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Valentine's Day Skit for Kids: Hide and Seek Hearts

Hide and Seek Hearts is a Fun Play for Valentine's Day   

This Valentine's Day, get into the spirit of kindness with this fun play for Valentine's Day. This skit is perfect for elementary kids and can be adapted for preschoolers or junior high. All of our FREE play scripts include a companion craft. Hide and Seek Hearts is a fun activity that kids will love. Enjoy!

Valentine's Day Skit for Kids: Hide and Seek Hearts
Valentine's Day Skit for Kids: Hide and Seek Hearts.

Hide and Seek Hearts is a play for 8 participants. Get other children involved in creating the hearts and props needed to perform the skit.

This skit has a literacy focus. It teaches adjectives, action words, and encourages brainstorming for positive affirmations. Use it as a classroom companion project for language arts. Have the students come up with a kind, descriptive word for every class member and design a heart to share with them. Isn't that so much nicer than candy? We think so.

Free Printable PDF: Valentine's Day Skit for Kids

Recommended Reading:

Valentine's Day by Gail Gibbons*

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Homeschool Nature Study Ornithology

Homeschool Nature Study: The Science of Ornithology

My kids have been taking a Homeschool Ornithology Class. They love it! The instructors have great ideas for a Nature Study on Birds. So, in today's Free Online Homeschool Lesson, I wanted to share some of the fabulous things they've done to learn about birds! Make sure you click on all the links for fun, educational videos, games, and free printables.

If you are in Indiana, discover the world of birds at the Eagle Creek Ornithology Center. Meet a Raptor every Wednesday and Friday at 4:00 p.m., and enjoy special bird programs Saturdays at 2:00 p.m.

These lessons are meant to be done over the course of week. If you choose to do a science block, you can complete the projects in one day.

Homeschool Nature Study Ornithology
Can you name this juvenile bird?

Homeschool Nature Study: Ornithology

Define Ornithology: The study of birds, including their behavior, natural history, physiology, ecology, and identification. Can you answer these bird vocabulary questions.

Grab your Journal. Run to a window or go outside on a hike. List 10 birds in your yard or neighborhood. Describe the birds. This free printable is perfect for your bird journal.

For example: 
Small, Red bird with orange beak. Tufted head. 
Seen year round = Cardinal.

If you don't know what type of bird it is, make sure you have a detailed description for your search. If you have access to a camera, snap a photo. If not, draw a simple sketch. It doesn't have to be a work of art. Just good enough to help you remember details about the birds camouflage, beak, size, habit, etc.

Do you know what makes a bird a bird? Is a Platypus a bird? Is a bee a bird? Is an airplane a bird? Is a penguin a bird? Think about why or why not? Then, watch this video.

The Cat in the Hat also knows a lot about that.
Learn to draw: Trace a Bird Printable
(Recommended for ages 2-5 yrs. or everyone who is young at heart.)

Learn about different types of birds. When you click the link, you will see a series of bird videos that include:

Puffins, Eagles, Falcons, Snowy Owls, Snowy Egrets, Condors, Emperor Penguins, and more.

After watching the videos on all of the birds, list the raptors in your journal. What is a raptor? Visit Wordsmyth to find out.

Classify your birds with these Printable Flashcards.

Language Arts Component

Compare and Contrast. Write a paper with 5 paragraphs.
Remember to include a introductory paragraph (tell me what you are going to tell me), 3 detailed paragraphs in the middle (tell me), and a summary paragraph (tell me again).

Topic: Why isn't a Platypus a bird? Why is a Penguin a bird?

In the three middle paragraphs, give supporting details on each animal. You can write more than 3 supporting paragraphs if you need to, but don't forget your summary. Write this in a Google Doc. My kids send these docs to me. If you feel so inclined, I'd love to read yours. I may even publish them in an upcoming post! Send them to I'll send some feedback on your work.

Arts and Crafts Component

Build a Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder. This is a fun construction project. Use wood glue. School glue may break down when used outdoors.

How to make a Popsicle stick bird feeder.
Popsicle stick bird feeder.

How to Make a Bird Feeder from Popsicle Sticks

First, lay the ten sticks flat, placing glue on the connecting sides.
Then, stack the sticks in a perfect square in layers with glue on the connecting ends. Eight makes the perfect height. Next, cut four pieces of yarn about 2' long. String a piece of yarn under the second stick at each corner as shown. Pull all pieces of yarn evenly and tie a knot in the top. Let dry for 24 hours. After your feeder is dry, paste in some peanut butter and sprinkle in bird seed.

