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Homeschool PE Egg Hunt for Elementary Students: Fun for a Family Get Together Party too!

Get Fit with this Creative Physical Education Easter Egg Hunt for Parties or PE Class

This Egg Hunt isn't just for Easter. Add physical fitness to your family get together, birthday party, gym class, or homeschool PE. Hide the eggs outdoors, and then hide physical fitness activities inside each egg. Make a game out of working out! In the video below, we improvised and had fun turning exercise into a fitness game that got the whole "family" involved. Enjoy!

Outdoor PE Games for Elementary with an Easter Theme.
Running around collecting strategically hidden eggs is a workout.

Outdoor Easter PE Game for Elementary Homeschool

Hmm... On second thought, this game is fun for kids of all ages! A high school class will get a kick out of this game too. So, gather your supplies from the list below, and get fit!

To play the game you will need:
  • Scrap Paper
  • Sharpie
  • 20+ Plastic Easter Eggs
  • 2+ players

How to Play the Game:

Sit down with the players and brainstorm PE activities. Choose things like: sit ups, push ups, jumping jacks, run around the egg ten times, jump over the egg 5 times, log rolls, touch your toes 3 times, arm rolls, deep knee bends, twist from side to side, leg kicks. etc.

  • Write 1 activity on a piece of paper. 
  • Place inside the egg.
  • Toss the eggs around the yard (or hide them).
  • Have the players line up at a start line.
  • "On your mark, get set, go!
  • Race to an egg, open it, read activity out loud.
  • Do the exercise.
  • Collect the paper slips to keep a tally of your accomplishments
  • Race to complete the most exercises.
  • The person who collects the most slips wins!

An Easter Egg Hunt is a fun way to sneak in physical fitness.
An Easter Egg Hunt is a fun way to sneak in physical fitness.

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15 Resources for Dr. Seuss Lesson Plans Elementary School and Homeschool

Lesson Plans for Elementary and Homeschool Dr. Seuss Curriculum

 Dr. Seuss Lesson Plans Elementary School and Homeschool
 Dr. Seuss Lesson Plans Elementary School and Homeschool.

Celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday with Dr. Seuss Lesson Plans for Elementary and Homeschool. We've scoured the web, especially our favorite blogs and websites, for companion activities for. Dr. Seuss books. When is Dr. Seuss' birthday? March 2. Enjoy!

Recommended Reading:

Bartholomew and the Oobleck: (Caldecott Honor Book) (Classic Seuss)*

And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street*

Oh, The Places You'll Go!*

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Cinquain Poetry: Fun Adjective and Adverb Video Lessons and Online Activities for Homeschooling

Cinquain Poem Examples for Students

In this online homeschooling lesson, we explore adjectives and adverbs and then use what we've learned to write a Cinquain poem. We found some fun videos and activities to help teach the difference between an adverb and an adjective. Scroll down for examples of Cinquain poetry. Enjoy!

Cinquain Poetry: Fun Adjective and Adverb Video Lessons and Online Activities
Cinquain Poem Examples for Students.

What does an Adverb do?

An adverb modifies verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. Adverbs answer questions like: How? When? Where?

What does an Adjective do?

An adjective modifies nouns, pronouns, and phrases acting as nouns. Adjectives answer questions like: What kind? How many? Which one?

The adjective and adverb flash card video below is from Maple Leaf Learning. This video is best for preschool and early elementary, though it did help my third and fifth grader remember the difference between an adverb and an adjective.

Now that you are all caught up on adjectives, here is another fun video, which is more appropriate for second to sixth grade.

Here is another video from Grammaropolis. This one is my favorite!

Go old school and learn adverbs and adjectives with this Schoolhouse Rock grammar video.

Now, take what you have learned and use adjectives and adverbs to write a Cinquain. That's just a fancy word for a five line poem. Cinq means five in French.

