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Barack Obama Paper Bag Puppet: Hey When is President's Day Anyway?

When is President's Day? 

In the United States President's Day is always celebrated on the third Monday in February. We combine the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington into one special day. Here's an easy craft for President's Day or Black History Month. A Barack Obama Paper Craft for kids. Enjoy!

Barack Obama Craft for Kids Paperbag Puppet President's Day

GET Printable Obama Puppet (Face).

Barack Obama Craft for Kids Paperbag Puppet President's Day: Tie Template

Click here to print tie for Barack Obama Craft

Mayhem is a huge fan of Barack Obama so when tasked with the assignment to make a "worker" puppet for  Social Studies class she said, "Barack is a worker for America." Thus, the paper bag puppet below. In one hand he has a microphone for giving speeches (she loves to watch). In the other hand, he has a ring for his wife, Michelle Obama, because "they are married together". 

Barack Obama Craft for kids preschool - Black History Month
Barack Obama Craft for preschool kids.

Barack Obama Paper Bag Puppet for President's Day
Make a President Obama Puppet in honor of President's Day.
This one inspired the printable .

So, when I was a kid in elementary school I remember the big election doings of Jimmy Carter. He was my favorite President for years. A real life cartoon character with peanuts and Billy too boot. Shh... I guess he still is today, but don't tell any political analyst or anyone like that. I love all of the humanitarian work he does, his sense of humor, his forward thinking on going GREEN, and his smile. Hmm... I think I see a pattern here.

Who is your favorite President? Remember a particular election?  Now, if you will pardon me for rushing off... I've got to go make a Jimmy Carter paper bag puppet.

It's so cool to see your projects across the web! I love how the Paper and Glue blog turned our Obama printable into a stick puppet.

How to make play dough at home and 12 Fun Things to do with Play Dough

Looking for fun things to Make at Home?

Maybe you need an easy recipe for how to make dough or you're wondering how do I make play dough at home? How to make clay dough for older kids Here are fun clay and dough recipes to make at home with kids of all ages.

How to make play dough recipe:                                                         

2 c. corn starch, 1 c. salt, 1 1/2 c. boiling water, 2 tbs. cream of tartar, 2 tbs  oil (vegetable oil to keep it edible or baby oil to make it fun and a pleasant scent) Mix all ingredients together, then add a couple drops of your favorite food coloring. You can also separate into individual baggies, add a different drop of food color to each bag, and knead to mix. Let the kids do this for extra sensory play! You can make it without cream of tar tar too; the oil will fill the void it just might not stay fresh as long :)
 Sensory Guest Post from Krissy Sherman Bonning, Mama of 3, and Blogger  at B.Inspired, Mama!  (Connecting moms with kid-friendly arts & crafts, easy recipes, and preschool learning fun.) Hop over to Krissy's blog and check out all of the cool  fun from a Mommy with a Master's degree in Art Education.

I found an exciting feature on her blog, she accepts Submissions from other bloggers! Get your fun ideas posted and earn yourself some much deserved recognition.

How to make play dough at home and other fun sensory activities for things to do
Fun things to do with Playdough at home.
My kids’ go-to sensory activity is definitely play dough.  The ways you can play with it are endless.  And adding unusual objects and art supplies to it make it even more fun.  Here are some of our favorites:
  1. Stencils – Use them to place on the play dough and trace around, press into the play dough to make impressions, and for imaginative play, too. 
  2. Recycled Bottles – Next time you drink something out of a plastic bottle, check out the bottom.  It will probably make a really cool flower-like impression in play dough.  (from B-Inspired Mama)
  3. Cardboard Boxes – Play dough details can turn boxes into buildings and even an entire city.  (from Inspiration Surrounds, Creativity Abounds)
  4. Muffin Cups – Silicone muffin cups are perfect for making pretend cupcakes and muffins for an impromptu Birthday party or picnic.  (from B-Inspired Mama)
  5. Fake Flowers – Plant them in play dough to make a beautiful flower garden for imaginative gardening fun. (from The Imagination Tree)
  6. Animals – Green play dough makes the perfect jungle for little animal friends. (from Picklebums)
  7. Googly Eyes – Bright your play dough to life and make silly monsters with lots of googly eyes. (from Pink and Green Mama)
  8. Candy Molds – Use chocolate play dough to make pretend candies and fun shapes with candy molds.  (from Learning 4 Kids)
  9. Laminated Play Dough Mats – Laminate images and learning worksheets for kids to add play dough details, letters, and snakes to.  (from Planet of the Apels)
  10. Alphabet Cookie Cutters – Make play dough fun a learning opportunity by adding letter cookie cutters.  (from No Time for Flash Cards)
  11. Glitter – Add lots of glitter to turn play dough into a glistening glob for galaxy fun.  (from Poppytalk)
  12. Trucks & Cars – Play dough makes fun hills for driving over and tires on toy vehicles make awesome impressions.  (from B-Inspired Mama)
Do your kids like playing with play dough? Have you ever used anything unusual to make it more fun?

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