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Grands!® Halloween Recipe Easy Edible Art Bento

Grands!® Biscuits Easy Recipe for Halloween

Halloween is our favorite time of year! We love carving pumpkins and creating fun, edible art or Bento lunches with a Halloween, holiday theme. So, when Pillsbury Grands!® asked us to come up with a Halloween recipe, we were happy to oblige. Enjoy!

Grands!® Halloween Recipe Easy Edible Art Bento
Biscuit owls, Jack-o-laterns, and Monster faces with Pillsbury Grands!® .

Step One, you'll need to take a trip to Walmart for supplies. Decide how many biscuits each child will make, each roll of Grands!® Biscuits makes 8. 

While you are shopping at Walmart, pick up some plastic knives, microwaveable sausage links, hot dogs, and pepperoni or salami rounds. 

We let the kids choose their favorite meat to decorate their own biscuit. If you have a vegetarian, sliced Zucchinni, Yellow Squash, and Peppers work well.

This easy Grands!® Bisuit Halloween recipe is fun for toddlers or preschoolers to make, and it makes a great after school snack for elementary age students. They can choose their favorite Halloween character. We made Jack-o-lanterns, Jack the Pumpkin King, creepy monsters, and little hooty owls!

Hooty owl biscuits for Halloween.
Hooty owl biscuits for Halloween.

The Hooty Owls are our favorite Halloween biscuits. Before baking, we made a slice in each side of the biscuit and pulled them out to look like wings. Then, we cut a sausage triangle for a nose. Snack pepperoni makes perfect owl eyes. Bake according to package directions.
Easy Recipe for Halloween
Creepy monster Halloween biscuit with pepperoni and sausage.
For this creepy monster, we sliced the pepperonis in half. Then, we sliced the sausage lengthwise cutting out pieces for a long nose and two eyes. Just push into the raw dough. They will bake in place.

Below, we made Jack the Pumpkin King with just sliced sausages. As you can see, these are easy for little ones to make. Just pre-cut the meats for them, and let them stick into the biscuit for some sensory, fine motor skill practice.

Make a Skeleton Biscuit for Halloween with Sausage.
Skeleton biscuit is easy edible art for Halloween.
Easy Jack-o-lantern, pumpkin biscuit is fun to make for Halloween.
Easy Jack-o-lantern pumpkin biscuit is fun to make for Halloween.
Owl edible art Craft for Preschool or Toddlers.
Owl edible art craft for preschoolers or toddlers.
Cute, baby owl edible craft for Halloween.
Cute, baby owl edible craft for Halloween.

Grands!® Halloween Recipe Easy Edible Art Bento ideas.
Grands!® Halloween Recipe Easy Edible Art Bento ideas.
You can share our photos with the kids to inspire them, but let them make their own edible creations.
  • Set out several small cups, each with a different ingredient.
  • Remember, pepperoni, sausage, hotdogs, Zuchinni, Summer Squash, and peppers work best.
  • Give each child a paper plate with a raw biscuit.
  • Let them create!
  • Bake according to package directions.
  • Enjoy with milk or apple juice for a fun snack.

Grands!® Halloween Recipe Easy Edible Art Bento
Grands!® Biscuits Easy Recipe for Halloween.

Be sure to share your creations with us! We love to see your creative ideas.


Cool Lunchbox Ideas

Halloween Cupcake Pans*

Plan a Make Believe Bakery Companion Activity

*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pillsbury. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Looking for Baby Monitor Reviews?

Keera, Levana's Touch Panel Video Baby Monitor

With a Baby Monitor like the Keera, you can do more knowing your child is safe. The thing we'd do more of is get some sleep! Our babies were into co-sleeping. We never felt safe with them in the other room- if only we had this monitor! Keep reading this review to learn how you can WIN your own. Enjoy!

Looking for Baby Monitor Reviews?
Keera, Levana's Touch Panel Video Baby Monitor.