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How to Make Origami Birds

Science Lab Component

Try this Fun Science Experiment: How does a bird eat? How does the beak's shape factor in to the equation? Try this fun science experiment.

Graphic Organizer for Science Experiment

You will need the following utensils and supplies:
Eye dropper
Salad Thongs
Large Serving Spoon

Bag Popcorn (Bugs)
Glass of Water (Nectar)
Raisins and Small Log with holes (Bugs in a Log) You can substitute a cardboard tube for this if necessary.

Click on the link above for the printable companion worksheet.

Start with a Bag of popcorn. Experiment with each utensil. Your goal is to get the popcorn into your mouth or the mouth of your partner using each utensil. Which works best. What type of bird might eat something like popcorn? What does each utensil represent? In other words, imagine a bird with a similar beak. Next, have your science partner toss you some popcorn and try to catch it with each utensil.

Place the raisins in the cardboard tube or log. Use the utensils to remove the raisins. Which works best? Remember, you are a bird. You cannot use your hands. Make a note of your findings on the graphic organizer.

Finally, try to "drink" water from the glass with each of the utensils. Which one allows you easiest access to the drink? Which one takes the longest? Would you get frustrated if you were really thirsty and had to drink water with a nutcracker?

Label the parts of a bird.

Just for Fun

Flight School Game

Birds of a feather flock together? What does this mean? Where does the phrase originate? _____________________________

Recommended Reading:

United States Capitals Lesson

Leonardo da Vinci Design Wooden Ornithopter Model Kit*

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Saint Patrick's Day Play for Elementary Students

Saint Patrick's Day Skit for Kids

We offer FREE seasonal and holiday plays, scripts, and skits for kids from preschool to highschool. Enjoy this Saint Patrick's Day PLAY for Elementary Students: Rainbow Stew. Enjoy!

Our plays and skits include a crafty element. Let the kids get in on the act by helping make the sets and props too.

Saint Patrick's Day Play for Elementary Students
Saint Patrick's Day Play for Elementary Students.

Rainbow Stew is written for 8 lead characters with a role for "everyone else". These skits are easy to adapt for more children, just give each additional student a line from one of the main characters.

Free Printable PDF hosted on Media Fire:

Recommended Reading:

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Presidents of the United States Homeschool History Lesson

Learn the Presidents of the United States

The history of the United States is exciting and complicated. The U.S. Presidents mold America into an amazing, free country- full of opportunities. It is important to learn the accomplishments and contributions of each President. In this homeschool history lesson, we focus on the Presidents of United States. Be sure to click on the linked text to get information needed to answer the questions.

Presidents of the United States Homeschool History Lesson.
Presidents of the United States Homeschool History Lesson.

The best place to discover important facts about the United States Presidents is at the White House. Click the link to see a list of the Presidents in order. Use the descriptions to answer the following questions in your journal or a Google Doc.

1. Who was the fourteenth president of the United States?

2. When did Franklin Pierce die?

3. List the 22nd and 24th President.

4. Barack Obama is President number ___?

5. In what county was Abraham Lincoln born?

6. On what holiday did Franklin D. Roosevelt marry Eleanor?

7. List the 2nd and 6th Presidents of the United States.

8. What famous lines did John F. Kennedy speak in his Inaugural Address?

9. How old was George W. Bush when he became President?

10. Name the running mate of President Jimmy Carter (James).


Find out what it is like to be President for a Day with PBS Kids.

President Game from


This Mount Rushmore President Game is cool! After you complete the game, make sure you click on each president to learn more about them.


What is President's Day?

Which President's birthdays were combined to make a National holiday?


Our most famous Presidents are memorable for many reasons. Some made great changes in history, some were impeached, some were assassinated, and other's served for many years. Copy the list below into a Google Doc and then list the Presidential Number, President's years in office (term), Vice President, Dog's name, and one or two things that made him well-known.

For example:  

Barack Obama, 44th President 2009-Present, Joe Biden, Bo, and The Affordable Care Act or First African American President.

Find more about them from, Presidents. If you are not a Brainpop subscriber, you can still click the links and learn a little about each President. However, you won't be able to watch the fun video about the President unless it is offered free. The "Presidents" link above offers lesson plans too. The list below is also linked to Brainpop videos.

*Take the Brainpop quizzes whenever possible.


