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Trip Ideas: Terre Haute Indiana 10 Things to Do

Field Trip or Vacation 10 Things to Do in Terre Haute

Planning a trip to Terre Haute, Indiana? Perhaps, you are or have a student attending Indiana State University, Rose Hulman, or Saint Mary of the Woods. Terre Haute is full of secret treasures for your field trip, one tank trip, or vacation to Terre Haute, Indiana. We've compiled a list of 10 trip ideas and things to do while in Terre Haute. Enjoy!

Trip Ideas: Terre Haute Indiana Things to Do

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Here's a list of Trip Ideas Terre Haute

Clabber Girl Baking Company Museum and Bake Shop
This is a great place for a sandwich and a cup of coffee. The museum is free and tours are self-guided. The Hulman Company owned the Clabber Girl Baking Company. You may be familiar with the Hulman name, they own the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. They are also the Hulman name behind Rose Hulman Institute of Technology.

Clabber Girl  Baking Company Cafe, Terre Haute, Indiana.
Clabber Girl  Baking Company Cafe, Terre Haute, Indiana.

Fun photo op at Clabber Girl Museum.

Coffee Bean car in the cafe.

When you sit in the second dining room, you'll see this car decorated with coffee beans. You can also watch coffee grinders at work. The seating areas are full of memorabilia- like a mini-museum.

Clabber Girl Museum, Saloon. 

Smith Labyrinth
The Smith Labyrinth is located in Hawthorn Park. It's a floor plan of an actual labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral in France. This one is surrounded by a wildflower garden and hiking trails. Jake walked the labyrinth while we sat in a swing and watched. 

Be sure to check the time on the sun dial.

Candles Holocaust Museum
Candles Holocaust Museum was founded by Eva Kors, a Holocaust survivor. This is a very small museum tucked away in the heart of Terre Haute. At first glance, it doesn't seem like much but it is full of history! Eva was recently the Grand Marshal of the Indianapolis 500 parade.

Eva Kor's Candles Holocaust Museum in Terre Haute.
Eva Kor's Candles Holocaust Museum in Terre Haute.

During the Holocaust, twins were used in cruel experiments. Eva had a twin sister. The focus of the museum is Eva's experience as an Eugenics Twin. This would make an excellent topic for a homeschool research paper.

Eugenic twins, Eva and Miriam Mozes.
Eugenic twins, Eva and Miriam Mozes.

Eva and other holocaust survivors worked with Steven Spielberg to record their story. These stories were filmed at different angles with state of the art technology. This process allows you to talk to a holocaust survivor. You can ask them a question and the computer generated image will answer it as if you were sitting together.

Talk with a Holocaust survivor hologram.
Talk with a Holocaust survivor hologram.

Eva Kors on set, filming her oral history story.

More Field Trip Ideas and Things to do in Terre Haute
Swope Art Museum
See an original Edward Hopper or Grant Wood painting at Swope Art Museum. The museum is also downtown Terre Haute.

Indiana State University
ISU is located in downtown Terre Haute. Stop by to get a picture with their most famous Alumnus, Larry Bird. Click for a virtual tour of Indiana State University.

Rose Hulman Institute of Technology
Visit the beautiful campus just outside the city limits.

Dobbs Park Nature Center
Learn about Indiana wildlife, and check them out in the wildlife viewing center. There's also a Native American Museum here.

Clark-Lansdbaum Holly Arboretum in Deming Park
When you visit the 177 acre Deming Park, you'll find awesome playgrounds, an Arboretum, a golf-course, and tennis and basketball courts.

Terre Haute Children's Museum
This children's museum is full of interactive exhibits about science and technology.

500 Museum of Wheels
This car museum is located in an old auto parts store in the heart of downtown Terre Haute. Thirty-five cars and other race memorabilia are on display.

Field Trip or Vacation Things to Do in Terre Haute
Field Trip or Vacation Things to Do in Terre Haute.

Field Trips in Indiana

Indiana Field Trip Ideas

Though these field trips are in Indiana, they make great ideas for field trips in your home state or great ideas for places to visit while on a vacation. If you are looking for Indiana Field Trips, leave a note in the comments, and we'll share more fun ideas. Tried and true. Enjoy!

Field Trips in Indiana
Field Trips in Indiana.

Field trips are an excellent way to connect student learning to the world outside of school. Gaining knowledge is the goal of the educational process. However, when gaining that knowledge mainly takes place in the classroom and from books, it can seem disconnected from the purpose of that knowledge.  

The purpose, of course, is to prepare the student for success as a grown-up. Part of that preparation should be helping the students understand why and how gaining knowledge is going to aid them in their future when they are grown and on their own.  The better they understand why their education matters, the more likely they are to be engaged in the learning process.