We really wanted a video monitor. Not only does everyone here at Kids Creative Chaos have babies and small children, some of us have GRAND babies! Our little granddaughter often spends the night at our house. We wanted to feel secure knowing that she is safe and sound, not climbing out of her bed, and not getting squished by a big, fat cat.

But... there were other reasons we wanted a baby monitor...

Our 9 yr. old is very in to detective work. It has been her dream for the last 5 or so years to catch Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy in the act. Mommy wants to know what the cats do when we're gone. I mean, do they sleep all day or do they terrorize the house? AND, what do the cats do when they see the Tooth Fairy? 

You need special software to view your baby monitor videos on your computer. This helps keep them safer from hackers. We wanted to share the soothing music, so we took a video of our video! :) The pictures and videos are high quality, and make great family keepsakes when you download the software.

Full Disclosure: We'd also planned to use the camera to monitor the chicken coop at night, but after receiving this one for review, we quickly decided against that. This is a very NICE camera. Far too good for placement in the chicken coop!
Keera, Levana's Touch Panel Video Baby Monitor
Keera, Levana's Touch Panel Video Baby Monitor.

The Keera, Levana's 3.5" touch panel baby monitor has pan, tilt, and zoom. It can record video and take pictures while viewing the live performance on your monitor. The battery lasts up to 24 hrs. The monitor has a touch panel with simple icons that make selecting the features easy. You can do more knowing your child is safe. Imagine using it as a Nanny Cam while you have an older sibling babysit as you make a run to the store for bread and milk.

All Levana monitors are cordless, eliminating the risk of strangulation. You can keep the charging cords in another room or out of your babies reach.
  • They know their stuff! Levana launched the first-ever wireless handheld baby monitor in 2002.
  • The monitors are state of the art with invisible LED's and ClearVu Digital Wireless Technology (to protect from hackers).
  • They are one of the first movement monitors ever introduced.
  • Smart LED Indicator Ring
  • Sound indicator ring changes color with the sound of your baby’s voice alerting you if she is crying out when you have the volume turned down and features adjustable sensitivity.
Pink - Disconnected
    Blue – Whispers
      Green – Murmurs
        Yellow – Cooing
          Orange – Chatter
            Red – Yelling

            Blah, blah... you want to know how we liked it? More importantly, you want to know how to score your own, right? Loved it. 

            This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.

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            Free Printable Monthly Calendar with Holidays 2015

            Printable Special Days Monthly Calendar for 2015

            These free printable monthly calendar (s) with holidays and special days are updated every month. Check back for the latest version. Once you have the link, you can save a copy, and edit it to add your own special days or birthdays. Enjoy!

            Free Printable Monthly Calendar with Holidays 2015
            Free Printable Monthly Calendar with Holidays 2015.

            Blank Free Printable Monthly Calendar (Save a copy to edit.)



            Plan Ahead Mom's 18 Month Planner*

            2016 Calendar Planner, Monthly, Blue Cover, 8.5 x 11 Inches *

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            Easiest Mac and Cheese Recipe Ever SIMPLE

            Easy, Cheesy Mac and Cheese Recipe

            Mac and Cheese is easiest in the microwave, but it isn't the best tasting. If you want the BEST easy macaroni and cheese, we've found the perfect pasta for you! This recipe is simple, and it tastes good. Enjoy!

            Easiest Mac and Cheese Recipe Ever SIMPLE
            Barilla® Pronto™ is an amazing time saver.

            Barilla® Pronto™ will save you time without sacrificing the flavor or texture you have come to expect from Barilla® Pasta. You can find it at Kroger in the canned and packaged goods section- right next to the regular pasta. Kroger offers Elbows, Rotini, Penne, Spaghetti, and Linguine.

            Easiest Mac and Cheese Recipe Ever SIMPLE
            Make your mac and cheese gourmet by mixing in frozen peas and pepperoni.

            You can customize Barilla® Pronto™ to your liking. We boiled up a pan of penne and tossed in our favorite ingredients. See the simple mac and cheese recipe below. It is so fast, you won't believe how much time it saves!

            Barilla® Pronto™ Penne.
            Barilla® Pronto™ Penne.

