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September Calendar of Special Days Holidays

September Calendar of Holidays and Special Days with Song

September is a special month caught between summer and fall. The weather is pleasant. The children are back to school. Kitchens are cooking wonderful food from the fall harvest. The smell of autumn is in the air. We are sharing these special September days and unique holidays along with a September calendar song, to help preschoolers and kindergarteners learn all about this very special month.

September Calendar of Special Days and Holidays with Song
September Calendar of Special Days Holidays with Calendar Song.

Unique Days and Holidays in September

Labor Day - When is it? It is an American holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. It is a celebration of the Labor Movement. Everyone gets a day off of laboring to appreciate laboring! That's work. Whistle while you work.

Sept. 6 - Read a Book Day

Sept. 7 - Grandparent's Day or the first Sunday in September.

Sept. 12 - Chocolate MilkShake Day

We don't have any chocolate milkshake recipes, but here's a yummy yogurt smoothie recipe instead!

Sept. 15 - Make a Hat Day

Sept. 16 - National Play-Doh Day!

Celebrate National Play-Doh Day in the U.S.
Celebrate National Play-Doh Day in the U.S.

Sept. 18 - Rice Krispies Treats Day

Sept. 19 - Talk like a Pirate Day

While you're talking like a pirate why don't you dress like one too! Here's a diy pirate costume for kids.

Sept. 22 - Elephant Appreciation Day

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Jacob's Orchard, New Castle: One Tank Trip for Fall Family Fun from Indy

Fun Fall Family Activities in Indiana: Apples

Looking for something different to do this Fall? Try taking a trip to Jacob's Orchard in New Castle, Indiana. This little orchard brings the past and present together in perfect family fun harmony. Jacob's is a little over an hour from Indianapolis but worth the scenic drive.

Jacob's Apple Orchard in New Castle, Indiana.
Jacob's Apple Orchard in New Castle, Indiana.
The quaint family farm and orchard offers the traditional fare of pumpkins, apples,  jellies and jams at a reasonable price. However, once inside the store, follow your nose to the mini-doughnut factory, where you can order a bag of cider doughnuts made to order. Grab a doughnut and an apple slushie and head for the fun!
Allow two to three hours to enjoy the farm. Enjoy a hayride to the pumpkin patch, pick your own apples, feed the goats, climb through the inflatable train, explore the corn maze, and race to the top of the straw pyramid.

Fall Family Fun: Straw Pyramid, Hayride, Maze in Henry County Indiana
Fall Family Fun: Straw Pyramid, Hayride, Maze in Henry County Indiana.
Be sure to bring a sack lunch to enjoy at the picnic area adjacent to the inflatable haunted house. Jacob's offers school field trips and group tours too.
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Simple Machines Homeschool Lesson Plan: Grades 3-5

Homeschooling Online Lesson Plan and Activities for Simple Machines

Want to learn more about simple machines? These online videos, games, activities, and questions will help you learn and experiment with the science of simple machines.

Simple Machines Homeschool Lessons online with free Printables.
Simple Machines Homeschool Lessons online with free Printables.


Simple Machines Homeschool Lesson Plans

Target elementary grades 3-5.

If you have a Brain Pop Subscription go here: Simple Machines

(Tip: If you sign up as family vs. homeschool, you can pay monthly $10.95. They also offer a free educational video each day.)


Name this simple machine.
Name this simple machine.


Which simple machine is used to split things apart or hold a door open?


Survey the room, list the simple machines you see:





How does an inclined plane make work easier?




Is a door knob a simple machine? Is so, which one?





Science Fair Experiment: Build a Robotic Arm from PBS Design Squad (includes Rubric).

Preschool/Early Elementary Connection:

Recommended Reading:
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Lesson on Money for Homeschool: Budgeting and Online Games

Need an Online Lesson on Money and Minting for Homeschooling or Class Curriculum?

Do you homeschool or plan curriculum for afterschool programs? We've come up with some fun, online lessons that teach about money, budgeting, financing, and the U.S. Mint. The links lead to kid-friendly websites for online learning. We're also sharing the link to our original Google doc so that you can make a free printable. Enjoy!