Arts and Crafts Element

Supplies Needed:

Old Magazines
Construction Paper
Paste or Glue

Cut out adverbs and adjectives from old magazines.
Draw a line down your paper.
Label one side "Adjectives" and the other side "Adverbs".
Paste the words in the proper column.

Use the words to write a Cinquain poem.

Language Arts Element

How to Write a Cinquain

Line 1:  Use one word to describe the subject.
Line 2:  Choose two words to define the subject.
Line 3:  Pick three words to tell what the subject did.
Line 4:  List four words about how it happened.
Line: 5: Choose one word that restates or summarizes the action in your poem.

Math Element

Did you know there is math in poetry? It is better known as rhythm. If you completed all of the steps above, congratulations! You have written a simple Cinquain. Now, you are ready to plug in some more numbers and write a more complex Cinquain.

Rewrite your poem (or write a new one) using the following method. A true Cinquain is made up of a series of syllables.

Line 1: One word = two syllables.
Line 2: Two words = four syllables.
Line 3: Three words = six syllables.
Line 4: Four words = eight syllables.
Line 5: One Word and/or two syllables.

Once you've crafted the perfect poem, get some handwriting paper. Neatly, write your poem in Cinquain form. Decorate the paper to illustrate the actions and ideas in your poem.

Proudly display your poem for all to see!

Here are our examples of Cinquain poetry:

      Black and Festive.
They wanted Mosquitoes.
Finally, they ate Mosquitoes.

Is fishes a word? Yep.We used creative license to get two syllables in our first word. Jake wanted to write a poem about fish. So, he wrote a poem about various species of fish, or fishes to make the Cinquain work.

                 Tiny and Blue.
           Chasing Tiny Critters.
Catches the Fastest, Finest Chicken.
- Mayhem

Recommended Reading:

    A Is for Angry: An Animal and Adjective Alphabet*

    Poetry Patterns and Themes*

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    5 Best Sleepover Games and Activities for Teens

    Plan the Best Sleepover Ever with These 5 Cool Games and Activities for Teens

    These 5 easy party ideas for teenagers will help you plan a fun sleepover or even the best slumber party ever! Click the links to find more great birthday party ideas for both teen boys and girls. Enjoy!

    5 Best Sleepover Games and Activities for Teens
    5 Best Sleepover Games and Activities for Teens.

    plan a backwards birthday party
    Have all the guest wear all of their clothes backward.

    • Who's in the Bag?

    sleeping bag game:best sleepover activities
    Play, "Who's in the Bag?", at your next sleepover.

    Before the party, mark straws with the number of party guest minus

    one. On the last straw, write "it" with a Sharpie. Have each guest 

    choose a straw. Get everyone's sleeping bag and roll them out on 

    the floor in a large room. Send "it" into the bathroom or a closet.

    Now, everyone else climbs into a random sleeping bag (not their 

    own). Pull the bag over your heads so "it" cannot see who is who.

    When "it" comes back, he taps the foot of a bag and asks one question. 

    For example:  "What is your favorite color?"

    The person in the bag, disguises his voice to answer but answers truthfully.

    Now, "it" guesses who is in the bag. If he guesses wrong, he moves to the next bag. If he guesses right, the player gets to come out of the bag and watch the fun!

    Play continues until all player's identities are revealed.

    The guys from One Direction.
    The guys from One Direction.

    Before the party, find photos of cute guys. Make a Pinterest board

    just for the party. Pin as many cute guys as you can find, then pull 

    them up on the television screen with Chrome Cast. What would 

    you do with him? Make Out, Marry, or Dump?

    • Whip Cream Fingertips

    sleepover pranks
    Sleepover prank: place whipcream on a sleeping beauty's fingers, then tickle her nose.

    Put some whip cream on the fingers of the first one to fall asleep. 

    Unlike peanut butter, which is sticky and can be deadly if anyone 

    at the party has a peanut allergy, whip cream is an innocent 

    slumber party prank. Now, gently tickle sleeping beauty's face. 

    Watch what happens! For the record, I hate pranks. I'm opposed. 

