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YA Book Series Angels Supernatural: Allegedly Mystic

Allegedly Mystic YA Fiction Aurora Series Book One

Allegedly Mystic. It's finally here! If you're a long time reader of this blog, you know I've been talking about it for years. In the early stages, I even published some chapters here to get help with crowd editing and story line content.  (Those have since been removed.) This is the first in a YA Book Series about angels and all things supernatural. Read on for the book blurb and to see how you can read it for free. 

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YA Book Series Angels Supernatural: Allegedly MysticAllegedly Mystic YA Fiction Aurora Series Book One
Check out my Amazon Author Page, Lora Langston, and follow along there.

“Ugly people argue. When I feel ugly, things get ugly around me. I always want to run and hide in a bathtub. Unfortunately, the school frowns on unusual behaviors like that. My school counselor says I walk the halls with the grace of Snuffleupagus and the air of Pig Pen. Apparently, a cloud of woe surrounds me in typical Eeyore fashion.

Troubled kids who cause their parents shame, stress, or miserable pain often get shipped off to some kind of camp. Maybe Fat Camp, Betty Ford, or a Funny Farm? I could never be so lucky.  

Where’s a bathtub when you really need one? “


(Teen & Young Adult Visionary & Metaphysical Fiction eBooks)


Life is nothing if not unpredictable. Navigating adolescence is never easy, but when you’re born into a family of mystic medicine, every moment is a challenge. Aurora thinks she’s got a handle on it until her emotions get the best of her. 

When your feels affect everyone within a city block, you move every six months, and you’re labeled a weird homeschooler, having friends seems like an impossible dream. Having a best friend is completely out of the question. 

Romance? That's a stone that will never get turned over...

After watching her mother perform a strange ritual in the park, Aurora can’t help but think the story of her ancestry is a pack of lies. She’s seen all the movies about witchcraft. Whenever she’s feeling stressed, a green aura haunts her every move, a white cat appears out of nowhere, the school bully suddenly has her back, and she finds comfort in the companionship of a mysterious kid no one else seems to notice. 

Wondering if she’s secretly a witch, but doesn’t know it, Aurora opens up to her new friends and ends up confessing more than just her concerns about her fanatical mother and the green light. Her emotions always run rampant, but once she gets a handle on it all, she realizes those confusing feelings about her new protector might be more than just gratitude. She’s finally ready to sort it all out when her reservation to the Indian reservation is confirmed.


Aurora's mother tries to keep her ancestry hidden. Allegedly born into a family of skilled mystic medicine men and women, Aurora, a home-schooled, thirteen-year-old, high school freshman, tries to navigate her special gifts as a mysterious green aura haunts her emotional outbursts. If she learns to contain her emotions, she can use her gifts for good. If she doesn't... Well, that's exactly what she's trying to prevent.  

Has she created the cloud that hovers over her every move? Is she a danger to society? Serenity Waters is the keeper of secrets. Aurora didn't ask for these alleged abilities and she certainly doesn't want to attend a camp to find her inner medicine man, but her mother is making demands and her mystic grandfather keeps appearing out of nowhere. It couldn’t hurt to meet her estranged father, could it?


*The story is told from a thirteen-year-old girl's perspective with flashbacks to her mother's teen years.

**This is an upper middle grade fiction/YA fiction supernatural novel perfect for reader's 12-18 yrs. 


Here's the original cover from the YA Fictions Supernatural blog series. Aurora, you've come along way, baby. She is my baby. I've started the next book in the series, I hope to have it completed by Christmas. Things are going much faster these days, I've learned a lot over the years. 

Whether you're a future novelist or a seasoned pro, hop over and learn new things or share your books with my Facebook group: Author Friends (Historical Fiction Books)



Book Reviews and Recommendations from Kids Creative Chaos

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Is It Time to Let Your Child Have Their Own Phone?

What Age Should Kid Get Phone?

If your child doesn’t already have their own phone, and they’re at an age when their friends are getting smart phones, no doubt, you'll face endless nagging conversations in the days up to their birthday and the holidays. The peer pressure for kids to get a cellphone is high, and if your child doesn’t have a phone, they may worry about being excluded from their groups or missing out on events (#fomo.) So, is it time to bite the bullet and get your kid the phone they’ve been wanting? It depends, right?

