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Abraham Lincoln Face Printable for Puppet

Make a Puppet with this Abraham Lincoln Face Printable

Looking for a picture of Abraham Lincoln's face? The Abe Lincoln face printable is perfect for a President's Day puppet. Make him a paper bag puppet or a stick puppet to celebrate President's Day with the sixteenth President of the United States, Honest Abe. We're also sharing a fun companion book and a round up of President's activities to do with kids. Enjoy!

Free Abraham Lincoln Face Printable for Puppet

Go to our MediaFire page and download the free abe lincoln face printable. You'll also find other President's faces and accessories for paper bag puppets.

Once you've printed out the page, cut out Abraham Lincoln's face following the white line. Then, color in his facial features.

Attach his face to a brown paper bag to make a paper bag puppet, or attach to a stick to make a hand held paper stick puppet.

You can also glue his face to a piece of cardboard, trim to fit, punch holes in his ears, attach a string, and make a traditional mask for President's Day.

Pick up a copy of, "I am Abraham Lincoln" by Brad Meltzer and read it together to learn fun facts about Abe Lincoln.

Companion book for President's Day, "I am Abraham Lincoln".
Companion book for President's Day, "I am Abraham Lincoln".

Scroll down to see how you can enter to win the "Ordinary People Change the World" books.

P for President's Day
P for President's Day from Carrots are Orange.


Abraham Lincoln Book for President's Day

Cool Creative Lunch Box Ideas for Tweens & Teens

These Lunch Box Ideas for Tweens are Fun and Creative

Do you miss sending cute notes or packing fun school lunches for your toddler? Now that your toddler has blossomed into a tween, you don' t have to stop the fun. Sure, they embarrass easy. Sure, they don't think you are cool, but that doesn't mean you can't pack a cool school lunch! Get creative with these lunch box ideas for tweens. Enjoy!

Cool Creative Lunch Box Ideas for Tweens Teens

You are never too old for Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, especially now that they have added lots of new flavors. Think Pizza and Parmesan, Pretzels and Cheddar, and so much more. The packages are bold and cool enough for tweens to share with their friends. So, whatever you pack in the school lunch, be sure to add your tween's favorite flavor of Goldfish Crackers.

lunch box ideas for tweens and teens
Jake is checking for his favorite flavor combinations to add to his lunch.

So, yeah, you probably aren't going to pack them swimming in a cup of blue pudding or draw a game of Fish Tac Toe on their lunch bag, but you can get creative with the contents of their lunch box. shares this fun, stoplight sandwich. It isn't too flashy, but your tween will smile when they see it! Better yet, serve it up to a teen about to get their driver's permit.

Creative Lunchbox ideas for Tweens and Teens: Stoplight Sandwich
Spotlight Sandwich from is fun for celebrating a Learner's Permit.

These monster sandwiches are fun for a Halloween lunch idea.

Edible Monster Sandwiches for Cool Halloween Lunches
Find these Monster Sandwiches at

These Mini Corn Dog Muffins from will please picky eaters. Pop in some Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers and their favorite fruit or veggie, and you are cool again! :)

Mini Corn Dog Muffins Recipe for Lunch box
Mini Corn Dog Muffins are perfect for a creative lunch for tweens.

Whatever you pack in your tween or teen lunch box, don't forget the Wet Ones. Did you know Wet Ones makes individually wrapped single wipes that are perfect for school lunch boxes? We found them at Walmart in the Personal Care aisle. They clean sticky hands better than hand sanitizers and kill 99.9% of nasty germs. You know, the germs that all of the kids like to share all over the school!

Where can I find Wet Ones Singles?
Add Wet Ones Singles to your tweens lunch box.

Our go to lunch sandwich is cream cheese on white bread. We add some fruit and a crunchy munchie, like Goldfish Crackers. If you follow the blog, you know that we homeschool, but that doesn't mean we don't pack lunches! We like to homeschool on the road whenever possible. Wednesdays are park days, Tuesdays are museum or library days, and Thursdays are 4-H days. Rather than stopping for fast food all the time, we try to pack a fun lunch.

What do you pack in your tween's lunch? Do they still do chicken nuggets and peanut butter and jelly?

The Best Homemade Kids' Lunches on the Planet

Cool Lunch Box for Tweens: Round Batman Darknight

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wet Ones® + Pepperidge Farm® . The opinions and text are all mine.

