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Our Baby's Vernacular and Sayings Cute Words and Quotes

Mayhem's baby book memories: Mayhem's Dad was born and raised on the East Coast. Boston, Massachusetts. By the time we met he had very little accent left.  He finds my Hoosier, small-town vernacular amusing and often asks me to repeat things in "English, please".  For example, he and I both ride bi-sickles but while I also ride a motor-sickle, he rides a motor-cycle. The teasing of my 'country bumpkin' accent is endless.  Really? 

How many people do you know who ride a bi-cycle

Maybe in England.

Anywho....  Mayhem seems to have been born with a Bostonian Gene.

"Mommy, Good Mawning."   
Baby words and cute saying quotes.

Mayhem's Baby Word List:

Can you guess what these words represent?








Big Tortoise
Big Tortoise.
Colorful Fall gourds.
Colorful Fall gourds.
And, my favorite...

"Awweo, you know, Mommy,  AWWEO.  I don't know, Jada's puppy's name.  That Cookie!  I can't say it Mommy...  I just can't.  Aww-EEE-O!"      
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