Recommended for 3rd - 8th Grade, but good info for all grades:

Recommended for 6th - 12th Grade:

In your journal, list these parties in chronological order:

Whigs (Know-Nothings)


After all you've learned, you are ready to make Executive Commands! Play this fun game about Presidents.


Just for fun

Gather the birth years of all your family members. Find out who the President was each year. Hint: The Whitehouse website above can help.

What President is on what money? Draw a picture and cut out your fun money! 


Recommended Reading:

The New Big Book of U.S. Presidents: Fascinating Facts about Each and Every President, Including an American History Timeline*

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Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Indoors!

Do you want to Build an Indoor Snowman?

With Olaf of Frozen so popular these days, we had to ask... do you want to build a snowman? Here at Kids Creative Chaos, we love snowmen! If it is below zero outside and your kids are begging to go outside to build a snowman, we've got some warmer alternatives. Here are 6 fun ways to build a snowman indoors. Enjoy!

Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Indoors!
Dancing with Olaf.

This Sensory Snowman Activity for Toddlers uses lots of sticky stuff to make a cute, paper snowman.

How to make a snowman mobile
How to make a snowman mobile.

Printable Snowman Faces
Printable Snowman Faces.

Snowman Activities for Preschool
Snowman activities for preschool.

Preschool Snowman Ideas
Preschool Snowman Ideas: Snowman in a Jar.

Edible Snowman Recipe

Edible Snowman Recipe.
Edible Snowman Recipe.

These Snowman Party Favors are perfect for a Frozen Theme Birthday Party!

Snowman Party Favors
Snowman Party Favors.

Recommended Reading:

The Snowman

Frozen Hide-and-Hug Olaf: A Fun Family Experience!

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How to Get Pinterest Followers Fast for your Business or Personal Profile

How to Increase Pinterest Following

Are you looking to increase your Pinterest following? You know, for free, with no fake accounts, and no paying for "real" followers? This free printable PDF eBook shares how we increased our Pinterest following. Since the publication of this eBook, Pinterest has changed the way they do some things. So, let's be clear this is not a guarantee. However, the best way to increase your following on any social media platform is to use it diligently, daily, and truthfully.

What does that mean? Be yourself; don't look for shortcuts. It works, if you work it... just like anything else. Shortly after publication of this book, we stopped working it. In fact, now we only use Pinterest once or twice per week to share our most recent posts.

How to Get Pinterest Followers Fast for your Business or Personal Profile
How to increase your Pinterest following fast.

What happened? Our followers have stayed steady at around 186,500. We suffered some consequences for being an account with a large following. Many fake accounts followed us, as well as, those intending to use Pinterest actively. Every so often, Pinterest does a sweep and removes fake accounts and accounts that are not active. With each sweep, we suffer a great loss. Generally around 2500 followers. That's the bad news. The good news is the referral traffic to our website has not waned. Though, somewhat seasonal, Pinterest is always the number 1 referrer to this website. When we work it, the referral numbers dramatically increase.

We dare not say what those numbers are. We act as a social media managers and when others hear our numbers, they expect the same results. Perhaps, over time this would be possible. However, a new (er) Pinterest profile will not achieve the same results as this one. We have thousands of pins (maybe millions) out there in Pinterest land. They have a life of their own. We can help you get started. We can tell you how we did it. We can even get you set in the right direction.

Though a few things have changed, overall the information in this FREE eBook will work... if you work it. The main changes to note are highlighted below.

  • Use fewer hashtags. Pinterest prefers it if you only use your brand as a hashtag. For example, #kidscreativechaos. Since the pins are often shared across other social media, we still use hashtags with relevant keywords for the website, #freeonlinehomeschool.  So, it is up to you - choose what you think is best, but never use more than two.
  • Don't go crazy and pin the same pin to several boards at once. This is still true as printed in the book. However, Pinterest warns of repinning the same pin to many different boards. We suggest pinning to your main website board (you should have one front and center) and then a few days later, pick the most relevant board with a lot of followers to repin it.
  • In the book, we talk about following new accounts. In theory, this is a great idea that works. However, in practice this may come back to bite you in the hand. Be careful who you follow. Make sure they are legitimate, active accounts. The concept was to follow people with a  small following. Ideally, they will be more likely to notice you and follow back. Great concept. It only works if they are active users.
So, that's it! Are you ready to download your totally FREE PRINTABLE PDF of the best selling book, How to Get Pinterest Followers Fast? Go for it! 

