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Chicken Wrap with Fritos Gluten Free

Easy Gluten Free Chicken Wrap Frito's and Broccoli Slaw

Are you a fan of the Frito's Chicken Enchilada Wraps at Subway? We sure are. The wraps, or subs, whichever way you choose to order the Frito's special. are delicious. Around here, we like to do it gluten free. So, when Kbosh sent some gluten free veggie crusts, the creative juices started flowing! This easy chicken wrap with Fritos is gluten free because the wrap is made with a veggie based, broccoli crust! Need an easy weeknight dinner? Use your chicken leftovers to whip up this easy gluten free chicken wrap with Frito's and broccoli slaw recipe. Enjoy!

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Chicken Wrap with Fritos Gluten Free
Chicken Wrap with Fritos Gluten Free 

Kbosh Broccoli Crusts come in packages of two for your convenience. If you prefer the original Fritos Enchilada from Subway, that's okay. The crusts are versatile and can be used many ways. Of course, the crusts make wonderful pizzas, but they also work for taco shells, wraps, and lasagna dishes!

For cooking your Kbosh crusts, we  recommend a griddle skillet pan like this one.

How to Make Chicken Wrap with Fritos Gluten Free Recipe

Gluten Free Broccoli Slaw Wrap Broccoli Crust Kbosh


1 Kbosh Broccoli Crust
2 Tbs. Butter
1 Package Broccoli Slaw made to package directions or your liking.
1 Diced Apple
1/2 C. Shredded Chicken
1/2 C. Fritos
Drizzling of Ranch Dressing

Prepping the Kbosh Crust wrap is simple. Just remove it from the package and heat as preferred. To get those golden brown edges, we placed ours in a skillet with some butter, 1 minute on each side. The microwave works great too! Just don't over cook it, you want it to be pliable.

Looking for a unique, easy recipe?

Fritos Gluten Free Broccoli Slaw Wrap Broccoli Crust Kbosh

  • Remove Broccoli Crust from skillet.
  • Place Crust flat on a plate.
  • Spoon on Broccoli Slaw with Diced Apples.
  • Sprinkle on Shredded Chicken.
  • Sprinkle on Fritos.
  • Fold Chicken Wrap with Fritos together like a burrito.
  • Drizzle with Ranch Dressing.

Chicken Wrap with Fritos Gluten Free Kbosh Broccoli Crust Easy Recipe

The Gluten Free Chicken Wrap with Fritos is also low calorie and low carb. The crusts are flavorful, soft, and convenient. It's fast food without all the guilt. For more easy recipes, follow us on Pinterest.


Copycat PF Chang's Veggie Wrap with Lettuce

Zucchini Dessert Wrap Cheesecake Roll

How to Make Zucchini Fries

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Easy Gluten Free Chicken Wrap Frito's and Broccoli Slaw

Easy Cheesecake Recipe Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Crust

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake with Gluten Free Chocolate Crust

Has there ever been an easier way to make a delicious dessert? Absolutely not! If you're gluten free or keto, or you just love food in general, you have to try these gluten free veggie crusts by Kbosh! They make these gluten free crusts for pizzas and dinner food, and they also make dessert crusts too! It's the craziest thing, we started with their gluten free chocolate zucchini crust and got creative. Scroll down for our easy, gluten free, chocolate chip cheesecake recipe.

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Easy Cheesecake Recipe Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Crust

Are you on a gluten free diet? Do you do all things Keto? These veggie crusts from Kbosh work as tortillas, crackers, pasta, pie crusts, pizza crusts, and so much more. You'll never know you're eating veggies. The kids loved this simple cheesecake roll. It makes a great after school snack, and the kids can make it on their own!

How to Make Gluten Free Crustless Cheesecake Recipe

Start with an easy, no bake cheesecake mix or get fancy and make your own cheesecake filling from scratch. It doesn't matter, it's all delicious! We used a Jell-O, No-Bake Cheesecake in a box. Ditch the graham crackers, you don't need them and they're full of gluten and extra sugar. Yes, there's sugar in the cheesecake mix. Shh...

Easy Cheesecake Recipe Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Crust
Make a gluten free chocolate cheesecake with a Kbosh dessert crust.

So, all you really need is a bag of chocolate chips, a Kbosh Chocolate Zucchini Crust, and the Jell-O Cheesecake mix. Make the cheesecake according to package instructions.

Next, remove your Kbosh Crust from the freezer and place it in the microwave for 40 seconds. After your cheesecake mix sets, spread it on the chocolate veggie dessert crust.

