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Creative Country Sayings: Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Country Sayings Sign

All of us here at Kids Creative Chaos wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Saying to paint on country rustic signs Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays!

We hope you'll drop by our Family of fun pages.  

Join us on Pinterest for Pin it! to win it and online scavenger hunt  Find us on Facebook and Twitter too.  For more holiday fun check out our Holiday Recipe Book with great ideas for cooking with kids from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day and look for our fun book of holiday skits coming in January 2013.

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Cranberry Christmas Waffles Recipe: Kitchen Kids

Christmas Waffles Recipe for Kids to Make

If you or your kids want to make an easy Christmas Breakfast for the family or Santa, make some Cranberry Christmas Waffles. These are super easy to make, and you only need a few ingredients. Enjoy!

Cranberry Christmas Waffles Recipe: Kitchen Kids
Cranberry Christmas Waffles Recipe: Kitchen Kids.

You need:

1/2 C. canned jellied Cranberry sauce

1/2 C. Apple sauce
1/4 Walnuts
Frozen Waffles or make your own 

To make:

Mix cranberry sauce, apple sauce, and walnuts.

Toast frozen waffles or cook your own according to recipe.
Spread sauce onto waffles.
Say Yum and Merry Christmas!


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Tag, You're it! Silent Tagging Game for Sharing Facebook Pages

The Blogger's Club on  Facebook is sharing your pages and you're sharing back! Join us and Like us for a fun game of Grown Up Blogger Tag.

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1. On your page, share that The Bloggers Club is networking by Silent Tagging. Please make sure to tag us in your status! (Invite others to share their own FB page in the comment section below the post.)
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