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Average Age
We face this in our family. On the one hand, I don't want to buy an expensive phone that's going to get lost or misplaced. But on the other hand, it would make life easier with after school clubs and activities. Children mature at different rates, each parent has to make their own decisions based on their own child. However, many parents want to know whether their child is ‘too young’ to get a cellphone, or whether they’re being cruel by holding out on this big purchase. According to recent studies, the average age to get a first cellphone is 10.3 years old, which means, by the time kids hit middle school, many of their friends will already have phones. 

Following Rules
Most parenting experts agree, it’s not the age of the child that matters, but more the maturity level and the ability to follow rules around smartphone usage. Before you put the device into your child's hands, you need to set ground rules. Set daily phone usage limits, how much time kids can spend, whether they can take the phone to school, etc.

Did you know, many cellphones have apps that help you keep track of your child’s screen time and ensure they’re not visiting inappropriate websites, but when you give your child a phone, you should be able to trust that they aren't using the phone in a way that will put them in danger. You can use "Google Find My Phone" to keep track of the phone's whereabouts, this can be very helpful when your teen is supposed to be home.

Protecting the Device
Cost is also a big factor when it comes to deciding to buy a cellphone for your child. Unless they’re already at an age where they have a part-time job, it’s another monthly bill for you to cover. You’ll need to ensure you have insurance in case the phone is lost or stolen. It’s worth looking for BodyGuardz iPhone 7 Plus cases too, just in case of any drops or knocks, so you aren’t stuck with a big phone repair bill. 

Ensuring Screen-free Time
One problem with giving children cellphones is that it’s harder to enforce screen-free times if they have their own device. If your kids go to the park with friends or hang out in their room, they’ll likely be glued to their phone.
When it comes to homework, studies have shown that simply having a phone in the room ruins a child's concentration, so you may need to watch out for slipping grades too. Consider enforcing cellphone usage times, say between 8 am and 10 pm, so your kids aren’t up all night surfing the internet or watching YouTube. When it’s time to do homework or sit down for dinner, place all phones in a basket out of sight, so there’s no temptation to fiddle with the phone and ruin family time.

Getting your first cellphone is a rite of passage in the digital age, but as a parent, it’s up to you to decide when the time is right for your child, and whether they can understand the responsibilities that come with this pricey gift. 
No matter what you decide, you'll have to deal with teen angst that will surely stress you out. We're right there with you. Got questions? Leave a comment and we'll try to help!


Teenage Birthday Party Ideas Indianapolis: Tweens Too!

Birthday Party Ideas  for Teens in Indy

Planning a unique birthday party for a tween (soon to be teen) or teenager is difficult. When they're younger, there are so many options- plus they don't even remember most of them! By the time they become teenagers, you're running on empty. Here's a list of Teenage Birthday Party Ideas in Indianapolis, your tween will love them too. Enjoy!

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas Indianapolis: Tweens Too!

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Moon Magic Chapter Two: Online Young Adult Fiction Novel

YA Fiction Novel Online: Moon Magic Series Chapter 2

Have you been reading the Young Adult Fiction NovelMoon Magic? If not, start here: Moon Magic starts here. If so, this is the third post in the series or Chapter Two- if you missed the last post start with Chapter One. Last chapter, Aurora had some trouble in English class. She decided to sit down for solidarity. Has she gotten any braver? Find out in Chapter Two of Moon MagicEnjoy!

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

Allegedly Mystic YA Fiction Supernatural Metaphysical Teen Novel
The final published, supernatural  novel, Allegedly Mystic, is now available on Amazon.

YA Fiction Novel Online: Moon Magic Series Chapter 2
Moon Magic Chapter Two: Online Young Adult Fiction Novel.

Beach Theme Pool Party Ideas for Teens and Tweens

Sweet Sixteen Pool Party Decorations and Ideas

Planning a pool party for a sweet 16? A beach themed pool party is a lot of fun! It can be difficult to plan a birthday party theme for teens and tweens. Even if you don't have a "real" pool you can have a pool party for a sweet 16 birthday party. Just get an inflatable pool (or two) and add lots of fun decorations and beach themed food. We love planning parties with The Oriental Trading; they are our go to spot for summer fun. They have the most fun decorations at the best prices. So, have the best pool party ever for teens or tweens with these pool party activities, food, and fun decorating ideas with a pink and green flamingo theme. Enjoy!

Circle Time Activities Handbook

Get Camp Activities and Hand Games for Group Circles of all ages Handbook

Remember those hand games and fun group games activities you played in summer camp? Maybe you played games in an after-school program? You remember how much fun they were, maybe you remember the tune or the the general idea, but you just can't remember all the words or just exactly how it goes. Our Circle Time Handbook is made for you. Learn (or relearn) how to play your favorite large group games in a circle.

