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How to Make Your Home Safe for Children

 Safety First : Safe Home Tips

Every year, thousands of children around the world are injured in home accidents. Most are minor, while some are more serious and result in death. You may believe that your home is safe, but there are many aspects that you may not have even thought about which could be putting your child in danger. Even if you believe that you have done a good job of child-proofing your home, there is a high chance that you may have missed even the most obvious hazards. Rest assured, this article will steer you in the right direction on how to make your home safe and child-friendly.

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How to Make Your Home Safe for Children

Living Room

The living room is one room of the home that is greatly overlooked when it comes to child-safety, however, there are things to consider which will make it a safer environment.

1. Fire hazards need to be considered for keeping your child safe in the home. Ensure that matchboxes placed next to candles are out of reach. It is extremely easy for a youngster to light a fire with matches simply through intuition, even if their motor skills have not been well developed.

2. The TV is one of the most common fixtures that toddlers climb in the living room. The additional weight may cause the TV to tip and cause injury. Therefore, securing the TV and the stand to the wall is advised.

3. While photo frames can add visual appeal to your d├ęcor, but they can be a major hazard. The sharp corners can cause injuries, and if the frame is dropped, the glass may fragment and cause deep cuts. It's a good idea to place frames on high shelving or hooked on the wall, rather than free-standing on lower surfaces.


Obviously, the kitchen is potentially the most dangerous room in the home for small children, therefore, many things need to be taken into consideration to ensure their safety. Here are some tips to bear in mind.

  • Your little one may have an inquisitive nature to go exploring for objects and utensils which are dangerous objects and should be kept out of reach. As a precaution, ensure that all sharp kitchen utensils are stored in above-the-counter cupboards.

  • Small appliances are also in easy reach when stored on countertops and can be easily tipped over and brought to the ground. Even if appliances are placed at the rear of the counter, loose wires can be tugged. Therefore, the wiring should be tied up and out of sight.


Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the dangers that the standard garden poses for small children, but this is a part of the home that should be a cause of concern.

Installing garden fencing or screenings is the highest priority for keeping your children safe in the back garden, especially if your property backs onto the main road. This will ensure they aren’t vulnerable to escaping. There are many different types of screenings to keep your property secure including hedging and glass screening from

Fishponds are another major hazard and are one of the most common causes of drowning in small children, while dangerous plants have even been known to cause injury, and in serious cases, death. 

24 Best Educational Toys To Gift Your Kids This Year

Gift Guide: 24 Cool Toys for Kids

As a parent, one of the biggest dilemmas for every birthday and holiday season, is what gifts to buy for your kids. Recently, it's become a trend to give kids gadgets, but always giving the gift of technology is proving detrimental for your kids well-being of our future adults. Instead, why not invest in something that's both educational and enjoyable. This way, your children will develop and grow into well balanced adults and still have fun along their childhood journey.

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For More Help
Buying presents for infants and toddlers is even more difficult than for older children. Luckily, there are many websites and blogs to guide you with gift ideas and recommendations. Snugbaby is one such helpful blog. From reviews about the best strollers for your young ones to life-saving advice for new struggling parents, has it all. So, be sure to check it out for more helpful gift reviews and advice on parenting little ones.

0-1 year olds Educational Toy Gift Ideas

Melissa and Doug Shape-Sorting Set
This classic toy is a popular educational toy for kids and comes in a variety of themes. See the farm sorting set pictured above, It gives a basic introduction to shapes and colors, as well as, problem solving skills and manual dexterity.  Kids have to insert the blocks into the correct shape.

VTech Musical Rhymes Book
This colorful book with baby-friendly pages engages your toddlers with nursery rhymes while providing a fun way to learn the rhymes.

Skoolzy Rainbow Counting Bears with Matching Sorting Cups
Another simple game, it's an excellent way of teaching colors and simple math skills. Here, toddlers learn to put the bear in the matching colored cup. They also have to count the number of bears available to fill each cup, which makes it a helpful lesson in mathematics.