*We host all of our free printables on MediaFire.

How to Get Pinterest Followers Fast

Recommended Reading:

Pinterest Savvy: Strategies, Plans, and Tips to Grow Your Business with Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing for Brands and Bloggers

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Free Downloadable Images for Cards

Free Printable Images for Clipart, Cards, Backgrounds, and more!

Ho ho ho! We've got some really nice freebies for you today! You'll be happy you found these free downloadable images for cards if you've procrastinated your Christmas Cards or Gift Tags. Silver Spiral Arts has them all neatly categorized by Vintage, IPhone, Contemporary, and Backgrounds. Enjoy!

Beautiful holiday images and more are completely FREE at Silver Spiral Studio.

When you click over to Silver Spiral Arts, you will find beautiful vintage papers to print out for scrapbooking or cardmaking. You'll also find lots of beautiful wallpapers for your phone. The images can be printed out to make cards and other craft projects. The site is completely safe, and the digital downloads are free! Looking for more great images? Follow Silver Spiral Arts on Pinterest.

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Free Printable Christmas Clipart for Cards

Easy Snowman Crafts for Children

Vintage Christmas Cards

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Dairy Free Non-GMO Milk Sign Me Up!

Dairy Free Milk Alternative Perfect for Milkshakes

Silk Cashew Milk is a Dairy free and Non-GMO milk alternative. We are a family with allergies. We aren't lactose intolerant (though my son tells everyone he is), but we are allergic to MILK. Rather than going dairy free, I often drink it anyway. I like it in my cereal. I like ice cream. I like yogurt. I would be content to live on dairy alone. I suffer or take an allergy pill. My son isn't so lucky. His allergic reactions require him to live completely dairy free. We have experimented with many dairy free milks including soy (we are allergic) and almond. We've never like the unsweetened versions... until now.

Silk Cashew Milk is a Dairy free and Non-GMO milk alternative.
Silk Cashew Milk is a Dairy free and Non-GMO milk alternative. 

When the box arrived at our doorstep, we were surprised to see both sweetened and unsweetened. We ran into the kitchen and tore open the sweetened Silk Cashew Milk.

The Mommy: "Mmm, that's pretty good! I don't know if I'd want it on my cereal though. It'd make it take like cashews."

The Brother: "It's different. I like cashews. I like Silk Almond Milk better, but this is okay."

The Sister: "I'm not trying it!"

The Brother: "It's good!"

The Mommy: "Try just a little sip."

The Sister: "There. I don't like it. See?"

Then, we got busy. We didn't eat cereal or drink milk for a few days.

The Mommy: "We need to try the Unsweetened Silk Cashew Milk."

The Sister: "Go right ahead, I'm not drinking it."

The Brother: "Sure, I'll try it."

The Mommy: "Wow! I like this better than the Sweetened Silk Milk!"

The Brother: "It is better! It still has a cashew-y after taste though. Hey, do we still have those cashews?"

The Sister: "I will never try it."

The Mommy: "This tastes more like real milk. It is creamy like milk. I would like this on my cereal. Yes, we still have cashews."

The Brother: "Yay! I love cashews."

So, you can see, everyone has a differing opinion. You should try it and decide for yourself. I have a little disclaimer. I'm struggling with some medical issues. This past year, I have acquired many food allergies that never existed in the past. I liked the Silk Unsweetened Cashew Milk so much that, against my instincts, I had two cups. Shortly after, I began sneezing, coughing, and tightening in the chest. This is similar to my milk allergy reaction. I don't seem to have a problem with Silk Almond Milk. I put a little on my cereal a few times per week. I would be concerned for anyone with a nut-allergy. Do I have one? The verdict is out, I will be tested next month. Pretty much I am allergic to everything. I just want to share my true experience with you. Surely, if you have a nut-allergy, you wouldn't attempt to drink a milk made from nuts.

On a more positive note, I would LOVE to have a milkshake made with this milk. Some homemade Silk Cashew Milk ice cream, chocolate syrup, cashews... and for me, maybe a Benadryl on the side.

Over at Kitchen Treaty, I found a recipe for this amazing vegan dairy free cashew milkshake. The recipe doesn't call for Silk Cashew Milk, but it would make it so much better! I'm not a health nut; I'd add some chocolate syrup too.

Dairy Free Vegan Cashew Milkshake Recipe
Dairy Free Cashew Milkshake at Kitchen Treaty.