What kind of field trips are out there? Where can you take students that will help them grasp how what they are learning in class is going to be integral to their success as an adult? The following is a list of fun trips that are in or nearby Indianapolis. The links provided take you to the website where you can find information about the educational opportunities that are offered.

  • Exotic Feline Rescue Center – Located in Center Point, IN, it is located just over an hour away from Indianapolis. It offers classroom presentations at grade level, with fun and interactive materials. Field trips include a walking tour of the facility, which covers around 20 acres. Phone: 812-835-1130.
Website:  Exotic Feline Rescue Center

  • Trader’s Point Creamery – On the northwest side of Indianapolis, Trader’s Point Creamery is a working farm which specializes in grass fed cattle. They offer tours year round which include viewing the milking process.  Phone: 317-733-1700
Website:  Trader's Point Creamery

  • Waterman’s Farm, Raymond St. Location  - A great fall destination for pumpkin picking and other Halloween activities.  In June, they offer strawberry picking field trips. During summer, field trips are customized to your group’s specific interests. Phone 317-357-2989
Website:  Waterman's Family Farm

  • Kelsay Farms – Located 30 minutes south of Indianapolis, in New Whiteland, IN.  Kelsay Farms is a working dairy farm that offers tours that last about 2 hours. Children learn about milking, feeding, and caring for dairy cows. Phone: 317-535-4136
Website:  Kelsay Farms

  • United States District Court – A trip to a courthouse offers kids a chance to learn about history, law, civics and government.  The Southern District Court offers and opportunity for kids to interact with a judge, provided the tour is booked early enough in advance. Phone: 317-229-3792
Website:  United States District Court (Indiana)

  • McCloud Nature Park – This Hendricks County Park offers field trip opportunities on a variety of topics. Rocks, Insects, Birds, Maple Syrup and Geomorphology are just some of the subject matter from which to choose. Phone: 765-676-5437
Website:  McCloud Nature Park

  • Fire Station Tour, Town of Plainfield – Since most kids love fire trucks Fire Station fieldtrips are a big hit. The Town of Plainfield offers Fire House Tours where kids can learn about the day to day routines of fire fighters and the equipment that they operate. Phone: 317-839-6939 x18
Website: Plainfield Fire Station or your local fire station.

  • West Central Conservancy – Learn how waste water is treated at Avon’s West Central Conservancy. This fieldtrip shows how science is used to make the world a cleaner place. Phone:  317-272-3944 
Website:  West Central Conservancy or your local water plant.

Are there any great field trips that you and your children have experienced? I would love to hear about 
them! Post about the tours you enjoyed in the comments.


Eagle Creek Park
Magic School Bus Electric Field Trip*
Conner Prairie Interactive History Park
Spring Mill State Park
Field Trip to Niagara Falls
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum
For more ideas see our Homeschool Projects page.

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Rhythm Center Indianapolis: Things to do in Indiana

Field Trip Idea Downtown Indianapolis: Rhythm Discovery Center

The Rhythm Discovery Center in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana is an awesome thing to do with family or for a school field trip. If you are visiting Indiana on vacation or for the Indianapolis 500 Race, don't miss this gem. The rhythm museum is across from Circle Center Mall and next to Weber Grill. Relax and spend a few hours here.

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Rhythm Center Indianapolis: Things to do in Indiana
Rhythm Center Indianapolis Drum Circle: Things to do in Indiana.

We are members, so we've visited several times. You can practice your drum skills without buying drums! It's a great place to take out of town guests. Membership options include a plus two. This is a hands on museum! You can touch it! Above, is the drum circle, don't be shy, sit down and try your hand at tom toms or bongos. If you see others sitting there, it's okay- you're encouraged to join the circle.

Rhythm Music Quote

Be as loud as you want! They offer free earplugs at the ticket desk. There aren't usually tour guides. As you walk through the Rhythm Discovery Center, you'll see the history of drums and rhythm instruments. Be sure to play the gongs in the front entry, the electric drum synthesizers throughout the main space, and don't miss the sound proof drum rooms where you can play the snares and cymbals.

Field Trip Ideas Indianapolis: Rhythm Discovery Center

Rhythm Discovery Center Hours and Admission: The center is opened most days from 10-5, Sundays 12-5, and closed on Tuesdays. Check the website for special events and closings.

Tip:  Buy a membership. If you have a big family, it's cheaper than the individual ticket rate.