            Easy PEAS-y Mac and Cheese Recipe

            Frozen Peas
            Black Pepper
            Your Favorite Cheese Sauce in a Jar

            Here's the tricky part: Sit pan on stove. Add water according to package directions. No need to turn on stove and preboil water! Pour in your favorite Barilla® Pronto™ Pasta variety- we chose Penne. Turn on High heat to boil. Stir to keep from sticking.

            • Boil until most of water is gone (about 10 minutes).
            • No need to rinse and drain!
            • Add your favorite cheese sauce from a jar, sprinkle in pepper, and frozen peas.
            • Optional: Toss in Pepperoni. We served it on the side due to our picky eaters.
            You can customize Pronto™ to your liking by adding sauce, seasoning, vegetables or proteins for unlimited meal options!
            Find Barilla® Pronto™ at your local Kroger in the pasta aisle

            This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Barillo. The opinions and text are all mine.

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            Easy Breaded Chicken Recipe Baked

            Looking for a Simple Chicken Breading Recipe?

            Homemade Fried Chicken is a chore to make. If you are looking for an easy breaded chicken recipe that is baked, look no further! This simple solution to to chicken breading is so easy and tasty that your friends will think you stole it from a gourmet chef. Enjoy!

            easy breaded chicken recipe baked
            Easy Baked Breaded Chicken Recipe:
            Southwest Tortilla with Black Beans and Avocado.

            We enlisted the kids to help. At first, we grabbed a baking dish and searched for some chicken marinade. After reading the instructions on the Good Table® box, we quickly realized that step wasn't necessary! General Mills has a new product that helps you make restaurant-inspired dinners with ease. 

            Soutwest Tortilla Breading Crust Mix for Chicken.
            Soutwest Tortilla Breading Crust Mix for Chicken.

            Good Table® products come in a variety of flavors that provide you with the ingredients to dress up your choice of protein. We chose chicken, because the kids are picky eaters. You can find it at Walmart near the bread crumbs.

            Since the kids are so picky, we tried two varieties. Pictured below are Southwest Tortilla and Parmesan and Herb. The kids chose the parmesan- anything with cheese is a go!

            Simple Chicken Breading Recipe No Eggs!
            We tried the Southwest Tortilla and the Parmesan Herb Varieties.

            Let me tell you, this was shockingly easy to do. There is no need to marinade and no messy egg mixture to keep the breading in place. 

            How to Make Easy Gourmet Style Baked Breaded Chicken

            Open the box and grab a pair of scissors. Snip, snip, snip! Open the sauce coating, and pour it into a bowl. Open the breading, and pour it into the bowl! Grab some tongs. Insert chicken into sauce, turn over to coat and then insert into breading bowl. 

            easy breaded chicken recipe baked southwest
            Step 1: Coating the chicken before breading.

            The breading sticks to the sauce very well- much better than with bread crumbs and eggs. This is so much easier than your typical fried or baked chicken recipe. So easy, in fact, that the kids did most of the work! The instructions even include pictures. 

            simple breaded chicken recipes
            Step 2: Coating with Good Table® breading.

            Spread them on foil for easy cleanup, pop them in the oven, set the timer, and that's it! You now have time to make a fancy side dish or a yummy dessert.

            Look how golden brown.

            This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills®. The opinions and text are all mine.


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            Is Chewing Gum Good for Your Teeth?

            Is it Okay for Your Kids to Chew Gum?

            Is it okay for your kids to chew gum? Two Thumbs Up.
            Two Thumbs up for Trident Gum!
            My kids love to chew gum, in fact, gum is a good bargaining chip in our house! As a health conscious mom and Dental Hygenist, it's important to me that it's sugar-free and good for their teeth. Trident Gum fits the bill on both counts. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Trident. The opinions and text are all mine.

            The kids really enjoy all the amazing chewing gum flavors available - especially the fruit ones! And, I am so happy for it to meet my health requirements. So... Enjoy!