    If you are the first one to fall asleep, you probably won't be a fan 

    of sleepover pranks either, so keep this in mind when choosing 

    activities for your party.

    • Cell Phone
    Play "Cell Phone", a sleepover game similar to 20 questions, but better!

    Gather the party guests and pick one to be "it". Send it to the 
    bathroom with loud music or headphones. Now, the rest of the 
    group chooses a noun for the game. 

    For example: Cat, Car, Flower, Food.

    Now, bring "it" back to guess the chosen word.

    "It" has to ask questions about the unknown word. So, she replaces 
    the unknown word with Cell Phone. She asks each player a 
    different question.

    For example: "Is the Cell Phone purple?" or "Does the Cell Phone 

    Like Twenty Questions, the other players (in on the secret word),

    say yes or no until "it" gets the answer correct.

    The last player to answer the question before she guesses correctly

    becomes the next "it".

    Recommended Reading:

    Sleepover Party Mad Libs*

    The Everything Girls Ultimate Sleepover Party Book: 100+ Ideas 

    for Sleepover Games, Goodies, Makeovers, and More! 

    (Everything® Girls)*

    The Unofficial ONE DIRECTION Big Sleepover Trivia Party 

    Game: Find Out Who Loves One Direction The Most! - Star 

    Version (One Direction Trivia Party Game Book 2)*

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    7 Sight Word Games for Preschool and Elementary

    Fun Sight Word Activities

    Learning sight words can be fun. These 7 sight word games for preschool and elementary incorporate sensory elements and make the letters tangible whenever possible. We rounded up all of our fun sight word activities and letter lessons to help you plan curriculum for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. Enjoy!

    Sight Word Games for Preschool and Elementary
    Sight Word Games for Preschool and Elementary.

    Recommended Reading:

    Duck and Goose Colors

    Meet the Sight Words

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    Abraham Lincoln and George Washington Compare and Contrast: President's Day Skit and Lesson

    George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Stage Play for President's Day

    Abraham Lincoln and George Washington were two of America's most beloved presidents. In this compare and contrast lesson for homeschoolers or school enrichment, we answer a popular question, were Washington and Lincoln friends? Find out by performing our stage play for classroom use. The free printable skit imagines what it would be like if they were beamed to a 21st century classroom. Scroll Down for our President's Day Classroom Skit. Enjoy!

    Abraham Lincoln's Beard Pattern for Skit.

    We've included some companion printables for a President's Day lesson on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

    President's Day Printables
    George Washington display printable from Mailbox Magazine.

    We found this cute George Washington printable project display holder at Squish Preschool Ideas. The blogger mentions it is from Mailbox Magazine, but I cannot find the original source. Please leave a comment if you find it. She also shares an Abraham Lincoln printable. Though, it was designed to highlight a paper, I think it would make a good president paper bag puppet.


    Download this printable Venn Diagram, and have the students fill it out prior to reading the stage play. As they read the play aloud, let them add details to their Venn Diagram. We've also linked to a fun printable that compares and contrasts facts about Washington and Lincoln.

    Free Printables:

    Abraham Lincoln and George Washington Venn Diagram Printable

    Abraham Lincoln and George Washington Facts

    Get the SKIT here:
    Free Printable President's Day Skit: Were George Washington and Abe Lincoln Friends?

    Language Arts Component:
    Another popular question... Who would win in a fight between George Washington and Abe Lincoln?

    Easy. As a past military hero and soldier, George is the clear choice. Honest Abe wouldn't fight unless it was a battle of wits and then he has our vote, but both men were very intelligent in their own right. 

    Grab a journal and write about who you think would win and list reasons why.

    Recommended Reading:

    President's Day Lesson

    Jimmy Carter Facts

    When is President's Day? Barack Obama Pattern

    If I Were President*

    Presidents' Day (Rookie Read-About Holidays)*

    Bald Eagle Paper Bag Puppet Pattern

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    What Year is 2015 in the Chinese New Year?