Money Lesson Plan Curriculum for Homeschooling.
Money Lesson Plan Curriculum for Homeschooling.

Money Lesson

*Book Links to Amazon are affiliate ads. If you make a purchase after viewing the link, I get a small commission. This is how we provide free lesson plans and curriculum.

Want access to the Google Doc? Click here and you can print out your own homeschool money lesson.


Grades 3-4

Watch How Money is Made by How Stuff  Works

Bennies Pennies is also a good resource on spending for children ages 9-12.


Language Arts:  Story Starter -  If you made a million, would you share it with others?
Explain why or why not with details. How would you save it? List out the ways.

Watch Scholastics Video on Netflix - Amazing Americans - “If I made a Million”.

How Paper Money is Made Video - Field trip to money factory  

How Coins are Made
When you get there, click roll em to see.

Also watch, The Birth of a Coin (Cool activities here too.)


Math Activity:
Time Machine American Revolution: Fun with Fractions


Art Activity: 


Science Component:

Cat and Mouse Game from the US MINT.

Inspector Collector plays Cat and Mouse.

Place two coins of the same size, (quarters, nickels, whatever you have) on a flat, smooth surface.  Put a third coin of any size in front of them, making sure they all touch.  This is the "cat."  Place a fourth coin, the "mouse," about a foot away.  (You could even add a tail to this coin with a piece of dental floss and tape.)
Make your hand into a fist with the index and middle fingers pointing out.  Then tap down quickly on the first two coins with these fingers.  The kinetic force will propel the "cat" toward the "mouse."  Play with a friend, and see who can get the cat to the mouse with the fewest hits. 
Find more games and activities like this at the U.S Mint.

Recommended Reading:

Bennie's Pennies

Online Homeschooling Projects
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Black History Art Projects for Children: Expressionist

For Black History Month, Introduce Children to Amazing African American Artists with Expressionist Art Projects and Activities

Did you know there are some very well-known works of art crafted by little known Black Artists? Isn't it time to change that? These Black History Art Projects introduce students to less known famous black Americans. For Black History Month, or an anytime lesson in Black History or African American Art, we scoured the web for some beautiful art projects that children can easily reproduce on their own. This posts focuses on Alma Thomas, an American Expressionist Painter.

Looking for a Homeschool or Classroom Curriculum on the Expressionist movement? We've created a series of printable rtf free lesson plans and worksheets that include video links, online educational games, reference material, and components for science, math, and language arts. Enjoy! Expressionist Movement Free Printable Assignment suitable for grades 3-6.

Black History Art Project based on Artist Alma Thomas Expressionism
Mayhem's interpretation of Alma Thomas' Expressionist Artist Painting.

Black History Art Projects for Children recreate Alma Thomas
Black History art projects for children:
Expressionism based on the work of Alma Thomas.

Tips: Laminate or frame these images to create gift quality modern wall art.

Famous Black Artist: Alma Thomas, Expressionist Painter

We recreated the works of Alma Thomas with torn paper. This project works well with children of all ages. With each grade level raise the level of difficulty. Preschoolers to Highschoolers will enjoy, tearing the paper and choosing which colors to include in their array.

This as a fun black history project for preschoolersYou can also use tempera paints and a thick brush or cut up sponge squares to dab on the paint. Have them use their thumbs to make the marks on the paper, or pre-tear construction paper into squares to save time. Let them paste the colors onto their paper as they choose. Please don't correct their work! It is amazing to see what each child sees. Let them wow you with their creativity.

We searched and found these fun, easy, and unique Black History Art Projects for Children:

african trade beads black history crafts
African Trade Beads from
black history art projects for children North Clarion
Black History Art Project for Children: Construction Paper Freedom Quilt
from North Clarion Elementary.
black history art projects for children: Art for Kids by Elan Ferguson
Black History Project from Art for Kids by Elan Ferguson.
Jake's interpretation of the painting below. He doesn't like to fill the entire page. 

Alma Thomas, Expressionist Painting for Black History Art Project. 
This image may be subject to copyright issues. It appears here for educational purposes only and is linked to the source, 
WikiArt Visual Art Encyclopedia.

