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Lora's Law #7 Words You Choose Quote

Quote: The Words You Choose, Define You

You tasted it. You know you did it. When it came off the tip of your tongue and left your mouth, you had regrets. But, you let it go anyway without any words to take it back. You're sorry at the choice. Your sorry for the vulgarity, your sorry that you let your weakness and insecurities escape. You know you are better than that, so prove it! Don't react with a wicked tongue. Be careful, the words you choose define you. Choose words that will build you up, bring you happiness, and reap rewards. In the meantime, share this quote in your Facebook feed to show your remorse or to shame someone who makes bad choices too. We've all been there, just choose a better reaction next time. Enjoy!

Quote: The Words You Choose, Define You Facebook

Lora's Law Number Seven:

"Be careful; the words you choose define you."  It is time to be a better you.

Words you choose define you quote: Lora's Law #7
Words you choose define you quote: Lora's Law #7.


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Ask Amanda

Today, Amanda asks...

While pulling into pre-school at the church, Amanda asks-

"Mommy, What's a G-Spot?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said?"

"What would happen if we didn't use a G-Spot?"

"Amanda! What are you talking about?"

"Why do we always park in a G-spot? What if we parked in another letter?"

I had no idea what we were talking about until I looked up.

We park in a spot for guest parking with a blue sign marked with a big "G".

Jake's Jokes: A Comedian in making. Funny things kids say.

Jake's Jokes for Kids: Funny things kids say. 

Jake tells stories like a comedian shares jokes. Check the tab above for lists of knock knock jokes and riddles.

Jake's Jokes for Kids ~ funny kids sayings

Girl:  "Jake, Do you know Jocelyn?"

Jake:  "Yes, we've been bestfriends since pre-school."

Girl:  "Oh, wow.  She's my friend too, now."

Jake:  "Oh, wait, I forgot.  We're not friends anymore."

Girl:  "Why not?"

Jake:  "She treats me like trash, so I treat her like dirt."

Mommy:  Speechless as usual.

Bigfoot is a Ho' - Jake's Jokes for Kids

Jake's jokes and funny things kids say.

Jake's jokes for kids and the funny things kids say.
Jake the jokester.

Jake's Jokes: The Joke might have been on Jake, but it cracked us all up. Last night, I listened to Jake read for the first time since the teacher told me he reads and comprehends at 12th grade level. It is amazing- he rarely slows to sound anything out- even the words that give me pause. My tears fell on the pages of his book while he read aloud.  And then tonight...
Amanda:  Is Bigfoot real?

Jake:  (As it sounded to my ears) No!  He's just a great, big Ho' Axe.

Mommy:  (Worriedly) What's a Ho' Axe?

Sam:  Hoax!

Daddy:  Ho' Axe...  And SAM figured it out first!

Mommy:  Hoax!  He's a hoax?  It depends who you ask.  
Jake, great sounding out of the word, but we pronounce it Hokes.

Jake:  Ohhh...  It looks like Ho' Axe. (laughs)

I really like thinking about Bigfoot being a great, big Ho'...       Axe.

See more Jokes for Kids in our tabs above.

P.S.  Last night I warned him that if you don't ask for help you may misread a word your entire life. For me it was laughter. Lawter. I can't see it without reading Lawter.  Thank Goodness we caught this one before it was too late.