    What year is it in Chinese New Year?

    Wondering, what year is 2015 in Chinese New Year? 2015 is the year of the sheep (also goat and ram). The Chinese New Year, year of the sheep runs from February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016 or the Lunar New Year. In honor of 2015 Chinese New Year, we are sharing a free printable trace and color, sheep coloring sheet. Enjoy!

    What Year is 2015 in the Chinese New Year?
    2015 is the year of the sheep.

    Click the link for textfree Free Sheep Printable Coloring Page.

    Year of the Sheep printable coloring page.
    Sheep or Lamb printable coloring page.

    The sheep is a favorite animal in Chinese culture. It is cute, warm, calm, and gentle. Like the sheep, people born under this sign are kind-hearted, clever, tender, and they are sensitive to art.

    Recommended Reading:

    Crafts to make for Chinese New Year

    Sheep in a Jeep*

    Year of the Horse

    Sheep Calendar - 2015 Wall calendars*

    Year of the Snake

    Sheep: Small Scale Sheep Keeping (Hobby Farm)*

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    Social Studies for Kids: Treaty of Paris Free Online Lesson for Homeschoolers

    Free Online History Lesson for Homeschoolers: The Treaty of Paris

    In this fun Social Studies Lesson for Kids, we delve into the 1783 Treaty of Paris. Like most of our free online lessons for homeschoolers, this lesson can be adapted for children from K-12. We always try to include something for all age groups. Teacher Resources, Curriculum, Free Printable PDFS, and Lesson Plans are included at the bottom of the page. Scroll Down to start the lesson.

    Social Studies for Kids: Treaty of Paris Free Online Lesson for Homeschoolers
    Social Studies for Kids: Treaty of Paris Free Online Lesson for Homeschoolers. Pictured from top left to right: King George III, George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and General Cornwallis.
    We encourage you to use Google Docs for journaling. Our kids work in Google Docs and then share the their work with us. In Google Docs, we can chat, message, and edit at the same time. You can also make slide presentations and forms for free. It is a great way to collaborate or work remotely with others.

    First, you will want to learn about the American Revolution. BrainPop Subscribers: What caused the American Revolution? American Revolution Review Quiz. No BrainPop? Click Here: Causes of the American Revolution for Children.

    1783 Treaty of Paris recognizes the 13 colonies as free, sovereign, and independent states.

    To get a quick overview of the history of The Treaty of Paris, watch this history rap video and then test your knowledge on the interactive american revolution timeline linked below.

    Visit the Interactive Timeline for the American Revolution and put your knowledge to the test.

    Spelling and Vocabulary Component

    Terms to Know
    Pick eight of the terms below. Define and describe what role they played leading up to or in the 1783 Treaty of Paris. Use your daily journal or a Google Doc.

    Townsend Act
    First Continental Congress
    Revolutionary War 1775
    Independence Day 1776
    Writs of Assistance
    Benedict Arnold
    General Cornwallis
    George Washington
    West Indies
    Crispus Attucks
    Paul Revere
    Dicey Langston
    French and Indian War
    Stamp Act
    Boston Massacre 1770
    Boston Tea Party 1773
    Tea Act 1773
    Intolerable Acts
    King George III
    Coercive Acts 1774
    James Otis
    Sons of Liberty
    Tarred and Feathered
    Daughters of Liberty

    Summary of Liberty Kids Video on Treaty of Paris.

    Review SchoolHouse Rock No More Kings from our history lesson on U.S. Capitals. When you click the link, you'll find many SchoolHouse Rock videos that tell the history prior to the Treaty of Paris.

    Language Arts Component: Research and Writing Skills

    From the vocabulary words to know, choose a famous person from the Revolution. Write a biography including details about the 1783 Treaty of Paris. How did this historical figure affect the Treaty? What role did they play? Do you think the Treaty would have happened without their input? Why or Why not?

