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How to Help Children Achieve Dreams and Goals

How Can I Help My Child Achieve Their Dreams?

One of the main parts of being a parent is nurturing your child’s hobbies and aspirations. This way, they can make their dreams a reality. However, for this to happen, a lot of work needs to be done behind the scenes. You can put things in place that can help to support your child as they work toward their goals, both in the present and the future. As a result, you can feel proud knowing you did all you could to be there for them when they were young and fledgling.

How Can I Help My Child Achieve Their Dreams

Financial Goals

Many goals and dreams that a child might have may also require some form of financial backing, whether this be gaining a qualification, starting a business, getting married, or even going on a nice holiday vacation. Rather than them needing to find the money in a short space of time, you may be able to use the entirety of their childhood to start putting money aside for their future. You can achieve this in the form of a junior stocks and shares ISA in your child’s name. A parent can open an account when their child is born and continue depositing into it until that child is an adult (in the eyes of the law.) At this point, they may be able to withdraw the money to use as they see fit. Hopefully, "as they see fit" will mean it will be spent on helping them achieve the important goals you both had dreamed up when they were merely small children.

Money Lessons for Kids

Extra Curricular Goals

Getting your child involved in extracurricular activities while they are young can also aid them with their future endeavors. This may especially be the case if some of those extra curricular activities match what your child would like to do in the future. If not, there might be some skills or tools that your child could take from these activities that could allow them to get ahead. For example, a child who is on the debate team now might have some of the skills required for job interviews, or even being able to make a convincing argument without the need for dramatics or raising their voice when the two of you have a disagreement. A child who explores 4H or the Future Farmers of America, might learn skills to help them have a future career in Agriculture.

Self-Esteem Goals

Above all, give children positive reinforcement. This can include the use of positive phrases that boost their confidence. While you may not want your child to be cocky, improving their self-esteem helps them to speak up for others, have the courage to pursue their dreams, and it gives them the drive to not give in when things get difficult. With a good measure of self-confidence, no matter how many setbacks they face, they will continue to look for different ways to achieve their goal, simply because they have a good foundation of perseverance and know that someone out there has their back.

Self-Motivating Quotes

While some (many) of your child's dreams might be unrealistic, realistic dreams can be achieved with hard work and dedication. As a parent, think about the many ways you can support your child to have the money and skills they will need to make those dreams come true. Whether you start a rainy day fund with your kids or just go play in the rain, it's never too late to be present in your child's life; and that is the best way to help your child achieve anything.



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The Benefits of Extracurricular Activities for Children with Disabilities

Special Needs Children Need to Participate in Extra Curricular Activities too!

A recent report suggests that pediatricians should encourage more children with disabilities to take part in physical activities. It is common for both doctors and parents to be cautious about allowing children with physical impairments to join after school clubs or participate in sports and team games. Children with disabilities and special needs aren't always given the opportunity or encouraged to participate and enjoy the benefits of extra curricular activities.

However, a number of studies show that increased physical activity in children with disabilities can significantly improve general health as well as help to develop mobility, balance, and coordination. At the same time, involvement in team sports and other organized recreational activities offer great opportunities to build social skills, make new friends and boost self-confidence. With the right support, children with physical or learning disabilities are able to enjoy a range of recreational activities, from fun party games at a sleepover to residential camps during the summer.

Photo by Danny Nee on Unsplash.

Taking Part in Accessible Activities

Although it may sometimes be more challenging, many children with disabilities are able to safely take part in physical activities. With more accessible facilities, specialized equipment and personal recommendations, children with a range of different needs and abilities can find an activity that they enjoy. In addition, increased levels of exercise can help them to maintain a healthy weight and improve their cardiovascular fitness. 

While children with spastic cerebral palsy may experience difficulties with balance and movement, they can still enjoy activities such as horse riding or swimming that can allow them to experience greater mobility and independence. Even less physical activities such as drawing or photography are still very useful for refining motor skills and are also calmer activities for children with sensory issues. 


Joining After-School Programs

While parents are often more focused on academic achievement or medical therapies, after-school programs for children with special needs offer a great opportunity to try out a range of different activities. Each child has different abilities and requirements so it is important to find a hobby or sport that suits that builds on their strengths and allows them to develop and grow.  As well as having the chance to master a new skill, being part of a club allows children to make new friends and learn essential life skills.


Attending Inclusive Summer Camps

Summer camps are also a great place to develop life skills such as team working, resilience and decision-making.  As well as being able to choose a specialist camp designed to support particular conditions such as autism or cerebral palsy, children with additional needs can also take their pick from any camp in the country. The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that all camps are inclusive to children with disabilities. This means that accommodations such as wheelchair-accessible ramps or additional therapeutic programs, are made to allow children of all abilities to access a range of activities suited to their particular interests and needs. 

With the provision of accessible after school programs and summer camps, children with disabilities and additional special needs can enjoy the physical and social benefits of extracurricular activities.


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What's for Christmas? Teen Heartbreak-Part One

Teen Heartbreak and Advice for Girls: Beware of Holidays

Teen Heartbreak and Advice = Beware of the Holidays
Teen Holiday Heartbreak.
A big-fat break-up wrapped with a puke-colored bow and sprinkled with salty tear-sparkles, that's what.