            I also love, love, love that Trident supports the non-profit Smiles Across America which provides preventive dental care to underserved children. Their donation of 2.5 million dollars has helped more than 2 million children. That's a win in my book and even better - during the week of September 20, $.05 from every pack sold will be donated to help more kids (up to $250,000). Void in AL,MA, and SC.

            Dental care is super important to our family, and chewing gum can actually be a great adjunct to seeing your dentist every six months along with brushing twice and day and flossing daily. Chewing Trident can actually help clean and protect your teeth and 4 out of 5 dentists recommend it to patients. There's a reason Trident was the first and is the leading sugar-free gum - cavity fighting has never tasted better!

            Is Chewing Gum Good for Your Teeth?
            Check out those Trident happy smiles!

            What is your favorite flavor? We all have different favorites! My husband likes the blueberry and mine is one of the mints or cinnamon. My oldest loves anything orange, my middle two like strawberry, and my youngest will take whatever she can get her hands on! Have you tried the Trident Layers Gum? YUM! So many creative flavor combinations.

            New flavors of Trident Layers Gum.
            Have you tried this flavor?! So many others, too!

            So, try a new flavor the week of September 20 and know that your purchase will help a child in need!


            Follow Our Tooth Fairy Saga

            Teeth Clip Art

            The Night Before the Tooth Fairy*

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            Community Service Ideas for All Ages

            Volunteer for Service Projects in the Community

            Whether you are planning Community Service Ideas for teens, a church, adults, or a sorority or fraternity, we've got some community service projects that are good for all ages. Volunteering is good for the soul, and it is a resume builder. You never know when that thing you loved doing one summer will turn into a full-time career. Enjoy!

            Community Service helped land first job
            Community Service helped land first job.

            Why get kids involved in community service? 

            The benefits of getting them involved in community service include:
            1. learning to network
            2. self-esteem
            3. building experience for their resume
            4. gaining ways to stand out from the rest
            Community service will help them land a job, because it shows that they are helping out in an area where they will be working. 

            Community service is also a way that kids can earn scholarships.  It's a great way to help them stand out on college applications. Below are several ideas for getting your kids involved.

            Volunteer for Service Projects in the Community
            Packing Goody Bags for Shelter.

            • Park Clean up- great for all ages -when you take them for a play date or to hang out start with a little clean up. 
            • Collecting can food-also great for all ages, although they may not want to pull the wagon along. However, this is perfect use for a little red wagon if you have smaller children. The kids can put signs on the side and be a rolling advertisement as they go through the neighborhood. (Recommend that an adult accompany children for this project unless they are older and go in groups, ie:Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Youth Group).
            • Face painting booth -age really depends on your child's ability- if you have an artist child that wants to help raise money for a project they can set up a booth at a community event or they can volunteer their talent. 
            • Soles 4 Souls- all ages -check out the link to get involved with this organization. Luckily in our area the kids are able to donate at school and the Interact club handles the boxing up etc. 
            • K Kids- check out your local Kiwanis chapter, they may already have a K Kids club set up at a school near you.  In the local club here the kids are as young as 1st grade and work with a Kiwanis sponsor on various initiatives. 
            • Youth As Resources- this organization allows your family or group to help out the community through various ways. They have a day of caring that you can participate in or they provide grants to youth led programs.  Check out Youth As Resources in your area to see when the grant cycle begins(Note:not all areas offer grants). 
            • Volunteer for Halloween- around Halloween time teens can help by being part of the Haunted House crew.  