I like this milk because it is dairy-free, non-gmo, no high fructose corn syrup, all those good things that make drinking it even more worth a little sneezing.

This is a great milk replacement option for vegans. It has twice the calcium as regular milk.

For those who like the facts:

25 calories per serving

Creamier than skim milk with fewer calories

Made with the special creaminess of cashews

0g saturated fat and cholesterol

50% more calcium than dairy milk2

Free of dairy, soy, lactose, gluten, casein, egg and MSG

Verified by the Non-GMO Project's product verification program

No artificial colors, flavors or funny business

So, what are you waiting for? Try it. You might like it- especially if you like cashews!

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Designer Christmas Cards with Christmas Trees

Designer Christmas Tree Cards

What's our favorite holiday? Okay, you got me. It is Halloween! But, Christmas is a very close second. I prefer presents to candy. There is nothing more peaceful and pleasant than sitting by a fire with only the glow of the Christmas Tree to light the room. We stumbled upon these designer Christmas cards and found a bunch decorated with beautiful Christmas trees in snow. You can find even more Christmas Tree card designs at
Designer Christmas Cards with Christmas Trees
Designer Christmas Card: Bringing home the Christmas Tree.

Christmas Tree Card Made from Lyrics.
We wish you a Merry Christmas (We do!) Christmas Card.

Christmas Tree in Snow Christmas Card.
Christmas Tree in Snow Christmas Card: Let it Snow!

Cute gift tags for Christmas.
Cute gift tags for Christmas.

Personalized Traditional Christmas Cards.

Nostalgic Christmas cards.
Simple graphic, nostalgic Christmas cards.

Designer Photo Holiday Cards.
Designer Photo Holiday Cards.

May the Spirit of the Season shine upon you. Happy Holidays from all of us at KCC!

The last one is our favorite. It is so precious and reminds us of the reason for the season. We also like the Christmas Tree atop the old station wagon. It fills us full of holiday memories... oh wait, that wasn't us. That was Chevy Chase, but still it is a good, holiday memory! What's your favorite memory from holidays past?

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Free Online Homeschool Science Lesson: Classifying Plants and Animals Activities

Classifying Plants and Animals Activities and Videos for Homeschool Science

In this free online homeschool science lesson, we are classifying plants and animals. These science activities and videos are a fun way for homeschoolers to learn online. Lessons have material suitable for preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school. We round up the information and links each week as we teach homeschool to our own children. Every link has been child tested. Scroll down for the interactive student lesson. Lesson for Preschoolers is at the bottom of the post.

Free Online Homeschool Science Lesson: Classifying Plants and Animals Activities
Free Online Homeschool Science Lesson: Classifying Plants and Animals Activities.

Classifying Plants and Animals Online Homeschool Lesson

Elementary and Middle School Science: Target Grades 3-8
with components for preschool, early elementary, and high school.

Teacher Resources:

Classifying Plants and Animals Lesson Ideas

Make your own Worksheets and Printables

Early Elementary Lessons on Classifications

Student Lesson:

Do this: Keep these questions in mind as you the watch the videos.

Questions on Plant Growth click on the questions to find the answers, make sure you click through all 4 pages of questions!

PBS Video: What Plants Talk About 

Learn more about Carnivorous Plants.

Play this Cool Science Game on How Plants Grow (8-11 yrs.).

Read about Plant GrowthWhat are the Kingdoms? If you want to watch these videos, you'll have to log into Brainpop. I'm told you can do a search and find Brainpop freebies, coupon codes, and passwords. Here is a free Biology lesson on the Six Kingdoms.

More about Plant Adaptations from Brainpop free for everyone.

Math Component

This Cool Companion Math Game is for Middle School and up. 

This Middle School to High School Plant Lesson Game teaches Math and Economics. You'll start your own business and work to keep the plants alive and well using your math skills. 

We found another cool math game for kids, but... there's an app for that! Ask your parent or teacher if you can install, Ruby Realms.

Art Component

Make Pressed Flowers

Make Thanksgiving Leaf Garland

Science Fair Project or Science Experiment from Science Buddies Experiment on Plant Growth for Middle Schoolers.


Show what you've learned so far:

Grab your Science Journal: Name 3 types of Plant Classifications. Then, draw a plant and then list out the main parts of it.




Classifying Animals Lessons

Classifying Animals - Free Brainpop Jr. Video. Make sure you take the quiz. Try the easy quiz and the hard quiz. You can do it! 