    Make a video or slideshow about this historical figure. Use this sample as a guide: The Treaty of Paris Video. Use your research paper to write the script for your video.

    In Google Docs, start a rough draft for your research paper.

    How do you research? What are the main things you need to do? Click here: What you need to know about How to Write a Research Paper. Read the "Research" text window. If you are a Brainpop subscriber, watch the video. Then fill in this Research Graphic Organizer (Save it to your computer). If not, try these outline tips.

    Teacher Resources:

    Liberty Kids Program Descriptions Printable PDF

    Homeschool Lesson Plan for the American Revolution

    9 Week Study on Treaty of Paris

    Recommended Reading:

    U.S. Currency Lesson Plans

    Smart About the First Ladies: Smart About History*

    Celebrating President's Day Book*

    Benedict Arnold: American Hero and Traitor (Graphic Biographies)*

    Napoleon: Emperor and Conqueror (Wicked History)*

    George vs. George: The American Revolution As Seen from Both Sides*

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    Valentine's Day Skit for Kids: Hide and Seek Hearts

    Hide and Seek Hearts is a Fun Play for Valentine's Day   

    This Valentine's Day, get into the spirit of kindness with this fun play for Valentine's Day. This skit is perfect for elementary kids and can be adapted for preschoolers or junior high. All of our FREE play scripts include a companion craft. Hide and Seek Hearts is a fun activity that kids will love. Enjoy!

    Valentine's Day Skit for Kids: Hide and Seek Hearts
    Valentine's Day Skit for Kids: Hide and Seek Hearts.

    Hide and Seek Hearts is a play for 8 participants. Get other children involved in creating the hearts and props needed to perform the skit.

    This skit has a literacy focus. It teaches adjectives, action words, and encourages brainstorming for positive affirmations. Use it as a classroom companion project for language arts. Have the students come up with a kind, descriptive word for every class member and design a heart to share with them. Isn't that so much nicer than candy? We think so.

    Free Printable PDF: Valentine's Day Skit for Kids

    Recommended Reading:

    Valentine's Day by Gail Gibbons*

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    Homeschool Nature Study Ornithology

    Homeschool Nature Study: The Science of Ornithology

    My kids have been taking a Homeschool Ornithology Class. They love it! The instructors have great ideas for a Nature Study on Birds. So, in today's Free Online Homeschool Lesson, I wanted to share some of the fabulous things they've done to learn about birds! Make sure you click on all the links for fun, educational videos, games, and free printables.

    If you are in Indiana, discover the world of birds at the Eagle Creek Ornithology Center. Meet a Raptor every Wednesday and Friday at 4:00 p.m., and enjoy special bird programs Saturdays at 2:00 p.m.

    These lessons are meant to be done over the course of week. If you choose to do a science block, you can complete the projects in one day.

    Homeschool Nature Study Ornithology
    Can you name this juvenile bird?

    Homeschool Nature Study: Ornithology

    Define Ornithology: The study of birds, including their behavior, natural history, physiology, ecology, and identification. Can you answer these bird vocabulary questions.

    Grab your Journal. Run to a window or go outside on a hike. List 10 birds in your yard or neighborhood. Describe the birds. This free printable is perfect for your bird journal.

    For example: 
    Small, Red bird with orange beak. Tufted head. 
    Seen year round = Cardinal.

    If you don't know what type of bird it is, make sure you have a detailed description for your search. If you have access to a camera, snap a photo. If not, draw a simple sketch. It doesn't have to be a work of art. Just good enough to help you remember details about the birds camouflage, beak, size, habit, etc.

    Do you know what makes a bird a bird? Is a Platypus a bird? Is a bee a bird? Is an airplane a bird? Is a penguin a bird? Think about why or why not? Then, watch this video.

    The Cat in the Hat also knows a lot about that.
    Learn to draw: Trace a Bird Printable
    (Recommended for ages 2-5 yrs. or everyone who is young at heart.)