            Volunteering for Easter Egg Hunt
            Volunteer opportunities are everywhere- just ask the Easter Bunny.
            • Volunteer for Easter Egg Hunts- yes it is way to early to think about Easter but someone needs to hide the eggs. Teens can help with the event and enjoy watching the kids take off after what they have hidden. Or they can be the mascot for the event.
            • Have a Lemonade Stand-how is this community service? The money made can go towards any charity the the community. It also helps the children learn to be entrepreneurs. 
            • Arrange for a caroling session at a Retirement Center- for all ages. The kids will love hearing the stories and seniors at the center love seeing the youth. 
            • Clipping Coupons- did you know that you can send the military expired coupons and help them out? Not only does this option help the military but if you wanting to build motor skills in younger children this is a great way. To find out more about how to send expired coupons or ones that you are not able to use click on clipping coupons. 
            • Sending cards to the military- click on link to learn more about sending words of encouragement to troops. 
            • Making cards for retirement centers-all ages -you can do a variety of cards with messages in them or the kids can create plain cards for the seniors to give to each other. 
            • Assemble boxes for the local shelter- local shelters always need everyday items. Contact your local shelter to see if they need toiletries or paper goods. Have the kids set up a box at school and then deliver when they have enough to fill.
            • Gift Wrapping for the Holidays- Amazon offers shifts for teens and adults to come in and wrap presents and earn money for their charity or project. 


            Kids Guide to Service Projects*

            Make Cookies

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            When is Roald Dahl Day: Activities

            When is Roald Dahl Day?

            It's Roald Dahl Day! Sept. 13, 2015. How will you celebrate? This year, we did several activities including, a "The Witches" party. We've included a list of our favorite Roald Dahl books which are perfect for Elementary Students. Scroll down to see how you can win a free copy of your favorite Roald Dahl book and a fun printable crossword puzzle. Enjoy!

            When is Road Dahl Day: Activities
            Have a "The Witches" Party to Celebrate Roald Dahl Day or Halloween!
            We found The Witches movie on Amazon. The movie has some scary moments, but we won't give those away. Depending on the child, the whole concept of the story could be traumatic. The Witches are everywhere wearing human masks! How can you tell a witch? She'll have purple, glowing eyes, among other things!

            The Witches is an award-winning story by Roald Dahl about a boy, his grandmother, and a hotel full of witches. 
            "This is not a fairy tale. This is about real witches."  

            Books by Roald Dahl include The Witches and James and the Giant Peach.
            Books by Roald Dahl include The Witches and James and the Giant Peach.

            After we watched the movie, we visited the Roald Dahl website and chose some fun ideas for lessons. We made posters that explain how to spot a witch. Beware! They are everywhere.

            We have a fun idea to make human masks!
            • Copy a photo of someone in the classroom or house, paste it to tag board, and then decorate it with markers or colored pencils. When done, cut out, poke holes in the ears, tie an elastic string through each hole, and wear it!
            • To make it more fun, also make a witch mask and wear it underneath your human mask. Tee Hee! Now, that's fun!
            You'll want to make some spooky treats and creepy snacks for your party. We found these cute witch broom donuts at Giggles Galore.

            Witch Broomstick Donuts! Find the How to at Giggles Galore.
            We don't want to give the story away. You'll have to read it and watch the movie to understand why we made a mouse craft. We have lots of recyclables around the house, so we turned a styrofoam cup and a plastic grocery bag into a cute little mouse.

            Recyclable Mouse Craft for The Witches Book by Roald Dahl.
            Make a mouse craft with recyclables.
            To make the little mouse, paint a styrofoam cup your favorite color. Poke a pipecleaner in the bottom, curl it around a pencil to make a curly tail. Roll up a grocery bag, place it inside the cup, and then tape on foamy or construction paper eyes, nose, and ears. Eek! That was easy. Preschoolers will enjoy making this simple mouse craft.

            Then, each kid chose a Roald Dahl book to read. We chose The BFE and Monster....

            Roald Dahl Reading List

            Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
            Danny, the Champion of the World
            Enormous Crocodile
            Esio Trot
            Fantastic Mr Fox
            George's Marvellous Medicine
            James and the Giant Peach
            Revolting Rhymes
            Short stories
            The BFG
            The Twits
            The Witches

            Hop over and like and comment on our Facebook Page post about Roald Dahl, and you can win a "The Witches" Prize pack and a Roald Dahl book. Contest ends Sept. 20, 2015.


            Halloween Crafts on Pinterest

            Room on the Broom*

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            5 Printable Duty Calendar Charts for Children

            Chore Chart Duty Calendar for Kids

            Chores! No one likes to do them- especially Moms. When can your kids begin to help around the house? What's the best chore by age? Is a toddler too young to have chore duties? Find out what we think, and then pick your favorite free printable duty calendar or chore chart from the list below. Enjoy!