Download our counting math activity printable to use with this game.

VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker
This popular toy encourages 9-month-olds to walk while engaging them with colorful activities and sound, thus developing their sensory skills and coordination.

1-3 years (Toddlers)

Learning Resources Alphabet Island Game
Using the classic ABC rhyme doesn’t have to be the only way to teach kids the alphabet. Make learning fun for your toddlers while they go treasure hunting for the alphabet.

Learning Resources Fine Motor Hedgehog
The spikes on the hedgehog are color-coded and easy to grip, making it a great game for kids to play to  enhance motor skills, color coordination, and sorting abilities.

LeapFrog Scribble and Write Tablet
What a great way to introduce letters and numbers before your kids start preschool. Kids trace the letter or number using the tracing tool without the need for writing with crayons or pencils.

The Learning Journey: Match It! Spelling
Visual learning is a great method to teach kids. Linking words with images helps children learn more quickly. Moreover, the puzzle nature of the game also develops kid’s dexterity.

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center
This game is a great way to introduce an active toddler to sports. The Smart Shots Sports Center comes with a net and two balls. It teaches counting by scoring hoops for points and also teaches shapes, songs, and simple words.

ehome Toddler Musical Instrument
People of all age groups enjoy music, kids are no different. This set contains various musical instruments, so parents don't have to worry about which instrument to buy. Encourage your kids to try out playing the different instruments. Who knows, you may have the next Michael Jackson in your house. These also make a great gift for Easter baskets!

3-5 years (Preschool)

Magnetic Drawing Board Mini Travel Doodle
There's nothing wrong or right when it comes to art. This is the basic concept behind this old, yet popular toy. Give your kid free reign over the board and let the pen do the rest. It's fun for trips with family too!

Learning Resources Pretend and Play Doctor Kit
Playing doctors is still just as popular as ever. The doctor kit is a great gift for aspiring doctors and it's also a great way to teach kids to be kind, helpful, and patient.

ThinkFun Zingo Bingo Board Game
This award-winning game is a fun family activity. Essentially bingo with tiles that have labeled images, it teaches kids word-picture association, and it's also a great way to teach preschoolers new words.

Ideal My First Magic Set
Magic is always fascinating to kids, and what better way to teach your kids confidence, social skills, and self-discipline than using this fun magic game? The 25 tricks in this set, which comes with props, instructions, and online videos, make a great Christmas gift for children.

Back To Nature Outdoor Toy Set
For little explorers, this set includes a flashlight, binoculars, compass, and a magnifying glass. Make the game more fun by making a map and preparing a treasure and set your kids out treasure hunting. Can you imagine a memorable childhood play experience?

5-12 years (Elementary School)

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Exploration Kit
Does your kid love tinkering around with electronics? This is the perfect gift for engineers in the making. The color-coded circuit components come with a guide and after they have mastered the basics, watch your kids build their own circuits!

Melissa and Doug Fashion Design Activity Kit
Science isn't the only subject of educational toys. Let your child's creative side flourish with this attractive fashion design kit that contains fashion plates, pencils, and crayons.

Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit
This kit is equipped with 11 fun activities that will entertain your little ones’ inquisitive minds. Build curiosity for new things and a love of science with this science experiment kit that's easy to clean and will quickly become your kid’s next favorite toy.

Grow ‘n’ Glow Terrarium
A unique toy that even adults have fun playing, is this gardening terrarium game. Kids plant the Chia seeds in the terrarium. The kit also comes with glow in the dark stickers and resin figurines to decorate.

IQ Builder Building Toy Set
This building toy set, featuring various shapes and sizes, challenges your kids to expand their creative boundaries in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Equipped with a storage box, this must-have STEM toy, barely takes any space in your room. 

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game
Develop strategic thinking skills with this innovative game. It uses blocks arranged in different ways to  creatively work around the effect of gravity. The difficulty level increases as the game gets more complex.