Chocolate, gluten free pre-made dessert crust with cheesecake spread.

Sprinkle on chocolate chips.

No crust, gluten free cheesecake roll.
Carefully, roll it into a Swiss Roll and then slice in 1" pinwheels to serve.

Seriously, that's all there is to it. Imagine how great this gluten free chocolate chip cheesecake will be when you add strawberries and whip cream on top! Did someone say, time to eat?

For more gluten free, veggie crust recipes follow Kbosh on Pinterest. We're on Pinterest too, follow us for more easy family recipes.


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Salted Strawberry Smoothie with Banana Recipe

Sugar Free Smoothie Recipe: Salted Strawberry Banana

Are you a fan of the Salted Caramel Recipe Trend? Why should Caramel get all of the love? Sea Salt your smoothies for a delicious dish! This Salted Strawberry Smoothie with Banana Recipe is sugar free and gluten free. Serve it for breakfast, brunch, or as a low cal dessert. Enjoy!

Salted Strawberry Smoothie with Banana Recipe
Salted Strawberry Smoothie with Banana Recipe.

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Massachusetts Avenue Indianapolis Things to do with Kids

Mass Avenue Indy Families

Whether your looking for things to do on vacation or you are a resident of Indiana, you won't want to miss Mass Avenue in downtown Indianapolis. There are lots of things to do with kids on Massachusetts Avenue. We've shared our favorites. Enjoy!

Massachusetts Avenue Indianapolis Things to do with Kids
Massachusetts Avenue Indianapolis Things to do with Kids.

Of course, there are many things to do in Indy with kids. We are highlighting Mass Avenue, but sharing some other things you will enjoy. Click the links for more detailed information about downtown Indianapolis activities for families.

Take a stroll along Mass Ave during the day, and take a peek inside all of the unique shops. Don't miss the Mass Ave toy store. The staff is friendly and testing out demo toys is encouraged! The staff is also happy to demonstrate some of the more challenging toys, so that the kids can play with them on their own.

Toy Store on Massachusetts Avenue
Mass Ave Toy Store.
While you're walking, pay attention to the street art! Be sure to get a picture making you the "I" in Indy. Apparently, the sculpture moves all over downtown. If you miss it, there is plenty of other street art, as well, as art exhibits.

After all that playing and walking, you'll be hungry. There are two kid approved pizza eateries on Mass Avenue: Bazbeauxs and Pizzology.

Catch a kid-friendly show at the nearby Murat Theater, now the Old National Centre. If you arrive early, there is plenty of parking.

Lobby of the Old National Centre.
Csz (Comedy Sportz) and the Theatre on the Square are both located in the Mass Avenue district.

The Fire Station Museum is the perfect refuge for those who dream of becoming firefighters. Open Mon.-Fri., 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Fire Station Museum, downtown Indy. Photo courtesy of Warbirds and Airshows.
Find detailed information and more pics at Warbirds and Airshows.

Now, to the best part of Mass Avenue- Desserts! Get big, beautiful cupcakes from The Flying Cupcake. Top off your cupcake with Mass Ave ice cream from Sub Zero. They literally make the ice cream right before your eyes using liquid nitrogen.

Sub Zero Ice Cream made from scracth right before your eyes!
So, we wanted to show you a picture of our ice cream, but we ate it too fast. Besides, you know what ice cream looks like! At Sub Zero, it starts as sweet cream. They also have gluten-free and dairy-free options. If you are really hungry, they serve sandwiches too! The best part, they stay open until 10 p.m. Catch a show and then catch some ice cream!

Sub Zero, downtown Indy: Massachusetts Avenue things to do with kids
Sub Zero, downtown Indy.


Central Library - More than just a library, worth a visit.

Greater Indianapolis Field Trip Ideas

Apple Picking and Picnic Time in Mooresville.

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Heart Shaped Pizza without Yeast

Homemade Heart Shaped Pizza

Looking for Homemade Pizza Ideas? Want to Make Pizza without yeast? This Heart Shaped Pizza is simple and super easy to make with kids. No oven needed. You can microwave it or bake it on the stovetop! We cook ours on the grill. Enjoy!

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Homemade Heart Shaped Pizza without Yeast
Homemade Heart Shaped Pizza without Yeast.

So how do you make a pizza without yeast? It is easy, and you can make a gluten free pizza too! Grab you kitchen shears and some tortillas!