Black History Arts and Crafts

art activities
art lessons
art lesson plans
activities for preschoolers
(Brown vs. Board of Education)

Black History Facts for (today, by month) June, etc.

Free Printable Black History Facts for elementary students

Recommended Reading:

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Homeschool Resources: Kabuki Helps Review

Kabuki Helps is a Great Resource for Homeschoolers

Kabuki Helps is a great resource for homeschoolers. The innovative website offers educational books and resources while helping promote upcoming artists and artisans and they even donate 10% to your favorite charity. Read more about them here.

If you type in a secret code, "Chaos" you will get a 10% discount on anything you purchase at Kabuki Helps. As an added bonus, if you spend over $25 you will also get FREE SHIPPING. Just type "Chaos" into the notes box during check out.

Kabuki Helps is a Great Resource for Homeschoolers
Jake's Journey in Art includes Language Arts.
Here he reads the beautifully illustrated Varun's Quest by Timothy Goldsmith.
Recently, we were given the opportunity to review one of their beautifully designed books for homeschoolers. Varun's Quest is a fictional tale depicting non-fiction science. The story is a fun read aloud as a family or in a group setting with the ideal audience being 2nd - 5th grade. Older children will enjoy reading the story themselves and then sharing the details with "the class".  The author of this creative tale, is Yale Biology Professor, Timothy Goldsmith.

Varun's Quest.

An elf leads children through the story quest while he shares all about the science around us. It starts with an informative lesson on bees. Jake, enjoys the way the stories unfold and likes that the stories are based on reality. Whenever he isn't sure about something he Googles to find out more, so these stories have evolved into a full blown curriculum. He will write questions in his daily journal and then look them up later on Google.

We'll use the book as a catalyst for making scientific posters, doing experiments, and of course, to practice creative writing.

We were given a book to review, all opinions are 100% my own.

For a fun activity pair this book with Bee Movie.

Recommended Reading:

The Everything Homeschooling Book: All you need to create the best curriculum and learning environment for your child

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Kids Games that get You Moving: How to Play Disc Golf

Disc Golf is a Game that gets Kids Moving

Frisbee Golf or Flying Disc Golf isn't very complicated, but the professionals take it very seriously. Since we blog about kids' activities, we've adapted this fun, family game into an easy to play (and explain) game to get children moving. If you are lucky, you have a disc golf course at your local park, but you probably don't even realize it.

How to play disc golf and get kids moving.
How to play disc golf and get kids moving.

Getting healthy and active is easier and more fun than most kids think! Simply being more active can have tremendous results on your health and fitness level. You'll feel happier too which is an added bonus. Horizon's Milk want kids' to focus on fun activities that get them moving. So, we've partnered with them to bring you this easy, outdoor game the whole family can play together!

Flying Disc basket. Photo from Disc Golf Association.
Flying Disc basket. Photo from Disc Golf Association.

Click the link for the professional rules for How to play Frisbee Disc Golf and more on the history of Frisbee Golf.

You'll need a good set of discs to get started. I say, run to the Dollar Store and buy some cheap, generic Frisbees for the kids. You can find flying discs in a range of sizes. The smaller novelty ones are often sold in the toy section in a set of three. You can also find small, birthday party favor discs in sets of 6 or more. Of course, the familiar size flying disc is also inexpensive and often sold at discount stores.

If you want to play more like the pros, you will need a Driver, a Mid-Range, and a Putter. These are weighted differently, but for our purposes you only need 3 sizes of flying discs. We found two similar in size but weighted differently, and one small one that worked nicely for a putter.

So, How do you play Frisbee Golf? We came up with our own modified version of the game using our backyard trees and sidewalk chalk.

How do you play Frisbee Flying Disc Golf?
How do you play Frisbee Flying Disc Golf?
You can get crafty and make a set of tees to mark your spot like in professional disc golf or just use the disc to mark the spot.

Ideas to make your own golf tees:
  • Use cardboard from a cereal box and decorate shapes to mark your spot.
  • Recycle milk jug and soda lids.
  • Recycle an old deck of cards.