Boys suck.  You know they do- even if you have one of your own. It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? Try telling that to a heartbroken teenage-girl after her first boyfriend breaks up with her thru a text message three days before Christmas.

She thinks I have ESP. Perhaps I do, whatever you call it I have an Extraordinary Mother's Instinct. I saw it coming.  In fact, I've been there more than once. Although, I must confess, I am happy with the end result; I cannot bare the pain I see in her eyes.

At the beginning of the semester her Honor's English teacher called to say she is failing English (the fifth English Teacher in a row).  We discussed options and made the tough decision that extra-curricular Jazz Band would have to go. Said boy = Jazz Band.

One tiny paragraph stood in her way between passing class and extra-curricular activity bliss. Three weeks ago her Honor's English teacher called to say she is still failing English. One tiny paragraph stands in her way blocking her from passing with a D-!  The same paper.  Teacher loves her, "I cannot comprehend this."

"Me too", I lie.

I struggled with what to do -with what to take away.  The teacher says she is an excellent student. Teacher has no explanation for the outcome. She's tried everything. So have we. Band is all consuming...

Well, at least I thought it was band, but of course it was said boy.  Did I mention that boy's suck?

So, we grounded her until second semester and exiled her from band for the rest of the year.  You cannot go anywhere but 'Sucky Boy' can come to our house.  He can go to Thanksgiving, to the Family Office Party, he can come hang and watch movies, go to lunch, go sledding- you get the drill.

He couldn't find the time.  He didn't want to come over to our house.  He kept asking her to do things that he knew she couldn't do- frustrating her beyond words. Elevating her anger with her evil parents. "Why does he keep asking me to do stuff he knows I can't do?"  I knew the answer but I kept my mouth shut.

I wanted to say, "Because he knows you can't and this way he can keep stringing you along.  He gets to keep you on a rope and still have his fun."  Instead, I said, "What are we going to buy 'Sucky Boy' for Christmas?"  Wait remove the quotes I didn't say that exactly.  I politely used his name and smiled sweetly waiting for ideas to throw my hard-earned money away- on a boy who can't even use the telephone to speak words.

That's right- there aren't any late night 'I love yous' or 'Sweet Dreams' no 'I just needed to hear your voice'- Just some crappy text that say things like,  "What Up?" or "Okay Then".  Is this modern love and I'm just an old-fashioned old lady at forty-one?

My instincts were correct as usual.  Apparently, 'Sucky Boy' had his eye on someone else.  In my daughter's absence he's been spending time with 'the other woman'. I remember holidays with my boyfriend.  He went everywhere with me.  I didn't find out he was a 'Sucky boy' for years!

Her 'Sucky Boy' says, "I can't wait until January when you aren't grounded."

Excuse me? Wait for what?  Good riddance, fair weather friend.  
Merry Christmas 'Other Woman'.

And then technology hit the fan-  He changed his Facebook status and seconds later an influx of text messages filled her inbox. "OMG!" and "What's going on?" "Are you okay?"  Every time the phone vibrated she cried.

We did what any awesome parents would do; we took the phone away. But I'm a sucker and I let her use mine to text her best-friend.  Minutes later it zinged to remind me I had a unread message.  Sucky Boy was texting her back.  "Y wut?"

I'm angry at myself for giving her my phone.  Angry at her for texting him "Y?"  And angry at him for sucking so much. Really? "Y wut?"  He's such a lame.

So, I'm thinking, 'Thank you for ruining our holiday stupid boy and a true, heartfelt Thank you for ending it now rather than after the holidays which would make you look even more sucky in my eyes. And a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for saving me the money of purchasing an awesome gift for an unworthy recipient.'

What do you think? Is it better to break-up before the holidays or try to be 'polite' and do it after to save feelings? I had a boyfriend who would break up with me before my birthday or Christmas so he didn't have to buy me a gift. "For Reals."

I dedicate this post to all the texting teenagers out there.  Write a letter.  Use your voice. Even if your 'Sexting'   it is still a detachable relationship.  IT'S NOT REAL. It's too easy to type, "It's over."  Why not try saying that eye to eye?  Man up now before it is too late because many men never do.

Look for Part Two next week, "Why Sucky Boys Make Me Cry"

5 Extracurricular Activities for a Holistic Education

5 Extracurricular Activities to Give Your Child a Holistic Education

Kids can only learn so much from traditional education, which is why it is vital that they also get involved in a host of extracurricular activities. These recreational pastimes for children aid their development and help them discover their passions. Extra curricular activities also can help kids to make friends and find positive role models. You want your child to become a well-rounded adult with much to contribute to society. You can help give kids a kickstart by sparking a passion for any one or more of these extracurricular activities that help give your child a holistic education.

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5 Extracurricular Activities to Give Your Child a Holistic Education

1) Music

Studying music has shown to improve test scores and help students do better in school. Music also can provide kids with a new way to express themselves. Additionally, the study of music helps kids to concentrate and can give them a sense of accomplishment as they learn to achieve their goals.

