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Things to do in Tampa with Kids: Lowry Park Zoo

Have you taken your kids to the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa?

The Lowry Park Zoo is the perfect thing to do in Tampa with kids. The zoo is consistently voted the #1 zoo in America. We were lucky enough to visit the zoo during Zoominations. Admission to the zoo is all inclusive. That means, buy one ticket and ride as many rides as you want! 

Tampa Zoo African Safari Ride
Don't miss the African safari ride.
We loved Zoominations so much, that it wasn't until we returned home that we realized we hadn't taken any pictures of the animals! Rest assured, the animals are the highlight! Scroll down to learn more about them and other activities at the Lowry Park Zoo. Enjoy!

Things to do in Tampa with Kids: Lowry Park Zoo
Things to do in Tampa with Kids: Lowry Park Zoo.
Zoominations at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa.
Zoominations at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa.
Sure, every zoo is similar. Every zoo has animals, but the way they live at the Lowry Park Zoo is special. The Aviary is amazing. You walk down a path where birds walk next to you or fly over your head- they aren't afraid. So many beautiful species call this aviary home. The parrot aviary at Busch Gardens (which is near the zoo) was nice, but if you wanted a bird to come see you, you had to buy special food to feed them. 

Chinese dragon picture
Chinese dragon lantern at the Lowry Park Zoo.

What is the meaning of the Chinese Dragon?
What is the meaning of the Chinese Dragon?
Beautiful elephant, Chinese lanterns.
Beautiful elephant, Chinese lanterns.

Cool dude enjoying the food at Wallaby Station.
My kids enjoyed the cafeteria just as much as the rest of the zoo! We have a membership to the Indianapolis Zoo, so we spend a lot of time there. Usually, we pack a lunch. At the Lowry Park Zoo, the food is in a room. Chefs are behind a wall. They have the most popular items ready to grab and go! If you want something else, they will quickly prepare it for you.

Once you've grabbed your main course, you walk to other windows and grab fruit, vegetables, water, drinks, and sides. The cash register is outside the room. There is very little wait time.

During our trip, the kids had their own money to budget. They were thrilled to be able to choose whatever they wanted and pay themselves! Jake didn't want to spend too much. He had a large slice of pizza, fries, and a soft drink for about $8. Mayhem... well, if you are a regular reader, you know how it goes. Mayhem spent about $20! She had the pizza, some fruit, chips, dessert, and drinks. The point is, you don't have to spend a lot of money, but you can if you go crazy! Self-serve isn't for everyone.  :)

Panda lanterns in front of the carousel at the zoo.
Panda lanterns in front of the carousel at the zoo.
Parade Chinese Dragon.
Chinese Dragon.

The elephant lanterns were right outside the Zoo Safari. This is the best safari ride we've ever taken. It is worth the wait. The safari area is enclosed with netting and gates that separate the animals. Many times, the safari vehicle stopped to wait for animals to pass. The guides are excellent! The information is interesting and informative. Feel free to ask questions.

Coy pond lantern sculptures.
Coy pond lantern sculptures.

Dinosaurs at the zoo.
These dinosaurs are Chinese lanterns too!
The primates are fun to watch. Just don't be like Jake! While watching the chimpanzees, he decided to climb a nearby tree. Oh my! I was busy chasing Mayhem, when I realized he wasn't with me. The grandparents found him in the tree. I thought they were joking! Not Jake. Yes, Jake.

While relaxing in a branch, he lost his sandal down the box that surrounded the tree. Yep, it looked like a scary place to go. I kept thinking about snakes, scorpions, and fire ants. Unhappily, (and forced by Mom) he jumped down into the sandy pit and got it. Life has consequences. Luckily, the chimpanzees didn't notice.

Beautiful peacock lanterns.
Beautiful peacock lanterns.

More peacock lanterns.
Koalas, tigers, rhinos, elephants, primates of all sorts, birds of all kinds, ponies, llamas, wolves, black bears, oh my! These are just some of the animals you'll see. There's a log ride, a carousel, train, bumper boats, mini-coaster and more! Shows and talks, and even a manatee hospital! The zoo has lots of vegetation, so it doesn't get too hot. Everyone will find something they enjoy.

Traditional Chinese Lanterns.
Traditional Chinese Lanterns.

Want discount admission? Enjoy the zoo for free on your birthday! If you are a member of your local zoo, you might get discounts or be admitted free with the zoo's reciprocal program.