    Learn about different types of birds. When you click the link, you will see a series of bird videos that include:

    Puffins, Eagles, Falcons, Snowy Owls, Snowy Egrets, Condors, Emperor Penguins, and more.

    After watching the videos on all of the birds, list the raptors in your journal. What is a raptor? Visit Wordsmyth to find out.

    Classify your birds with these Printable Flashcards.

    Language Arts Component

    Compare and Contrast. Write a paper with 5 paragraphs.
    Remember to include a introductory paragraph (tell me what you are going to tell me), 3 detailed paragraphs in the middle (tell me), and a summary paragraph (tell me again).

    Topic: Why isn't a Platypus a bird? Why is a Penguin a bird?

    In the three middle paragraphs, give supporting details on each animal. You can write more than 3 supporting paragraphs if you need to, but don't forget your summary. Write this in a Google Doc. My kids send these docs to me. If you feel so inclined, I'd love to read yours. I may even publish them in an upcoming post! Send them to I'll send some feedback on your work.

    Arts and Crafts Component

    Build a Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder. This is a fun construction project. Use wood glue. School glue may break down when used outdoors.

    How to make a Popsicle stick bird feeder.
    Popsicle stick bird feeder.

    How to Make a Bird Feeder from Popsicle Sticks

    First, lay the ten sticks flat, placing glue on the connecting sides.
    Then, stack the sticks in a perfect square in layers with glue on the connecting ends. Eight makes the perfect height. Next, cut four pieces of yarn about 2' long. String a piece of yarn under the second stick at each corner as shown. Pull all pieces of yarn evenly and tie a knot in the top. Let dry for 24 hours. After your feeder is dry, paste in some peanut butter and sprinkle in bird seed.

    You might also like:

    How to Make Origami Birds

    Science Lab Component

    Try this Fun Science Experiment: How does a bird eat? How does the beak's shape factor in to the equation? Try this fun science experiment.

    Graphic Organizer for Science Experiment

    You will need the following utensils and supplies:
    Eye dropper
    Salad Thongs
    Large Serving Spoon

    Bag Popcorn (Bugs)
    Glass of Water (Nectar)
    Raisins and Small Log with holes (Bugs in a Log) You can substitute a cardboard tube for this if necessary.

    Click on the link above for the printable companion worksheet.

    Start with a Bag of popcorn. Experiment with each utensil. Your goal is to get the popcorn into your mouth or the mouth of your partner using each utensil. Which works best. What type of bird might eat something like popcorn? What does each utensil represent? In other words, imagine a bird with a similar beak. Next, have your science partner toss you some popcorn and try to catch it with each utensil.

    Place the raisins in the cardboard tube or log. Use the utensils to remove the raisins. Which works best? Remember, you are a bird. You cannot use your hands. Make a note of your findings on the graphic organizer.

    Finally, try to "drink" water from the glass with each of the utensils. Which one allows you easiest access to the drink? Which one takes the longest? Would you get frustrated if you were really thirsty and had to drink water with a nutcracker?

    Label the parts of a bird.

    Just for Fun

    Flight School Game

    Birds of a feather flock together? What does this mean? Where does the phrase originate? _____________________________

    Recommended Reading:

    United States Capitals Lesson

    Leonardo da Vinci Design Wooden Ornithopter Model Kit*

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    Saint Patrick's Day Play for Elementary Students

    Saint Patrick's Day Skit for Kids

    We offer FREE seasonal and holiday plays, scripts, and skits for kids from preschool to highschool. Enjoy this Saint Patrick's Day PLAY for Elementary Students: Rainbow Stew. Enjoy!

    Our plays and skits include a crafty element. Let the kids get in on the act by helping make the sets and props too.

    Saint Patrick's Day Play for Elementary Students
    Saint Patrick's Day Play for Elementary Students.

    Rainbow Stew is written for 8 lead characters with a role for "everyone else". These skits are easy to adapt for more children, just give each additional student a line from one of the main characters.