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Circle Time Games Handbook Elementary Teen Preschool

We've compiled the 39 most popular group games played in a circle with toddlers to teens in a reproducible format. Print them out, place them on your clipboard or share them with your summer camp counselors. These large group circle activity games are perfect for icebreakers and team building. Play them with adults, senior citizens, and youth groups too!

With the complete easy to follow Group Game INSTRUCTIONS, you can play these GROUP TIME Activities right now! All you need is a group of people from toddlers to teens.

Prefer a nice paperback with 8 1/2 x 11 reproducible pages? Order your hard copy on AMAZON, you can also get the Kindle version here. Just click the image to make the purchase on Amazon.

Buy Circle Time Handbook Paperback

Can't wait? Get the Digital PDF Version of our Circle Time Activities Handbook  to start playing right now! Just click the image and visit our TeachersPayTeachers store.

Buy Circle TIme Handbook PDF

Lora Langston (that's me) is the creator of Kids Creative Chaos blog. For over fifteen years, I taught enrichment classes in after-school programs, classes at parks for preschoolers, and summer camp.

When it comes to lyrics and how to play games, I have a terrible memory. Every time we played a game, I had to look up the instructions!

Time Management Group Activities: If you are sitting in a circle, waiting for parents to pick up the kids or transitioning to the next activity, sometimes you need an impromptu activity to fill up time. Inevitably, the kids will ask to play a game they've played before, but they don't know how it goes. Been there. Done that.

Now, you have all of those old favorites group activity games at your fingertips! Just print a copy from one of the reproducible pages and attach it to your clipboard. Problem solved. And, it cost less than $10. Enjoy!

Circle Time Handbook Popular Games no Equipment
Circle Time activities handbook pdf download.

Sure, most of these circle time activity games are out there floating around in the public domain. I've been playing many of them since the 1980's! The rest I learned from the kids in my programs from the late 90's to 2012. It sure is convenient to have them all in one place with easy access whenever you need a quick group activity.

If you've played these group games too, and played a different variation, we would love to hear it! Let us know, and we'll add it to our game's post and then send you a thank you Tweet.


FREE Games for Circle Time

FREE Camp Songs for All Ages

Pin it!

group hand games camp games for teens elementary afterschool preschool
Group Hand Games and Camp Games Book to be played in Circles.

Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Tweens Tutorial

Tween Valentine Party Activities Tutorial

Wondering what to do for a Tween Valentine Party? These Valentine's party ideas for tweens will keep kids busy afterschool. Invite their friends over for a fun filled Valentine's Day party with craftivities galore. Girls and boys alike will have fun making their own one of a kind snowflake hearts and Duct Tape Valentine Snack Treat Box to use while watching their favorite movie. Enjoy!

Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Tweens Tutorial
Heart Craftivities for a Valentine's Day Party for Tweens.

Your tweens may not enjoy exchanging classroom valentines or making valentine's mailboxes for school, but they probably enjoy eating fun food and having a party. You can make this as a surprise valentine treat for kids or you can have them help make the Valentine crafts as an afterschool activity.

Tween Valentine Party Activities Tutorial
Tween Valentine Party Activities Tutorial.

To decorate for our Valentine's Day party, we made a few heart crafts that are fun for kids of all ages.

First, we made paper snowflake hearts. Want the full tutorial? Click the link:  How to Make Paper Snowflake Hearts.

Once the snowflake hearts are cut out, glue them to a colorful background paper and cut them out. Use these lacy hearts as decorations hanging from the ceiling, placemats, or write fun sayings on them and hand them out as Valentine classroom exchange cards.

How to Make Paper Snowflake Hearts
Make paper snowflake hearts to decorate for a Valentine's Day party.

Using colorful cardstock, make heart sculptures. Cut out two hearts and then cut halfway up the bottom of one, and half way up the top of the other. Slide the hearts together (upside down) to form a 3D base for balloons. Punch a whole in the top of them, and slip a ribbon through to attach a balloon bouquet. They make fun, whimsical table decorations too- no balloons required.

3D heart sculpture table decorations.
3D heart sculpture table decorations.

Next, make heart garland to hang vertically in the window. These are a good scissor skill activity for younger kids. They also work fine motor skills. Fold paper in half, draw half a heart at the crease line of the paper. 

After the heart is cut out, keep it folded and cut two- 1" slits 1-2" apart. Open the heart and weave ribbon or string through the slits.