More on Animal Classification from Sheppard's Kids Corner.

Show what you've learned so far:

Grab your Science Journal: What are the Six Kingdoms? Need to research? Do a safe search here







Science Just for Fun Online Games

Are you smarter than a plant?
Are you smarter than a plant? Find out on

Early Elementary Component 
Pre-K - 3, but suitable for older kids too!

Plant Song

Dora's Plant Growth Game for Preschoolers

Farming Lesson for Kindergarten

Fun Activities

Make these Free Printable Animal Trading Cards

Test your knowledge: Play Matching Classification Game

Recommended Reading:

Copyright 2014 by Lora Langston, Kids Creative Chaos.

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3 Fun Turkey Crafts from Organic items in Nature

Cute, Fun Turkey Crafts for Kids to Make at Home

These 3 adorable turkey crafts are made from things you can find around your house. Each one uses something found in nature. Grab a piece of paper and have your kids make a list (sneaking in some handwriting time) of things they will look for while on a nature hike. Then, grab your craft scraps and sit down to make these little gobblers at home. Gobble. Gobble. Gobble. Enjoy!

Pinecone Turkey Craft.
Pinecone Turkeys from I Love India blog.

This cute little guy deceived us, we thought it was paper and fall leaves, turns out it is made from craft leaves and felt. Want to use real leaves? Find out how to preserve fall leaves.

Paper Turkey with Leaves as Tail Feathers
Paper Turkey with Leaves as Tail Feathers
from BabyCenter blog.

The little turkey pictured below is made from an orange. He stole our hearts. He is... so cute! What a great way to welcome guests to their place setting.

Orange, Leaves, and Pinecone Turkey from Parenting blog.

Waddle around the blog, and you'll find all sorts of turkey projects, crafts, and games for Thanksgiving. We hope we've helped you to have a Happy Turkey Thursday!

Recommended Reading:

Recycled Paper Turkey Craft

Footprint Native American Feather Hat

Kids Creative Chaos Cooks: Holiday Recipes

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Where to find Cool Minecraft Skins

Looking for New Cool Minecraft Skins?

We play a lot of Minecraft. We are always looking for cool minecraft skins or a server without potty mouths. We haven't had much luck finding a server, but we did make our own. Anyone who uses bad language, name calling, or asks inappropriate questions gets banned. We have a zero tolerance policy. We are just getting started, but it is a good place for younger ones to play the game. Scroll down for details. In the meantime, check out this list of the best place to find Cool Minecraft Skins.

The Skindex is loaded with the best minecraft skins like this Ice Wolf.

the best minecraft skins: ice wolf
Like this Ice Wolf, the best Minecraft skins are found on Skindex.

We love the way the awesome Minecraft Skins on are organized into categories. You'll find Movies, TV, Games, People, Fantasy, Mobs and More. We especially like the Sully pictured below. The Disney Minecraft Skins are awesome!
Disney Minecraft Skins
Disney Minecraft Skins found on

Cool Pig Mob Minecraft Skin from

With Novaskin you can create your own Minecraft Skin. This is a cool Creeper Skin; he is all ready to make some mayhem. You can keep him like he is or customize the colors anyway you want.

Create your own Minecraft Skin
Create  your own cool minecraft creeper skin on

Planet Minecraft has cool skins. Many of them have moving eyes and facial features. We think this Batman is pretty cool!

Batman Minecraft Skin
Batman Minecraft Skin from Planet Minecraft.

Browse Skins

Watch Minecraft Skin Videos here.

Minecraft Wiki

This one has games you can play on your tablet or phone: 
Minecraft Skins

Recommended Reading:

Minecraft Gift Ideas

Invasion of the Overworld: Book One in the Gameknight999 Series

Go to your Minecraft game and then click "add a server". Once there, you will enter this ip address in the "add ip address":

We are just starting out, so there isn't much there yet. Please be kind, respectful, and appropriate. We like to focus on creation and design.

If you ask personal questions, use bad language, or call people name's you will be immediately removed. This server is best for children 6-16 yrs.

What is a personal question?
How old are you? Where do you go to school? What is your last name? Where do you live?

What is inappropriate?
Kicking and Fighting with others for no reason. Personal Questions, Foul Language, Name Calling, Asking someone to keep a secret. Bullies, Creepers, and the like. 

Sorry, no second chances. We want a fun, safe place for younger children to play Minecraft.

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