Homemade Backyard Frisbee Golf Setup

Colorful mini flags or balloons to mark the Hole.

Sidewalk Chalk to mark the target.

Flying Discs (Frisbee or other brand)


Large, open space

Tees (Make your own)

How to Play Frisbee Disc Golf like Miniature Golf

First, walk your yard, and find the best place to make a course. Rather than building Disc Golf Baskets, use trees as targets. Draw an "X" or a bullseye 4-5' high on each tree target. Place a mini-flag at the bottom of each tree to designate it as a "hole". Use a permanent marker to mark the flags from 1 to 18. Don't have flags, that's okay, just write the number of the hole directly on the tree.

Draw a line 2' above your target and another one, 2' below. This is the range for kids to hit. If they hit the center of the target they get an "Eagle" or bonus. Deduct 1 point from final score for each bullseye. We drew a face on our first tree target. The nose designates the bullseye.

Draw a bullseye target area on your tree.

Scoring is like miniature golf, try to achieve the fewest strokes possible. Score keeping is simplified if you count all holes as a par 3. Some will take fewer and some will take much longer depending on your flying disc throwing skills. When play is done, add up your score. 9 holes = par 27, 18 holes = par 54. Don't forget to deduct 1 point for each bullseye. As in regular golf, the lowest score wins. How's that for throwing a math element into your physical fitness? You can designate an official scorekeeper who keeps track of everything on a handy clipboard. Hey, Mom, I'm talking to you!

Most kids will need to hone their flying disc throwing skills. Work on a style of throwing that fits your play. Throwing backhands often works the best, but there are many ways to throw a disc. This is a game of points, so it doesn't matter if someone wants to launch their disc Ninja style, whatever works! The pros have special names for their throwing style: Backhand, Forehand, Tomahawks, Thumbers, Rollers, and Elevator shots. Just focus on the goal. Throw the disc to the tree in the least possible number of throws. 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Horizon Organic. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Girl Scout Badge Travel Tips: Vacation Destinations

Vacationing with a Teen? Here are Travel Tips for the Perfect Destination to take a Girl Scout and Survive.

Did you know your Girl Scout can earn badges while on vacation?
If you have a Girl Scout and you are traveling, chances are she can earn at least one badge during the trip. Looking forward to earning the badge on the trip can help avoid the “I’m bored” or "Do I have to" syndrome and make the trip more interesting for teens.

Recently, while planning a trip to Charlotte, N.C. our guest blogger, Michelle, decided to Google if there was a badge her daughter could earn while on holiday. Michelle discovered that the Charlotte Girl Scout Service Unit did offer a badge, and it helped them plan fun activities during their vacation stay in North Carolina.

Earn a girl scout badge on vacation while traveling tips
Scavenger Hunt Girl Scout Badge, Charlotte, North Carolina.
Depending on the age of your scout, she can also earn badges as she prepares for the trip. Plan a trip to earn a Girl Scout Badge.

When in Savannah, Georgia, take the Girl Scout Discovery Tour to earn a badge. Old Town Trolley Tours offers the "Savannah Try it" badge.

Savannah Badges available on the Old Town Trolley Tour.
Badges available on the Old Town Trolley Tour.
Since this is the birthplace of the Girl Scouts, there are badges for almost everything. These badges include: Ghost Tours, Juliette Gordon Low House, Telfair Museums and many more. A visit to the Girl Scout Founder's House is a must.

Earn Girl Scout Hostelling badge earned in Chicago Hostel
Girl Scout Hostelling badge earned in a Chicago Hostel.
Even the hostel you stay in may offer a badge. Always call ahead for details. In Chicago, the hostel where they stayed offered the hostelling badge pictured above.

If you are doing a staycation, many local museums offer Girl Scout and Boy Scout badges. The Children's Museum of Indianapolis offers a badge for visiting their Haunted House. 

Travel Tip: When you visit a museum, go to the guest service desk, and ask if they have any special programs for scout badges.  

Texas State History Museum Badge.

The challenge of finding the items needed to earn the badge keeps kids from flying through the museum and missing out on all of the important lessons. We hope these tips will help you plan a fun trip with your Scout.

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