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What are Good Outdoor Games to Play?

10 Great Outdoor Games for Kids

The days of simple parties where balloons, music, and a cake with candles were enough are long gone. In 2019, fun birthday ideas are at a whole new level. You need these 10 great outdoor games for kids to get moving and enjoy their special day.
Kim and Kanye set the bar high with a "kidchella" themed party, featuring bouncy houses, a Ferris wheel, and several music stages. While you won't have the same budget as the Kardashians, take inspiration from their intuitive ideas and create a party with good outdoor games to play.
If you're arranging a summer party for your kid's birthday bash, what outdoor games can you play? Read on for the 411 on which outside games your kids will actually love!

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What are Good Outdoor Games to Play?

Outdoor Games Kids Will Love

We all know the math. Kids + Birthday parties = Chaos!
Instead of expecting kids to sit around, drink tea, and chat like adults, prepare some cool games that will burn all their pent-up party energy. We've chosen 10 outdoor games that will have your guests giggling from beginning to end. Are you ready? Let's get this party started!

1. Hop Your Way to Victory
Try a traditional sack-race to get the kids moving. Give each child a good quality burlap bag or king-size pillowcase. Line them up in a grassy area and have them hop their way to victory down a marked path.
To mix it up a little, decorate the plain sacks. Make it more challenging and make the marked path curvy. Even if you just do it the old-fashioned way, it'll get a lot of laughs on the way, Scout's honor!

2. Make Your Birthday Party Pop
Balloon stomping is one of the best group games for parties. What's a party without balloons popping?
Before the party starts, prepare by blowing up at least one balloon per guest and a few extras just in case. Tie a long string or ribbon around the end of the balloon so that it is long enough to tie around the children's ankles.
When the party gets started, tie a balloon around the ankle of each child. The aim of the game is to pop everyone else's balloon while protecting your own. The last kid with an intact balloon wins.

3. Jump to It
Let the kids blow off a little steam before you sit down to open presents. One of the best outdoor games for kids, is an outdoor bouncy house. Hiring a bouncy house is an exciting treat for the kids! It really is fun for all ages (even big kids!)
From bouncy houses and inflatable water slides to blow-up climbing walls and bouncy bungee runs, knowing which one to choose boggles the mind. Do your research to find out more about the options and you'll find the perfect match for your big outdoor birthday bash.

4. Treasure Hunt
Treasure hunts have been around a long time, but they're still one of the most interesting outside games for kids to play. Adapt the hunt depending on the ages of the guests and the style of the party. Be sure to offer prizes and other birthday party favors for the winning team.
For instance, create a list of items in nature they have to find in a certain time limit. Give each guest some magnifying glasses, binoculars, and a treasure bag for their adventure. They can search for various bugs, pinecones, daisies, leaves, and more on a nature scavenger hunt or you can hide items throughout the yard and give them a list of riddles to solve to find the next treasure. As an alternative, hide pieces of treasure and candy for the kids to find. Give them a bucket and send them on their scavenger hunt,

5. Cool Pool Party
Fun birthday ideas for the summer usually involve water. Wet and wild games give kids the chance to get soaked and cool off. A pool prize search is one of the most fun outside games for a kid's party.
Use an inflatable pool filled with water. Hide weighted treasures at the bottom of the pool. Then, fill the rest of the pool with floating toys and balls, so that it's hard to see what's at the bottom. Give the kids a time limit and tell them to find the treasures at the bottom of the pool.
If kids are a bit older and it seems too easy, try blindfolding them. Their teammates can shout out directions to help them find the treasure.

6. Use Your Noodle
One of the cheapest outside games for kids is Pool Noodle Croquet. It's budget-friendly but takes a little bit of time to set up.
Create several pool noodle arches in your back yard and stake them into the ground. Give each child a pool noodle and an inflated beach ball. The idea is to be the first to get the ball through the course of arches.

7. Make a Splash
Another variation of a classic game is water balloon baseball. It's one of the easiest outdoor games for kids and parents because it's so easy to set up.
All you need is a baseball bat and some pre-filled water balloons. Make sure the guests are ready to get soaked!

8. A Tasty Mess
Fun birthday ideas have got to include cakes and treats, right? So why not turn your dessert into a game? When played outside, this donut game is lots of fun.
Tie dangling donuts from a high place, such as a tree or doorway. Then have a donut eating race, without using hands. Chocolate donuts make the most mess, so be ready with a cleanup team when the game is over.

9. Water Shoot
Here's another outdoor water game for you. Divide the party into two teams. For each team, string a plastic sand pails onto one end of a clothesline.
The concept of this game is for each team to work together to move their bucket along the clothesline, using only the spray water guns. Of course, if you don't have enough squirt guns for the party, you could fill up plastic bottles instead. Be sure the squirt guns are powerful enough to make the pails move!

10. An In-Tents Party
Another awesome outside party activity is camping. If camping somewhere remote is too much of a task, just set up a camp ground in your backyard.

Set up tents and a supervised fire-pit. Play some camping-themed games during the day. And when it gets dark, roast some s'mores on the campfire and tell scary stories.

Keep Calm and Party On!
We hoe you like this list of outdoor games with a twist for parties. Pick one, two, or as many outside games as you want, to make your birthday bash super fun!
What if it turns out to be a rainy day and you can't have fun in the sun? For some more games inspiration, both inside and out, check out the "Games" section of our blog.


June Calendar Special Days Holidays

Planning your Calendar for June? Celebrate these Special Holidays

We've got a fun holidays printable calendar for June, is summer in the states. People are outside, children are frolicking in the park, birds are happily tweeting. How do we celebrate? With picnics, of course. In the states, there are two well-known June holidays: Flag Day and Father's Day. Enjoy!

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June Printable Calendar of Special Days and Activities

Printable June Calendar Special Days Holidays 2021

Flag Day 14 - Make a felt Flag, Make a colored rice flag! For Flag Day, you could dress up like the Statue of Liberty.

Juneteenth 19 - What is Juneteenth? It recognizes the emancipation of African Americans and is a national holiday for celebrating the end of slavery. Celebrate Juneteenth with a Barack Obama Paperbag Puppet.

Father's Day in U.S. - 19 (third Sunday) Father's Day Crafts to Make and Origami with Money for Dad.

June Calendar Special Days Holidays: Father's Day Origami
Origami Money Art from Powerful Mothering.

Summer Solstice - 21 Sunshine Crafts and Activities for Preschool from Inner Child Fun. Tie Dye Suns from Creative Family Fun.

National Doughnut Day - (First Friday in June) Make homemade doughnuts.

Go Fishing Day 18 - Here is a super cute fishing activity and song. Math Fishing Activity for Toddlers. Buddy and Buggy also has a Fish Theme Birthday Party post! 

Paul Bunyan Day - 28  You could go see a Lumberjack show. We did that one year in Northern Michigan. How about a Lumberjack Birthday Party? Little Treats blog has some amazing ideas, like the little tree party favors pictured below.

Lumberjack Birthday Party or Paul Bunyan Celebration Party Favors
from Little Treats blog.

Here is a fun game to play straight from elementary pe class, but play it with teenagers at a birthday party for a real hoot!

Lumberjacks and Farmers

You will need orange cones, if you have a cut up log, that's even better! These are your logs for the lumberjacks to "chop down."

Divide into a team of lumberjacks and a team of farmers. Spread the cones or small stumps around the yard, half sitting up, half lying on their side. 

The farmers have to set up all of the "logs." The lumberjacks have to knock them all over! Players can only use their hands. No kicking over the logs! After a few minutes, call time. The team with the most upright or knocked over wins!

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