    Free Printable PDF hosted on Media Fire:

    Recommended Reading:

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    Presidents of the United States Homeschool History Lesson

    Learn the Presidents of the United States

    The history of the United States is exciting and complicated. The U.S. Presidents mold America into an amazing, free country- full of opportunities. It is important to learn the accomplishments and contributions of each President. In this homeschool history lesson, we focus on the Presidents of United States. Be sure to click on the linked text to get information needed to answer the questions.

    Presidents of the United States Homeschool History Lesson.
    Presidents of the United States Homeschool History Lesson.

    The best place to discover important facts about the United States Presidents is at the White House. Click the link to see a list of the Presidents in order. Use the descriptions to answer the following questions in your journal or a Google Doc.

    1. Who was the fourteenth president of the United States?

    2. When did Franklin Pierce die?

    3. List the 22nd and 24th President.

    4. Barack Obama is President number ___?

    5. In what county was Abraham Lincoln born?

    6. On what holiday did Franklin D. Roosevelt marry Eleanor?

    7. List the 2nd and 6th Presidents of the United States.

    8. What famous lines did John F. Kennedy speak in his Inaugural Address?

    9. How old was George W. Bush when he became President?

    10. Name the running mate of President Jimmy Carter (James).


    Find out what it is like to be President for a Day with PBS Kids.

    President Game from


    This Mount Rushmore President Game is cool! After you complete the game, make sure you click on each president to learn more about them.


    What is President's Day?

    Which President's birthdays were combined to make a National holiday?


    Our most famous Presidents are memorable for many reasons. Some made great changes in history, some were impeached, some were assassinated, and other's served for many years. Copy the list below into a Google Doc and then list the Presidential Number, President's years in office (term), Vice President, Dog's name, and one or two things that made him well-known.

    For example:  

    Barack Obama, 44th President 2009-Present, Joe Biden, Bo, and The Affordable Care Act or First African American President.

    Find more about them from, Presidents. If you are not a Brainpop subscriber, you can still click the links and learn a little about each President. However, you won't be able to watch the fun video about the President unless it is offered free. The "Presidents" link above offers lesson plans too. The list below is also linked to Brainpop videos.

    *Take the Brainpop quizzes whenever possible.


    Recommended for 3rd - 8th Grade, but good info for all grades:

    Recommended for 6th - 12th Grade:

    In your journal, list these parties in chronological order:

    Whigs (Know-Nothings)


    After all you've learned, you are ready to make Executive Commands! Play this fun game about Presidents.


    Just for fun

    Gather the birth years of all your family members. Find out who the President was each year. Hint: The Whitehouse website above can help.

    What President is on what money? Draw a picture and cut out your fun money! 


    Recommended Reading:

    The New Big Book of U.S. Presidents: Fascinating Facts about Each and Every President, Including an American History Timeline*

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    Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Indoors!

    Do you want to Build an Indoor Snowman?

    With Olaf of Frozen so popular these days, we had to ask... do you want to build a snowman? Here at Kids Creative Chaos, we love snowmen! If it is below zero outside and your kids are begging to go outside to build a snowman, we've got some warmer alternatives. Here are 6 fun ways to build a snowman indoors. Enjoy!

    Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Indoors!
    Dancing with Olaf.

    This Sensory Snowman Activity for Toddlers uses lots of sticky stuff to make a cute, paper snowman.

    How to make a snowman mobile
    How to make a snowman mobile.

    Printable Snowman Faces
    Printable Snowman Faces.

    Snowman Activities for Preschool
    Snowman activities for preschool.

    Preschool Snowman Ideas
    Preschool Snowman Ideas: Snowman in a Jar.

    Edible Snowman Recipe

    Edible Snowman Recipe.
    Edible Snowman Recipe.

    These Snowman Party Favors are perfect for a Frozen Theme Birthday Party!

    Snowman Party Favors
    Snowman Party Favors.

    Recommended Reading:

    The Snowman

    Frozen Hide-and-Hug Olaf: A Fun Family Experience!

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