nature they have to find in a certain time limit. Give each guest some magnifying glasses, binoculars, and a treasure bag for their adventure. They can search for various bugs, pinecones, daisies, leaves, and more on a nature scavenger hunt or you can hide items throughout the yard and give them a list of riddles to solve to find the next treasure. As an alternative, hide pieces of treasure and candy for the kids to find. Give them a bucket and send them on their scavenger hunt,

5. Cool Pool Party
Fun birthday ideas for the summer usually involve water. Wet and wild games give kids the chance to get soaked and cool off. A pool prize search is one of the most fun outside games for a kid's party.
Use an inflatable pool filled with water. Hide weighted treasures at the bottom of the pool. Then, fill the rest of the pool with floating toys and balls, so that it's hard to see what's at the bottom. Give the kids a time limit and tell them to find the treasures at the bottom of the pool.
If kids are a bit older and it seems too easy, try blindfolding them. Their teammates can shout out directions to help them find the treasure.

6. Use Your Noodle
One of the cheapest outside games for kids is Pool Noodle Croquet. It's budget-friendly but takes a little bit of time to set up.
Create several pool noodle arches in your back yard and stake them into the ground. Give each child a pool noodle and an inflated beach ball. The idea is to be the first to get the ball through the course of arches.

7. Make a Splash
Another variation of a classic game is water balloon baseball. It's one of the easiest outdoor games for kids and parents because it's so easy to set up.
All you need is a baseball bat and some pre-filled water balloons. Make sure the guests are ready to get soaked!

8. A Tasty Mess
Fun birthday ideas have got to include cakes and treats, right? So why not turn your dessert into a game? When played outside, this donut game is lots of fun.
Tie dangling donuts from a high place, such as a tree or doorway. Then have a donut eating race, without using hands. Chocolate donuts make the most mess, so be ready with a cleanup team when the game is over.

9. Water Shoot
Here's another outdoor water game for you. Divide the party into two teams. For each team, string a plastic sand pails onto one end of a clothesline.
The concept of this game is for each team to work together to move their bucket along the clothesline, using only the spray water guns. Of course, if you don't have enough squirt guns for the party, you could fill up plastic bottles instead. Be sure the squirt guns are powerful enough to make the pails move!

10. An In-Tents Party
Another awesome outside party activity is camping. If camping somewhere remote is too much of a task, just set up a camp ground in your backyard.

Set up tents and a supervised fire-pit. Play some camping-themed games during the day. And when it gets dark, roast some s'mores on the campfire and tell scary stories.

Keep Calm and Party On!
We hoe you like this list of outdoor games with a twist for parties. Pick one, two, or as many outside games as you want, to make your birthday bash super fun!
What if it turns out to be a rainy day and you can't have fun in the sun? For some more games inspiration, both inside and out, check out the "Games" section of our blog.


This Earth Day, Grow a Memory: Activity for Preschoolers

Easy Activity to Celebrate Earth Day with Preschoolers

As a little girl, trips to McDonald's were rare. Today, it seems to be a staple in the little's diet. I wonder if they will remember their favorite Happy Meal prizes as I do.

Once upon a time, Mickey D's gave out tiny little peat pots and sunflower seeds; the gift that kept on giving. My Dad and I went home, planted those seeds, and later transplanted them into our backyard gardenFor years, we had a row of giant sunflowers. I even entered them in a 4-H contest. Sweet memories... you can make yourself. Enjoy!

Earth Day Preschool Activity Grow a Daisy
Just add soil, water, sunlight, and love.
This is a great project to pair with our Daisy-Head Mayzie Activities.


Daisy the Donut Fairy*

Rodale's Basic Organic Gardening: A Beginner's Guide to Starting a Healthy Garden*

Earth Day Recipes

Daisy Hat Craft

How to Make Doughnuts Do-nuts Donuts Recipe a Sensory activity to do with kids

 MMmmm... How to make Homemade Powdered Sugar Do-nuts or Donuts

Kids have tons of fun helping make this doughnut recipe. MMmmm... How to make Homemade Powdered Sugar Do-nuts or Donuts. No matter how you spell it they still taste good!

How to Make Doughnuts Do-nuts Donuts Recipe with kids

You will need:

Cans of refrigerated biscuits (buy generic for 25 cents a can), Vegetable or Canola oil, Powdered Sugar, 1 Egg, Milk.

Make powdered sugar donuts how to 

Flatten biscuits with a roller or glass. We used a kid's medicine cup to cut the centers out. Roll the centers into balls for the doughnut holes. Beat an egg slightly and add a few tablespoons of milk, mix well.

How to make traditional doughnuts at home.
How to make doughnuts at home.

Dip your biscuits and centers into the egg mixture with a fork or slotted spoon. Coat well and lay on a plate to allow for drippage. With a slotted spoon, drop 2 or 3 "doughnuts" into about 1/4 Cup hot oil. You can add a drop of water first to check for readiness of the oil. Water should sizzle and bubble. Cook doughnuts about 1 minute each side or until golden.

how to make homemade doughnuts
Make homemade doughnuts.
making fried doughnuts frying donuts
Fried homemade doughnuts.

Make fun shapes too. Remove with slotted spoon allowing excess oil to drain off. Roll in a plate of powdered sugar or add your favorite icing and sprinkles.

Powdered sugar donut hole recipe fried doughnuts is a fun sensory activity to do with kids/
Make powdered sugar doughnuts at home.