Baby Play, Sensory Music

Best Musical Instruments for Children

Indiana Field Trip Ideas

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Rhythm Center Indianapolis: Things to do in Indiana

Big Cats in Indiana: Exotic Feline Rescue Center

Things to do in Indiana: Visit the Big Cats at the EFRC

Are there big cats in Indiana? You bet! If you love animals, especially cats, you must visit the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in southern Indiana. It's not a zoo, there's no real parking, and it's in the middle of nowhere. No worries, they want you to come visit the amazing Indiana cats. This is a wonderful idea for a field trip or a one tank trip on a weekend get away.

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Tigers Big Cats in Indiana: Exotic Feline Rescue Center

What will you see there? Sure, there are native cats like the Bob Cat, but you'll also see Mountain Lions, Serval Cats, Leopards, Jaguars, Tigers, Tigers, and more Tigers! Most of the cats were raised as pets or used in animal shows and have been rescued from very difficult situations. They are finally free and live their lives loved in as natural an environment as possible.

Tiger Cub in Indiana at EFRC

EFRC Big Cats Lions in Indiana Field Trip Idea

Each ticket purchase helps feed and house the cats. You can also make donations to the EFRC or attend any of their special events, including a summer camp for kids! They also offer an overnight camp for adults. You read that right! Stay in a cabin on site with a view of the cats and then wake up and make the rounds with the caretakers. Sign me up!!

Jurassic Park in Indiana

As we toured the facility, we couldn't help but make note how if felt like Jurassic Park, right down to the dinosaur sounds (tigers talking back and forth across the center) and the atvs used for feeding. I'm guessing if a big cat escaped, there would be similar results. These cats are lovable but clearly wild animals.

The tigers like to play with the water bowls which also serve as swimming pools in hot weather.

The Exotic Feline Rescue Center is open from 10-5 daily. Rain, shine, or snow. They mentioned that the cats are especially lonely when no one visits during the winter months. So, go see some cats in the snow!


Field Trip Ideas: Things to do in Indiana

Tiger Books for Kids

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Big Cats in Indiana: Exotic Feline Rescue Center

Homeschool History Lesson: Levi Coffin House and the Underground Railroad Indiana

Take a Field Trip: Tour the History of the Underground Railroad and Levi Coffin in Richmond, Indiana

Our latest history homeschool adventure included a field trip to the historic, Levi Coffin House near Richmond, Indiana. It is said to be part of the Underground Railroad.

An eight-room, Federal-style, brick home near Richmond in Newport (Fountain City), Indiana became a safe haven to thousands of escaped slaves on their journey to Canada. The home of Levi and Catharine Coffin, North Carolina Quakers who opposed slavery quickly became the most well-known stop on the Underground Railroad.  During the 20 years they lived in Newport, the Coffins helped more than 2,000 slaves reach safety. Read More About it: Levi Coffin House

Levi Coffin House Historic Site and Underground Railroad History Lesson

Take a Field Trip: Tour the History of the Underground Railroad and Levi Coffin in Richmond, Indiana
Learn about the Underground Railroad with a trip to Levi Coffin's Indiana home.

Harriet Beecher Stowe's famous story, Uncle Tom's Cabin is based on, "Eliza" one of the many slaves who hid in the Coffin home. Scholastic offers a great companion piece for an Underground Railroad Lesson. Myths of the Underground Railroad. A good story for younger children is Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky.

A story of the Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman.
A story of the Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman.

Nineteenth century wooden rocker cradle in the Levi Coffin house.
Nineteenth century wooden rocker cradle in the Levi Coffin house.
The tour guides at this historic site are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Prepare to spend at least an hour learning the Coffin family history. On our visit, we were not prepared expecting only a quick walk through the house. Our little one (pictured above) was not up to the challenge. However, rather than becoming irritated at her outbursts the tour guide began speaking directly to her and encouraging participation by pointing out kid friendly historic facts and interesting artifacts like the horse hair poking out of the wall which was used to reinforce and bind the plaster.

Levi Coffin.
Levi Coffin.

Two handled "shovel" for scooping grain.  A chore for children.
Two handled "shovel" for scooping grain.  A chore for children.
Sewing bird to help hold fabric.
Sewing bird to help hold fabric.
Rocking bench with baby guard.
Rocking bench with baby guard.

Iron handcuffs.
Iron handcuffs.

Stairs to the attic.
Stairs to the attic.
Stairs to the attic.
Catharine Coffin's Wardrobe.

Room where runaways (often children) spent the night.
Room where runaways (often children) spent the night.

Underground Railroad = Secret attic access slide bed over to hide the door.
Underground Railroad = Secret attic access slide bed over to hide the door.

Field Trip Ideas for the Underground Railroad

For older students, I encourage you to visit Conner Prairie's immersion history program, Follow the North Star in Indianapolis, Indiana. As an interpreter at Conner Prairie, I participated on both sides portraying a woman who helped runaways find their way to a nearby Quaker family and as a tour guide/runaway experiencing the journey first hand leading a group of runaways thru the prairie at night. Nothing will help your student understand the importance of this historical event like Follow the North Star.