Using a glue stick (it works just fine) or hot glue gun, attach a pom pom to the end of the garland to give it a whimsical finishing touch.

How to make heart garland for Valentine's Day party decoration.
How to make heart garland for Valentine's Day party decorations.

Surprise the kids with snack treat boxes made from recycled cereal boxes. Make these ahead of time or let the kids choose their own patterns and make their own. 

At the Dollar Tree, we purchased duct tape in various colors. Not only does this decorate the box, it also makes the box sturdier giving it protection against spills or greasy food. 

While shopping, we found little red cups that make perfect Valentine treat holders. Fill them with dip for veggies or yummy candy treats. Ours are filled with Valentine candy conversation hearts.

Valentine snack treat boxes for movie time or after school snacks.
Valentine snack treat boxes for movie time or after school snacks.

Start with a cereal box. They are the perfect size for sitting on your lap. Cut out a large flap for the main course and then cut out two smaller wholes for the mini snack cup and a juice pack or drink holder. Trace the bottom of the cup and juice box to insure you cut out the perfect fit.

Things to do with a recycled cereal box.
Things to do with a recycled cereal box.

Carefully wrap the box in designer duct tape. When going around round the cut-outs, score the tape (cut a slit in the tape before folding it over), this allows for a cleaner, more attractive edge.

Snack box decorated with duct tape.
Snack box decorated with duct tape.

Once your box is covered in tape, attach a heart on the inside of the flap. Personalize it with your child's name or candy heart sayings like, 'Be Mine', 'Your the Bomb', 'Hers', or even 'Happy Valentine's Day'.

Snack treat box for Valentine's day or movie time.
Treat box for Valentine's day or movie time snack.

Place colorful plastic wrap or tissue paper inside the food flap. Then, fold four flaps over on a paper plate to form a square, paper bowl. Fill your food section with popcorn or a mini heart shaped pizza. Click the link for the full pizza recipe tutorial.

 Mini heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day.
Mini heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day.

These cute Valentine glasses were a steal at the Dollar Tree. They have lots of fun designs. If your tweens are too grown up for juice boxes, make a special drink for Valentine's Day. Keep scrolling for our easy Valentine's Day drink recipe.

Make a special tween drink for Valentine's Day.
Make a special tween drink for Valentine's Day.

Ever heard of a Shirley Temple? It is a non-alcholic fun, fizzy drink. To make a simple Shirley Temple, fill a glass with lemon-lime soda and then give it a splash of Grenadine. Grenadine is sweet, so a little goes a long way. For a fun version of the Shirley Temple, just add a bit of pink cotton candy. Don't forget to put a cherry on top!

Add a layer of plastic wrap or tissue paper to protect the inside of the box.

How fun was that? Kids will love getting invited to such a fun filled Valentine's party. Once everyone has their snack box, head over to the living room and watch a fun, Valentine's theme movie

Peanuts is always a good choice. Charlie Brown never gets the Valentine he hopes for.

Valentine treat box complete.
Valentine treat box complete.

Tween Valentine party ideas and activities.
Tween Valentine party ideas and activities.

These activities are so easy, if you don't have Valentine's Day plans, you can prep for this party in about 2 hours. So, go make your own fun! Hope you have a fabulous Valentine's Day!


Fill your treat box with Homemade Heart Shape Pretzels.

Valentine's Day Movies for Kids*

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Adam Rubin Author Books

Books by Adam Rubin, Author

Who is Adam Rubin? He is an author who writes fun books for kids. You might remember his story, Those Darn Squirrels. With the release of his most recent children's book, Robo-Sauce, Mr. Rubin has quit his day job to become a full-time author. Jealous. His other jobs were pretty cool too. He once pitched interactive games, t.v. commercials, and brands. Now, he is just awesome sauce. Enjoy this review of his newest book releasing October 20, 2015.

Adam Rubin Author Books
Adam Rubin Author Books: Robo-Sauce.

Robo-Sauce is the perfect book for boys who don't like to read. Tweens and Teens alike will enjoy the flourescent orange graphics and lively illustrations by Daniel Salmieri. The book is interactive and takes a fun twist at the end.

You mustn't just read the story. You'll want to become a robot too. What's a squishy human boy to do? Create your own recipe for robo-sauce, of course. Robo-sauce will turn you into the exact robot you've dreamed of becoming, but Mr. Rubin's recipe ingredients are hard to find. Good luck, trying to make that sauce!