Too much fun! Make these tonight in a flash! Yummy yummy! Tummy tummy!  Maple glaze for doughnuts

2012 Doughnut upgrade?

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Doughnuts: Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home

10 Top-Notch Ways to Motivate Students to Study and Learn

10 Ways to Motivate Students to Study and Learn

Students who are inattentive or put little effort into their school work are unlikely to benefit from better instruction or school curriculum. So, how can teachers help students become motivated? From putting students in control to offering rewards, motivation can be both encouraged and provided. Here’s an in-depth look at ten ways to motivate students to study and learn more effectively.

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ways to motivate students to study and learn more effectively

An in-depth look at ten ways to motivate you students  

1. Put Students in Control of Their Learning Experience  

Education makes some kids feel like they’re being controlled. When a student feels that lack of control, they generally withdrawal from learning. It’s important that students are given control over their learning experience. 

A good way to do this is to give students options. For example, when assigning math questions, allow students to complete either the evens or the odds. That way, they can choose which one they want to complete. 

Students that are given more control and can have direct input in respect to their learning experiences, activities, and environment, become more engaged and even want to learn.  

2. Develop an Atmosphere for Reading  

It’s known that students who develop a love for reading also love learning. The two are interconnected. Reading, not only helps students develop a wide vocabulary, but it allows their brains to learn how to process formal communication. 

Enrich your classroom by providing students with a variety of quality outside information. You can find reading materials from sources like the New York Times, Forbes, or Science stage.
You can also assign students a book report related to one of your key objectives. That way, students can learn more about an essential topic from an expert in a field. 

3. Focus on Student Interests 

To engage students, focus on topics that they find interesting. Not every objective is interesting to every student, however, you can relate lessons to current trends to reach more students. For example, when coming up with a math question, you can ask students about the latest internet challenge. For the ice bucket challenge, you might pose a question regarding the volume of the bucket.

4. Make Learning Entertaining Through Game-Based Learning  

Game-based learning has been around for a long time. In fact, game-based learning has many beneficial qualities. It not only provides opportunities for extensive learning and development of non-cognitive abilities, but it helps students want to play the game which, in turn, teaches them a new skill or some other aspect of your lesson plans.

When a child is actively playing a game, their mind experiences the joy of learning something new. This is true whether the game is considered entertainment, like a video game or it has a more serious tone like a military simulator. Games that are entertaining have an added benefit of being engaging, thus motivating students to learn more. 

Game-based learning is a successful motivation tool for team-based learning. Since students generally become more competitive in order to win, they may perform better in the learning portions of the game to earn more points. 

Game-based learning is a perfect way for teachers to introduce new concepts or ideas into the classroom. Start with a fun game like classroom jeopardy, or allow students to visit an interactive website and compete online with other students at their grade level.

5. Encourage Communication  

Students should feel encouraged to express their opinions about what’s going on with their education. They should feel comfortable to express their likes or dislikes. Often, when students feel like they can’t speak up, they withdrawal from the learning process.  

It’s best to create an open atmosphere where all students know that their opinion matters. Students should know they won’t be judged, ignored, put down, or discouraged. Instead, students should know you're paying attention and listening to their concerns. That way, students will communicate better if any issue arises. 

 6. Allow Students to Learn Outside of the Classroom  

While book work is important, students sometimes become frustrated at the amount of book work that is required. It’s essential to provide students with fun activities that they can do outside of the classroom. 

Provide students with a list of educational activities they can complete outside of the classroom with friends or family. Activities like baking and shopping allow students to relate what they've learned in school to the real world. Homeschoolers can include these activities in their daily instruction. Measuring and finance are great future skills. Kids find these real world ways of learning math more enjoyable. Math makes more sense when we see the applications as useful.

7. Set Attainable Goals   

It’s important that you set attainable goals for all students. Most students like to feel challenged. Stimulating students helps them to want to set and achieve goals. When they find the expectations attainable, they're more likely to strive to reach the goal.

8. Use Positive Competition 

Competition isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes it motivates students to work harder to achieve a 100% score. One of the best ways to use positive competition is to allow students to take part in a friendly math competition. That way, students get to work together to show off their knowledge and help others that might not understand higher math concepts. Teachers can add math concepts that are relevant to their lesson plans. 

9. Track Students Progress  

It's sometimes difficult for students to understand just how far they’ve come in a particular subject, especially when they find the subject hard to comprehend. Tracking a student’s progress, motivates students, allowing them to visualize how much they've achieved as the year progresses. This is especially important for homeschool learners. Keep track of their progress with programs like, MobyMax, which tracks progression by finding and fixing gaps in learning through relevant grade level, online lessons.

10. Offer Rewards   

Rewards are an excellent source of motivation. Everyone likes to earn rewards. Students will study hard and aim for success in hopes of winning the top prize. Rewards can be large or small, depending on the grade level of the class or age of the students. Older students may not find a lollipop reward very motivating.

For example, choose rewards like a pizza party, ice cream party, or even a donut party or extra credit points for older students. With younger students, simple rewards like a piece of candy, a sticker, or a small toy will provide motivation.

Have you tried any of these ways to motivate students to study and learn more efficiently? 
Student motivation is essential in every stage of education. Focus on student interests, encourage communication, track a student’s progress and offer rewards at every stage. Since every student is motivated differently, make sure to customize your motivation strategies for individual students. 

Check out the recommended reading below for additional ways to motivate students to learn and study. 


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