Scharkspark Telescope For Kids
This birthday, gift your kids something out of this world. This wonderful telescope helps kids realize the beauty of our vast universe. Introduce your kids to the amazing world of star-gazing and also teach them to take care of their toys with this real working scientific instrument.

National Geographic Break Open Geodes
For the little James Huttons and Florence Bascoms who love scavenging and exploring, this amazing geology set is the perfect gift. Watch your kids squeal in delight when they discover beautiful gems after breaking open the included rocks.

Thames and Kosmos Candy Chemistry Kit
Inspire your kids love of chemistry with this fun game that rewards kids with handmade sweet treats. Sweets and science have truly undeniable chemistry together, a match made in heaven.

Parents spend a lot of money and time trying to give the best educational toys for kids. From toys to education, parents try not to compromise anything for the sake of their children. However, the best gift that parents can give their children are good values and a strong support system. Always encourage your children to try new things on their own and give their best effort. Eventually, your little one will grow to guide you on the journey of life, instead of the other way around. 

Good luck on your journey of parenthood; you'll need it!


Activity Games you can Play with Things Around the House

Sensory Play Ideas

Keep Household Safe. Remember, Safety First!

How to Create a Safe Family Home

Your home should be a safe environment where you and your family can relax, unwind, and spend quality time together. Unfortunately, break-ins and accidents in the house do occur, which can leave families feeling anxious or unsafe. However, there are many simple things you can do to improve the security of your home. Here are some top tips to help you create a safe living environment for you and your family. 

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New Parent Home Safety Tips for Kids

Advancements in technology mean that there are plenty of ways to upgrade your home security. For instance, there is now the option to wireless home alarm systems that offer automated updates, enhanced security, smart home integration, and Wi-Fi communication options that can deliver updates directly to your mobile phone or another device. Many studies have found that a home alarm system is one of the most effective deterrents to burglars and other criminals. Upgrading your home security system is, therefore, an excellent way to improve your security and create a safer family home. You can make your home even more secure by installing security cameras on your property. Security cameras have been shown to be another effective way to deter criminals from targeting your home, thus reducing your chances of having a break-in. Home security cameras also now come with several high-tech safety features, including night vision and motion detection.

Have work completed by professionals  

When your home requires repairs or work to be carried out, it is always best to hire professionals who have received enough training to do a safe and quality job. Doing things like installations and repairs yourself may save money, but you risk causing more damage or leaving your home in an unsafe condition during and after you have carried out the work. It is therefore always worth seeking the advice and skills of a trained professional, especially with risky or complex home jobs. Fortunately, you can easily find local professionals to complete tasks, such as expert washer and dryer installation by checking comparison websites online. These sites also give you the opportunity to find the best rates and read reviews from other customers. 

Install outdoor lighting 

Outdoor lighting is another effective burglar deterrent that will help you and your family feel safe when returning home after dark. Having sufficient lighting outside with also minimize the risk of people tripping or having other accidents when passing through poorly-lit outdoor spaces at night. You can also install motion detector lights in your front and back yard to make your home more secure. These will notify you if anyone enters your yard and will help deter criminals from targeting your home. 

Teach children how to stay safe 

It is crucial that you teach your children how to stay safe at home, and you should also test whether they understand the importance of this advice. According to - “Regularly role-playing different scenarios is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your child will act safely should the unexpected actually happen.” 

Here are some of the critical things you should teach your children to help them remain safe at home: 

  • Explain to your children that they should never answer the door to strangers. 
  • Make sure that your children know their full address, home telephone number, and parents names. 
  • Teach your children when and how to get help in an emergency - make sure they know how to call emergency services in your area. 

Check your front door 

Your front door is the main entrance and exit of your home, so it is extremely important. Burglars often target the front door and use this to access a property. For that reason, you should regularly check your front door for any weaknesses and ensure that it is secure at all times. You can easily enhance the security of your front door by installing a deadbolt strike plate. Or, you can improve any weak spots by using a doorway reinforcement kit.