Eating Robo-Sauce preparing to turn into a robot.
Since, it is all about pretending, we've come up with the best robo-sauce recipe for kids who love to eat sweets. Just in time for Halloween too! So, grab your treat bucket with all that ooey-gooey candy and create a recipe that is sure to activate your robot resources.

Halloween Candy Leftover Robo-Sauce:

1 Pint of Vanilla Ice Cream or Yogurt
1 batch of M and M's or 1 batch of Halloween Candy Bars
1 batch of Smarties or Skittles Candies
1/2 C. Fruit
Chocolate or Caramel Syrup
1/2 C. Almond Milk
Plastic Sandwich Bags
Orange Food Coloring Gel

  • Remove ice cream from Fridge.  
  • Unwrap your favorite candies and place in sealed plastic sandwich bag. To become a robot you need to show superior strength. You might want to pound the candy flat with your robo fists.
  • Get ice cream. Take a plastic butter knife and run it around the edge of the container to make it easier to pour or scoop out.
  • Pour or Place into a large bowl. Use a wooden spoon or plastic spatula to mush up the ice cream.
  • Stir in Almond Milk.
  • Add three-five drops of orange food coloring gel.
Yellow plus Red makes Orange.

Looking like Robo-Sauce.
  • Fold in (Add) Robo squishy candies

  • Stir gently with spoon or spatula.
Your Robo-Sauce is ready to eat and share with friends! Once you take the first bite- start moving like a robot. As you eat more of the cold sauce, notice how it feels when you eat it. Your body is getting colder- just like a metal robot. Now, walk and talk like a robot for the rest of the day.

Want to win your own copy of the book? Leave a comment by October 31, 2015. We'll choose one person to win!


Those Darn Squirrels*

Robot Crafts and Costumes

Recipes for Kids from Kids Creative Chaos

Robo-Sauce Free Printables

Dragons Love Tacos*

Things to do with a Box

Secret Pizza Party*

ADS DISCLOSURE: We've partnered with some wonderful advertisers who may sponsor blog posts or send us samples to test. Some companies pay us to review their products. *We also use affiliate links, if you make a purchase we get a tiny commission. Kids Creative Chaos participates in the Amazon LLC Associates Program*, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a mean for blogs to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon properties, including, but not limited to,,,,, or We also offer Chitika, Google Adsense, TAPINfluence, The Blogger Network, IZEA, Sverve, and Social Spark ads here. Thanks so much for helping us keep the lights on! :)

Community Service Ideas for All Ages

Volunteer for Service Projects in the Community

Whether you are planning Community Service Ideas for teens, a church, adults, or a sorority or fraternity, we've got some community service projects that are good for all ages. Volunteering is good for the soul, and it is a resume builder. You never know when that thing you loved doing one summer will turn into a full-time career. Enjoy!

Community Service helped land first job
Community Service helped land first job.

Why get kids involved in community service? 

The benefits of getting them involved in community service include:
  1. learning to network
  2. self-esteem
  3. building experience for their resume
  4. gaining ways to stand out from the rest
Community service will help them land a job, because it shows that they are helping out in an area where they will be working. 

Community service is also a way that kids can earn scholarships.  It's a great way to help them stand out on college applications. Below are several ideas for getting your kids involved.

Volunteer for Service Projects in the Community
Packing Goody Bags for Shelter.

  • Park Clean up- great for all ages -when you take them for a play date or to hang out start with a little clean up. 
  • Collecting can food-also great for all ages, although they may not want to pull the wagon along. However, this is perfect use for a little red wagon if you have smaller children. The kids can put signs on the side and be a rolling advertisement as they go through the neighborhood. (Recommend that an adult accompany children for this project unless they are older and go in groups, ie:Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Youth Group).
  • Face painting booth -age really depends on your child's ability- if you have an artist child that wants to help raise money for a project they can set up a booth at a community event or they can volunteer their talent. 
  • Soles 4 Souls- all ages -check out the link to get involved with this organization. Luckily in our area the kids are able to donate at school and the Interact club handles the boxing up etc. 
  • K Kids- check out your local Kiwanis chapter, they may already have a K Kids club set up at a school near you.  In the local club here the kids are as young as 1st grade and work with a Kiwanis sponsor on various initiatives. 
  • Youth As Resources- this organization allows your family or group to help out the community through various ways. They have a day of caring that you can participate in or they provide grants to youth led programs.  Check out Youth As Resources in your area to see when the grant cycle begins(Note:not all areas offer grants). 
  • Volunteer for Halloween- around Halloween time teens can help by being part of the Haunted House crew.  