Make a Chicken Puppet and Chicken Craft Ideas

How to Make a Hen Puppet with a Paper Bag

Looking for chicken craft ideas for a Minecraft birthday party? These chicken crafts do double duty. These paperbag puppets are also silly and fun for a The Little Red Hen puppet show. To make a chicken or rooster puppet, you'll need paper bags, balloons, crepe paper, and construction paper. It is easy when you follow these instructions: how to make a chicken puppet

This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience.

Make a Chicken Puppet and Chicken Craft Ideas

Barack Obama Paper Bag Puppet: Hey When is President's Day Anyway?

When is President's Day? 

In the United States President's Day is always celebrated on the third Monday in February. We combine the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington into one special day. Here's an easy craft for President's Day or Black History Month. A Barack Obama Paper Craft for kids. Enjoy!

Barack Obama Craft for Kids Paperbag Puppet President's Day

GET Printable Obama Puppet (Face).

Barack Obama Craft for Kids Paperbag Puppet President's Day: Tie Template

Click here to print tie for Barack Obama Craft

Mayhem is a huge fan of Barack Obama so when tasked with the assignment to make a "worker" puppet for  Social Studies class she said, "Barack is a worker for America." Thus, the paper bag puppet below. In one hand he has a microphone for giving speeches (she loves to watch). In the other hand, he has a ring for his wife, Michelle Obama, because "they are married together". 

Barack Obama Craft for kids preschool - Black History Month
Barack Obama Craft for preschool kids.

Barack Obama Paper Bag Puppet for President's Day
Make a President Obama Puppet in honor of President's Day.
This one inspired the printable .

So, when I was a kid in elementary school I remember the big election doings of Jimmy Carter. He was my favorite President for years. A real life cartoon character with peanuts and Billy too boot. Shh... I guess he still is today, but don't tell any political analyst or anyone like that. I love all of the humanitarian work he does, his sense of humor, his forward thinking on going GREEN, and his smile. Hmm... I think I see a pattern here.

Who is your favorite President? Remember a particular election?  Now, if you will pardon me for rushing off... I've got to go make a Jimmy Carter paper bag puppet.

It's so cool to see your projects across the web! I love how the Paper and Glue blog turned our Obama printable into a stick puppet.

Cute Monster Paperbag Puppets: Video, Monster Trouble: First in our KCC Kid's Creative Play Series for Kids

Make your own paper bag monster puppets for Halloween

In honor of my favorite holiday (Halloween) we explore Monsters. Special thanks to Alex Toys for providing the crafts and toys in this post. These Paper Bag Monster Puppets came in a kit but you could make your own with construction paper shapes and lunch or colorful party bags. Play a Monster Game too.

Explore Monsters in a Pretend Play Monster Hunt Outdoor Creative Play

Paper Bag Monster Puppets are fun for a Preschool or Toddler Birthday Party.
 Paper Bag Monster Puppets are fun for a 
Preschool or Toddler Birthday Party.

Creative Play allows children to forget about stress and school work and let their imaginations run wild. 

I'm a huge fan! The Play Connection, Inc. offers many opportunities through our Sensory Messy Classes, Costumes/Puppets and Kiddie Play Productions.

First, we made Paper Bag Monster Puppets. The kits includes 5 colorful paper bags but with the leftover supplies you can make even more with white or brown paper lunch sacks.

cute monster paper bag puppets to make
Paperbag Monster Puppets.

After monster making, we went on a CREATIVE PLAY adventure and filmed it for you! The monster in the video is wearing the Face Paint Kit by Alex Toys and his weapons of choice are the Connect a Giant Monster discs. 

We hope you'll join us over the next few weeks as I find my inner videographer and the kiddos explore their improvisational skills in our first video production, The KCC Kids Creative Play Series Videos

The KCC Detective Agency presents MONSTER TROUBLE.

Find the Undercover Spy Gear here. After tracking monsters, you can get some much needed target practice when you clean up in the bath with this Screaming Monster Tub Target.

Monster Bath Tub Toys.

Each month, we'll go on a fun adventure and share it with you. Stay tuned next month for our tribute to Thanksgiving and the Wampanoag Indians.

We'd love to hear from you! Do you have ideas for future KCC adventures? Do you want to join in the fun? Leave a comment below or subscribe to our posts.

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