Make a Chinese Dragon Craft

National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia: 2,500 Animals with Photos, Maps, and More!*

Visit the nearby Manatee Viewing Center

Make a Panda Craft

Zoo by Gail Gibbons*

Free Online Homeschool Science Lesson: Classifying Plants and Animals Activities

Classifying Plants and Animals Activities and Videos for Homeschool Science

In this free online homeschool science lesson, we are classifying plants and animals. These science activities and videos are a fun way for homeschoolers to learn online. Lessons have material suitable for preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school. We round up the information and links each week as we teach homeschool to our own children. Every link has been child tested. Scroll down for the interactive student lesson. Lesson for Preschoolers is at the bottom of the post.

Free Online Homeschool Science Lesson: Classifying Plants and Animals Activities
Free Online Homeschool Science Lesson: Classifying Plants and Animals Activities.

Classifying Plants and Animals Online Homeschool Lesson

Elementary and Middle School Science: Target Grades 3-8
with components for preschool, early elementary, and high school.

Teacher Resources:

Classifying Plants and Animals Lesson Ideas

Make your own Worksheets and Printables

Early Elementary Lessons on Classifications

Student Lesson:

Do this: Keep these questions in mind as you the watch the videos.

Questions on Plant Growth click on the questions to find the answers, make sure you click through all 4 pages of questions!

PBS Video: What Plants Talk About 

Learn more about Carnivorous Plants.

Play this Cool Science Game on How Plants Grow (8-11 yrs.).

Read about Plant GrowthWhat are the Kingdoms? If you want to watch these videos, you'll have to log into Brainpop. I'm told you can do a search and find Brainpop freebies, coupon codes, and passwords. Here is a free Biology lesson on the Six Kingdoms.

More about Plant Adaptations from Brainpop free for everyone.

Math Component

This Cool Companion Math Game is for Middle School and up. 

This Middle School to High School Plant Lesson Game teaches Math and Economics. You'll start your own business and work to keep the plants alive and well using your math skills. 

We found another cool math game for kids, but... there's an app for that! Ask your parent or teacher if you can install, Ruby Realms.

Art Component

Make Pressed Flowers

Make Thanksgiving Leaf Garland

Science Fair Project or Science Experiment from Science Buddies Experiment on Plant Growth for Middle Schoolers.


Show what you've learned so far:

Grab your Science Journal: Name 3 types of Plant Classifications. Then, draw a plant and then list out the main parts of it.




Classifying Animals Lessons

Classifying Animals - Free Brainpop Jr. Video. Make sure you take the quiz. Try the easy quiz and the hard quiz. You can do it! 

More on Animal Classification from Sheppard's Kids Corner.

Show what you've learned so far:

Grab your Science Journal: What are the Six Kingdoms? Need to research? Do a safe search here







Science Just for Fun Online Games

Are you smarter than a plant?
Are you smarter than a plant? Find out on

Early Elementary Component 
Pre-K - 3, but suitable for older kids too!

Plant Song

Dora's Plant Growth Game for Preschoolers

Farming Lesson for Kindergarten

Fun Activities

Make these Free Printable Animal Trading Cards

Test your knowledge: Play Matching Classification Game

Recommended Reading:

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What Year is 2014 in Chinese New Year?

It is the Chinese New Year, Year of the Horse 2014

Looking for a meaningful horse quote for Pinterest or Facebook for the Chinese New Year? It is the year of the horse! When is the Chinese New YearThe new Moon on January 30, 2014 begins the year of the Wood Horse. Chinese New Year is a spring festival that begins on the second new Moon after Winter Solstice, with the Sun and Moon are in Aquarius. Last year, 2013, was the year of the water snake. Enjoy!

What Year is 2014 in Chinese New Year? It is the Chinese New Year, Year of the Horse 2014. Horse Quotes for Pinterest.
Horse quote by Ovid for the year of the horse.

In Chinese astrology, this year is considered fortunate, bringing luck and good things. The Magical Horse has supernatural powers, is heroic, strong, and can even fly! The horse is a hero in China because important battles were won due to its power and strength.

Here is a fun horse word search from or how about a horse coloring page printable from We have a Chinese Dragon New Year printable.

Recommended Reading:

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Year of the Dragon

Bringing In the New Year (Read to a Child)*

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Trace Cute Animals to Learn to Draw or use as Free Printable Coloring Sheet

Hey Kids, want to learn how to draw cute animals? 

Print these free printable sheets to color or trace. Copying is the quickest way to learn to draw. Here's a simple bear, raccoon, and cheeky monkey traceable.

Trace Cute Animals to Learn to Draw or use as Free Printable Coloring Sheet
Traceable Animals to learn to draw or color.

We've got tons of coloring pages and free clipart printables.  Hop over to our Mediafire host site more.

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Trace a monkey learn to draw printable sheet
Learn how to draw a monkey by tracing.