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Poetry Out of the Mouths of Babes: Jake's Journey in Homeschool

Funny things kids say and write: kindergarten poetry

Kids kindergarten poetry lesson. Write a poem based on a book you've recently read. This is a fun exercise for a homeschooler's daily journal.

Funny things kids say or write - Jake's Journey.
"First-Time Baby", Jake's first poem.

My First-born, Straight A++, turned Six in July,
Mini-Adult wrote this beautiful piece of literature.

This was based on a pattern prompt for class, 
"The egg becomes a chicken, The Tadpole becomes a Frog."
Jake took the idea and ran.

Punctuation and Spelling as written. 
Jake describes it as his story but what an awesome poem.

"First-Time Baby"

By C. Jacob (Jake) Wells

First the baby then 2 days old.

Then grow some more then 1 month old.

Then grow some more then 1 yer old.

Then 5 yers old.

Then gorw some more and more and before you know it your a growup.

And your 32 and your 6 Feet tall.

and grow some more and now your 60.

And rite now your sleeping and now your 95

and inside and waching tv.

And now somethig sad happnns

now your dead

under your

gave stone

and that is

the end for you.

Just sayin' with corrections maybe this could win a Pulitzer or at least a poetry competition.


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Baby Book: Cute Baby Words and Sayings with Vernacular

Our Baby's Vernacular and Sayings Cute Words and Quotes

Mayhem's baby book memories: Mayhem's Dad was born and raised on the East Coast. Boston, Massachusetts. By the time we met he had very little accent left.  He finds my Hoosier, small-town vernacular amusing and often asks me to repeat things in "English, please".  For example, he and I both ride bi-sickles but while I also ride a motor-sickle, he rides a motor-cycle. The teasing of my 'country bumpkin' accent is endless.  Really? 

How many people do you know who ride a bi-cycle

Maybe in England.

Anywho....  Mayhem seems to have been born with a Bostonian Gene.

"Mommy, Good Mawning."   
Baby words and cute saying quotes.

Mayhem's Baby Word List:

Can you guess what these words represent?








Big Tortoise
Big Tortoise.
Colorful Fall gourds.
Colorful Fall gourds.
And, my favorite...

"Awweo, you know, Mommy,  AWWEO.  I don't know, Jada's puppy's name.  That Cookie!  I can't say it Mommy...  I just can't.  Aww-EEE-O!"      
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