Keep items stored away 

Having toys and other items left out around the house can cause accidents like trips and falls. Keeping your house clean and clutter-free will help reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries occurring. What’s more, having expensive items visible through windows or left in the yard, could attract burglars and encourage criminals to target your home. You should, therefore, encourage your children to put their toys away when they are finished with them. Make sure that you also keep any valuable items out of sight and locked away where possible. 

Creating a safe family home is crucial, which is why keeping the tips above in mind is key. By creating a haven to relax and rest in, you can sleep easy at night, knowing no harm will come to your family. 


Limit Smartphone Use App: Are You Addicted?

Put Down Your Phone! It Can Save Your Child’s Self- Esteem

Do your kids have mobile phones? We recently purchased a smartphone to use as a house phone. Though, my kids have tablets and free access to computers, I worry about the cell phone, the texting, the access to the world in the palm of your hand. Smartphones have become addictive. I wondered, is their an app for that? Of course, there's an app for everything! Should we limit smartphone use? In this post, Hilary Smith, shares some insight on the overuse of technology combined with our kids, but it might not be the child who has the problem. That's right, Mom (or Dad), you might need an app to limit smartphone use. Enjoy!

Why it is Important to have your Child Fingerprinted

Having a set of Fingerprints at Home can Save your Child's Life.

Rachel Donaldson, is a Forensic Scientist, Certified Latent Print Examiner. In other words, she is a real life CSI. Aware of the dangers facing missing children, she urges you to have your child fingerprinted. She tells us why it is important to get your child fingerprinted. Enjoy!

Get your kids fingerprinted child fingerprinting
It is important to get your kids fingerprinted.

Picture this: you are in a shopping mall/ grocery store with your young child. You are distracted trying to find your size in the cutest top you've ever laid eyes on or you're trying to figure out if you have a coupon for the latest craze in health bars. You realize a couple minutes have passed and there have been no pulls on your shirttail or no sounds of "Mommy! Mommy! Come look!!" You look around in your general vicinity and your child is NOT THERE.

He/she then pops out of the nearest clothing rack or comes back around from the cereal aisle. UGH. The whole scenario is enough to make your heart stop for a second or two. But, imagine your child wasn't playing around and had actually disappeared into thin air? I know, believe me, it's not something you even want to try to wrap your brain around, but we live in a crazy world and unfortunately it does happen. According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, hundreds of thousands of children are reported missing every year, however a fraction of them are actually abducted by a "stranger". 

Because sometimes the macabre can occur, speaking as a fingerprint examiner for my city's local crime lab, I cannot stress enough the importance of having your child(ren)'s fingerprints (and DNA) at home. Fingerprints are unique to an individual and are permanent. Fingerprints are formed in 9-11 weeks gestation and do not change (except for growth) until decomposition. No two people have the same fingerprint--not even identical twins. 

Having a set of fingerprints at home could save your child's life. They could put a detective on the right track of a child abductor. Take for example a child is held hostage, disguised, and sent to school under a different name. If there was any suspicion, the child's prints could be acquired, compared, and hopefully identified to the "missing" child's fingerprints, IF and only IF there is a standard set available, or if your child's prints were found in a person's home/car where they were never supposed to have been. 

It could be a huge lead in getting your child home safely to you. 

In 2002, Danielle Van Dam, 7, was snatched from her own bedroom, while her parents slept. A suspected neighbor, David Westerfield, was later convicted of her murder after Danielle's fingerprint was identified to a print found by his bed. Tragically, in the Danielle Van Dam case, it was too late to bring her home. However, Danielle's fingerprints were found in her neighbor's RV. Her parents had no set of prints on her, but her mummified body had to be fingerprinted to allow for a comparison. It would have been much easier to have been able to have compared them to the standards at home. 

I urge you to contact your local police department, crime lab, etc to find information on where to get a fingerprint/DNA kit. Some police departments have Community Days where they will fingerprint/ swab your children. It could save a child's life--maybe YOUR child's life.  


Roll Fingerprint Inkless Starter Kit*

Celery Science Experiment

CSI Fingerprinting Kit for Kids*
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