Volunteering for Easter Egg Hunt
Volunteer opportunities are everywhere- just ask the Easter Bunny.
  • Volunteer for Easter Egg Hunts- yes it is way to early to think about Easter but someone needs to hide the eggs. Teens can help with the event and enjoy watching the kids take off after what they have hidden. Or they can be the mascot for the event.
  • Have a Lemonade Stand-how is this community service? The money made can go towards any charity the the community. It also helps the children learn to be entrepreneurs. 
  • Arrange for a caroling session at a Retirement Center- for all ages. The kids will love hearing the stories and seniors at the center love seeing the youth. 
  • Clipping Coupons- did you know that you can send the military expired coupons and help them out? Not only does this option help the military but if you wanting to build motor skills in younger children this is a great way. To find out more about how to send expired coupons or ones that you are not able to use click on clipping coupons. 
  • Sending cards to the military- click on link to learn more about sending words of encouragement to troops. 
  • Making cards for retirement centers-all ages -you can do a variety of cards with messages in them or the kids can create plain cards for the seniors to give to each other. 
  • Assemble boxes for the local shelter- local shelters always need everyday items. Contact your local shelter to see if they need toiletries or paper goods. Have the kids set up a box at school and then deliver when they have enough to fill.
  • Gift Wrapping for the Holidays- Amazon offers shifts for teens and adults to come in and wrap presents and earn money for their charity or project. 


Kids Guide to Service Projects*

Make Cookies

Cool Creative Lunch Box Ideas for Tweens & Teens

These Lunch Box Ideas for Tweens are Fun and Creative

Do you miss sending cute notes or packing fun school lunches for your toddler? Now that your toddler has blossomed into a tween, you don' t have to stop the fun. Sure, they embarrass easy. Sure, they don't think you are cool, but that doesn't mean you can't pack a cool school lunch! Get creative with these lunch box ideas for tweens. Enjoy!

Cool Creative Lunch Box Ideas for Tweens Teens

You are never too old for Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, especially now that they have added lots of new flavors. Think Pizza and Parmesan, Pretzels and Cheddar, and so much more. The packages are bold and cool enough for tweens to share with their friends. So, whatever you pack in the school lunch, be sure to add your tween's favorite flavor of Goldfish Crackers.

lunch box ideas for tweens and teens
Jake is checking for his favorite flavor combinations to add to his lunch.

So, yeah, you probably aren't going to pack them swimming in a cup of blue pudding or draw a game of Fish Tac Toe on their lunch bag, but you can get creative with the contents of their lunch box. shares this fun, stoplight sandwich. It isn't too flashy, but your tween will smile when they see it! Better yet, serve it up to a teen about to get their driver's permit.

Creative Lunchbox ideas for Tweens and Teens: Stoplight Sandwich
Spotlight Sandwich from is fun for celebrating a Learner's Permit.

These monster sandwiches are fun for a Halloween lunch idea.

Edible Monster Sandwiches for Cool Halloween Lunches
Find these Monster Sandwiches at

These Mini Corn Dog Muffins from will please picky eaters. Pop in some Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers and their favorite fruit or veggie, and you are cool again! :)

Mini Corn Dog Muffins Recipe for Lunch box
Mini Corn Dog Muffins are perfect for a creative lunch for tweens.

Whatever you pack in your tween or teen lunch box, don't forget the Wet Ones. Did you know Wet Ones makes individually wrapped single wipes that are perfect for school lunch boxes? We found them at Walmart in the Personal Care aisle. They clean sticky hands better than hand sanitizers and kill 99.9% of nasty germs. You know, the germs that all of the kids like to share all over the school!

Where can I find Wet Ones Singles?
Add Wet Ones Singles to your tweens lunch box.

Our go to lunch sandwich is cream cheese on white bread. We add some fruit and a crunchy munchie, like Goldfish Crackers. If you follow the blog, you know that we homeschool, but that doesn't mean we don't pack lunches! We like to homeschool on the road whenever possible. Wednesdays are park days, Tuesdays are museum or library days, and Thursdays are 4-H days. Rather than stopping for fast food all the time, we try to pack a fun lunch.

What do you pack in your tween's lunch? Do they still do chicken nuggets and peanut butter and jelly?

The Best Homemade Kids' Lunches on the Planet

Cool Lunch Box for Tweens: Round Batman Darknight

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wet Ones® + Pepperidge Farm® . The opinions and text are all mine.