Get Videos on Folk Musicians and FREE Lesson Plans


There are many different instruments with which kids can start. One popular option is the drums. If you think this might be a good fit for your child, then you can learn more here.


2) Sports

Sports are an excellent outlet for getting exercise and building teamwork skills. Many kids even find themselves meeting some of their best friends through sports.


With so many different sports to choose from, your child will find something that works for them. If your kid has a hard time staying active, then participating in sports may provide the perfect fun way to get regular physical activity.

3) Art

Art is a fantastic way for children to express themselves and let their creative sides run wild. Many kids get a great sense of accomplishment when they create a beautiful piece of art.


There are many ways to get your child involved with art. While you can have your child take lessons, you could also involve them in crafts at home. The process of making things is essential to childhood development, no matter how you go about it.

4) Drama

Participating in performing arts can help kids to boost confidence. Drama also increases empathy because it requires your child to walk around in someone else’s shoes. Learning to play a character can help kids to see things from a different perspective and be more understanding.

Find our Plays & Skits at TeachersPayTeachers


Drama can help kids build trust and learn to rely on each other. When they are on stage, they need to trust that their scene partner will always have their back if they forget a line or something goes wrong. Even if your child never becomes a star, the performing arts can significantly change their life.

5) Writing

Writing is a pastime that has many professional advantages. One of the most sought-after skills in the professional world is strong writing. Starting young can help your child to succeed in their career.

Find Homeschool Lessons


Writing can help children to process their thoughts and express themselves. It also may assist kids in their overall communication skills. Encourage your child to write short stories, poems, or to keep a journal.

The Bottom Line

Childhood is the perfect time for people to explore a plethora of different activities to find the things that they enjoy. Hopefully, these suggestions will give you some ideas about what your children might like to do in their free time. It's great to open their minds to all sorts of possibilities. Something may spark a career choice.

However, it is essential not to force your child to do anything that does not interest them. While encouragement is helpful, pressure can be counterproductive and may cause resentment. You need to strike a careful balance. Remember that your kids are just kids, and they may not become the next Olympic athlete or musical prodigy, and that is okay, just let them enjoy their extra curricular activities. 


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Wondering How to Save Money on Kids' Activities?

How to do Kids’ Activities Without Breaking the Bank

Offering enriching activities to your children is great for their long term growth. However, it might not be fantastic for your pocket. Although you’ll want to make sure your kids get the best opportunities available to them, you don’t want to spend a small fortune on kids' activities, especially if you're learning that your child quickly loses interest. So, how do you do activities with your kids without spending a lot of money?

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Wondering How to Save Money on Kids' Activities?

It's a tough decision, you want to give your kids the best; but you don't want to waste your money or time. As a parent, you've got options. Your children don’t have to miss out on that activity they desperately want to try just because you're on a tight budget. Here are some helpful tips which will allow your kids to enjoy some fun, enriching kids' activities without breaking the bank.

Tips to Save Money on Activities for Kids

Enroll in One Activity at a Time
Your kids don’t have to do it all, it’s a good idea to pick one activity each season. If you have more than one child, enroll them all in the same activity. Not only will enrolling your kids together save time and stress, but it can save money. There are a number of places that offer sibling discounts and siblings can often share items too. Be sure to ask, even if you don’t see such a discount or offer advertised.

Purchase Fun Equipment for Home Use

There are various toys and equipment that allow different activities without spending too much. You can install a gaga ball pit to provide an exhilarating experience for kids. The pit can be set up outdoors or in a large spare room. You can also dismantle and stored the ball pit between uses. The best thing is that you don't have to spend a lot of money on pricey play venues. This ball pit gives your kids one more choice for fun and beneficial sensory play activities.

Pay Ahead

See if there are any discounts available for paying ahead or in cash. Some businesses will give a price cut if you pay for the whole year up front, or they may even offer a discount once a year if you pay a few months in advance.

Buy Second-Hand

You might find it surprising just how easy it is to find kids' equipment that’s barely been used. So, before you go about buying a new instrument or sports equipment, have a look at places such as eBay, Craigslist, Play it Again Sports or thrift stores. You can even ask other parents! Kids often lose interest in an activity or outgrow their clothes quickly, which means you can find items in good condition for a fraction of the cost.

Go DIY with Crafts
One way to save money on activities for your children is to do it yourself with games and crafts. There are some great, inexpensive DIY craft ideas to try out, and you can always create activities for kids with free print-outs. Of course, some stores even provide coupons that help cover the costs of kids' activities. For instance, take a look at Target Coupons to see what discounts are available.

If you can manage a team, do coaching, record scores, or sell refreshments, you may be able to cut the cost of some activities. Have a chat with whoever oversees the kids' program to discuss how you can donate your time to work off any fees or equipment costs.

Bartering is always a good choice. When you offer a service or trade in return for another, instead of paying cash, it benefits both parties and if often an acceptable way to pay for your kids' extra-curricular activities. Services may vary based on your abilities and skills, but it might include cleaning or clerical work- just to give you some ideas.


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