Another great place to visit is The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Recommended Reading:

Reminiscences of Levi Coffin

Who Was Harriet Tubman?

Frederick Douglass for Kids: His Life and Times, with 21 Activities (For Kids series)

Indianapolis Firefighter Museum: Things to do in Indy

Firefighters Museum Downtown Indianapolis

As homeschoolers, we're always looking for fun, educational things to do for field trips. Downtown Indianapolis is full of great things to do on a field trip or family vacation. If you're ever on Mass Ave, stop and explore the Firefighters Museum. It's free! Live in Indiana? You can take a staycation to downtown Indy and spend the day or the entire weekend exploring.

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Indianapolis Firefighter Museum: Things to do in Indy

The Fire Fighters Museum is located in downtown Indianapolis at  748 Massachusetts Ave. This museum is newly renovated. In fact, they're still adding exhibits. If you're studying Indiana history, this is an ideal way to immerse yourself. The museum is free and includes a guided tour with open hours from 9 to 5.

Field Trip Ideas for Homeschoolers Indiana

If you choose to walk through the space without a guide, you're welcome to do so. Our guide was a retired fireman who knew all about the history of Indianapolis Firefighters - such a great opportunity to learn! On a side note, this museum is very small. You could walk through on your own in 15 minutes. We spent about 20 minutes touring the exhibit and another 15 playing checkers. So, you'll want to pair this with another Mass Ave activity. We suggest the Sub Zero Ice Cream parlor (they serve lunch too.)

Firefighters Museum Downtown Indianapolis

Upstairs in the museum, check out this cool display of knots while you try on some fireman's gear. Then, you can peek down the fire pole - it's blocked so you can't slide down it. Bummer.

Plus: Clean Restrooms!

We enjoyed our homeschool field trip to the Indianapolis Firefighter Museum in downtown Indy. It was a nice side trip for our day on Mass Ave. What's your favorite Indianapolis field trip? Tell us about it in the comments.


Things to do in Indiana

Fireman Costume and Accessories

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Indianapolis Firefighter Museum: Things to do in Indy

Visit Telescope Indiana: IU Link Observatory

Homeschool Science Field Trip: Visit the Link Telescope

If you are looking for something different to do in Indiana, visit the IU Link Observatory Telescope between Mooresville and Martinsville, Indiana. It's a one tank trip from most places in Indiana, and it makes a great homeschool science field trip. Psst... It's not just for homeschoolers and science junkies. Architects, historians, and gardeners will love it too! Keep reading to find out why.

The Link Observatory is a magnificent piece of architecture in a beautiful setting. It sits atop a hill adjacent to a Daffodil garden. Completed in 1939, for Dr. Goethe Link, the domed structure is made of local wood from the property. The dome swivels for a panoramic view of the night sky. Until the 1980's the observatory was used for astronomical research. However, as the the city lights of Indianapolis grew, it made star viewing increasingly difficult.

The adjacent Daffodil garden is the perfect setting for a family picnic, to catch up on reading, to walk your dog, or to paint the gorgeous landscape. The day we visited, an artist was painting a lovely watercolor painting of the dome.

And this happened in 2018, Indiana native, David Wolf, electrical engineer, medical doctor, and astronaut, joined the Link Observatory Space Science Institute staff as Chief Science Officer. Dr. Wolf works with the Institute on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) educational programming, public engagement, and fundraising.

Link live events take place at area libraries. You can also invite them to do a program at your school, camp, or other event. Check the Link Telescope Event Calendar for activities at the observatory and within the surrounding communities. The Link Observatory is free to the public on the 1st Saturday of each month for night sky viewing and the 2nd Thursday of each month from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm for daytime tours of the telescope and facility.

We visited on a free Thursday. The docent was full of fun facts, science humor, and shared the interesting history of the observatory. It seems Mrs. Goethe planted and cultivated the Daffodils. There are several different species, still blooming after all of these years. 

Tips for your Visit:

Don't expect anyone to greet you at the door. Just walk in and head up the steps to see the telescope.

If you visit during the day, pack a picnic lunch. You can tour the facility in under 20 minutes, but be sure to let the guide share the telescope's history with you. We even got a demonstration of the dome pivoting around its track.

When you're done, head over to Martinsville to visit the Martinsville Candy Kitchen or the Martinsville Farmer's Market.


Indiana: Between Camby and Moorseville on State Rd. 67 visit the Dr. Who Store and Museum

For more one tank trips and family friendly vacation ideas follow us on Instagram or check out our  Things to Do on Vacation page.

Click here to find some cool kids telescopes.