            Chore Chart Duty Calendar for Kids by Age
            5 Printable Duty Calendar Charts for Children.

            When our kids we're young they did everything early. Like, creepy early. With our first, we knew it was time to communicate with words, so we ordered one of those baby sign books.

            The first time we practiced the sign for milk, his eyes squinted. He looked confused or astonished, so I kept making the sign and saying "milk". Suddenly, he shook his head, looked me straight in they eyes and said, "Milk"! I promptly closed my book, and that was that. He was 10 months old. At the age of 2, he taught himself to read, because he wanted to play a computer game that Daddy played.

            Mommy had a demanding newborn to nurse. There wasn't time to sit at the computer and read every word to him. "Age of Mythology" had words running across the bottom, and the heroes said a few words here and there that corresponded with the text. So, be it.

            His sister started walking at 7 months. She never crawled. Long story short, they were ready to do chores by 2 1/2 (or sooner).

            We started with the dishwasher- they loaded the dishes (with my help). If you start early, it is fun for them. They don't see it as a chore, because they want to be 'BIG', and do whatever you do. If you start too late, it becomes something they never 'HAD' to do, and they see it as a 'CHORE'. So, pick your favorite list, and get started. Hope it isn't too late!

            Free Printable Duty Calendar Chore Chart for Kids

            Graphic Chore Chart

            Chores or Duties by Age

            Reward Chart for Kids

            Printable Duty Calendar for Children


            Baby Signs*

            Things to Do with Preschoolers

            Edible Glue Recipe

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            Things to Do in Indiana: The Hoosier Outdoor Experience

            Things to do in Indiana with Kids: Hoosier Outdoor Experience

            Indiana offers many fun things to do with kids outdoors. Has your daughter ever dreamed of shooting a bow and arrow? Has she wanted to try her hand at mini-bikes or fishing? The last few years we have done these at The Ford Hoosier Outdoor ExperienceFrom visiting unique animals such as a large tortoise, trail mules and birds of prey, to baiting a hook and hiking the scenic trails, each visit has been one priceless experience after another. Enjoy!

            Try to Learn Archery at Hoosier Outdoor Experinece in Indiana.
            Learn archery at the Hoosier Outdoor Experience.
            Held Sept 19-20 at Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park everyone from 4-100 will find something they enjoy! Activities of all types are available to try including this year’s Inaugural Harrison Hustle 5k held Sunday morning.

            Things to do at Hoosier Outdoor Experince.
            Learn to shoot.

            Learn to ride a motocycle in indiana for kids.
            Ride a Motorbike.

            Learn to fish at Hoosier Outdoor Experience.
            Practice fishing or learn to fish.

            The friendly staff of the Division of Law Enforcement taught Baby Girl how to safely handle and shoot a rifle, while the Indiana Hunter Education Association gave her tips on how to hold and shoot a bow and arrow.  

            There are many activities and things to do at  the Hoosier Outdoor Experience in Indiana.
            There are many activities and things to do at
            the Hoosier Outdoor Experience in Indiana.

            Learn how to keep bees: Bee Keeping for kids.
            Learn Beekeeping.

            Baby Girl was able to don a beekeepers suit and learn how important bees are to us. She also learned how to make rope from the Boy Scouts! We both tried our hand at fishing with Mom catching the “whopper” of the day. 

            Learn to fish at Hoosier Outdoor Experience in Indiana.
            Fishing is fun!

            Also new this year, are specialized classes sponsored by REI Inc. and Central Indiana Wilderness Club. Ultimate Camp Coffee sounds like a definite must attend for all parents. 

            Girl Scouts attending can earn a special Hoosier Outdoor Experience patch by registering with GSCI. For more information go to #girlscouts #boyscouts #Ford #REI #outdoors #hiking #DNR


            Archery for Kids*

            Things to Do in Indy with Kids

            Youth Archery Set*

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