How to Make Heart Shaped Pizza without Yeast or Oven

Supplies Needed:

Flour or Corn Tortillas (for gluten free version)
Cooking Spray
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (we used Colby)
Parmesan Sprinkles
Paper Plates

This is so easy, it makes the perfect activity for a kid's birthday party! See pictures above to follow these simple steps.

  • Fold your tortilla in half, then cut out half a heart.
  • Spoon pizza sauce (you can use spaghetti sauce) on your tortilla
  • Sprinkle on Parmesan Cheese.
  • Add toppings like Pepperoni, Green Peppers, or Pineapple.
  • Sprinkle on Shredded Cheese.
  • Spray grill or skillet with Cooking Spray.
  • Heat grill or skillet on high heat.
  • Place Heart Shaped Tortilla Pizza on Grill until Cheese melts.
*You can also microwave the pizza just until cheese melts. This takes less than 1 minute, so watch it closely.

Make pizza on the stove top.
Make pizza on the stove top.


Valentine Party Ideas for Tweens

Edible Art Recipes

Heart Shaped Pan

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Homemade Heart Shaped Pizza without Yeast Tortillas

Easy Breakfast Ideas Kids Will Eat

Tips for a Quick and Easy Morning Breakfast Routine

Serve up a quick and easy breakfast that your kids will eat! Why force it? You want your kids to eat a breakfast that will stick with them until lunch. The important thing is fueling their morning with lots of protein, but that usually requires too much effort for our busy morning schedules.

Rethink what you serve for breakfast. Waffles and toast won't last. Bacon and eggs are a lot of work. We're sharing tips and easy breakfast ideas to make your mornings easier. Check your freezer aisle at Walmart for more fun choices. Don't forget to scroll down for our quick egg tips. Enjoy!

Easy breakfast ideas kids will eat: Mini Corn Dogs.
Easy breakfast ideas kids will eat: Mini Corn Dogs.

State Fair Mini Corn Dogs are easy to make. We toasted ours in the toaster oven in under 15 minutes, but they also taste great when microwaved. Add some fruit and glass of milk, and you've got a good start to your day. Make your morning easier with Walmart. They offer lots of great value on back to school needs.

Easy Breakfast Ideas.
Easy Breakfast Ideas.

Mayhem likes to skip breakfast or eat something sweet. She couldn't wait to start her day with mini corn dogs. The cornbread batter kept her sweet tooth at bay. She also loves Jimmy Dean Pancake and Sausage Sticks. They served them for breakfast when she attended kindergarten. Pair them with eggs for a fun breakfast!

Toasted Mini Corn Dogs.
Toasted Mini Corn Dogs.

We have several chickens and ducks, so whenever possible, we incorporate eggs into our diet. Scrambling eggs every day can get old plus it is messy and takes up valuable time. We often take a shortcut and scramble our eggs in the microwave!

How to Microwave Eggs

You will need a bowl (they make fancy microwave bowls for this purpose, but it isn't necessary).

Canola Oil Spray (or any spray on oil).

Eggs, Milk, Butter, Salt, and Pepper.

We've tried lots of bowls. Any ceramic bowl will do. Spray the entire inside of the bowl.

Crack your egg directly into the bowl, scramble with a fork, add a splash of milk, and stir to mix.

Use one egg per bowl. When you try to scramble more than one egg at a time, it doesn't work as well and takes more time.

Place the bowl in the microwave on a paper towel.

Microwave for about 40 seconds on high.

Remove from microwave, flip or stir egg and then microwave for additional 15-20 seconds.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and butter to taste.

To get in and out quickly, we always use the self-checkout at Walmart.


Bagel Breakfast Ideas

Welsh Toast Recipe

Gluten-Free Recipes for Kids: Fun Eats from Breakfast to Treats*

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Dairy Free Non-GMO Milk Sign Me Up!

Dairy Free Milk Alternative Perfect for Milkshakes

Silk Cashew Milk is a Dairy free and Non-GMO milk alternative. We are a family with allergies. We aren't lactose intolerant (though my son tells everyone he is), but we are allergic to MILK. Rather than going dairy free, I often drink it anyway. I like it in my cereal. I like ice cream. I like yogurt. I would be content to live on dairy alone. I suffer or take an allergy pill. My son isn't so lucky. His allergic reactions require him to live completely dairy free. We have experimented with many dairy free milks including soy (we are allergic) and almond. We've never like the unsweetened versions... until now.

Silk Cashew Milk is a Dairy free and Non-GMO milk alternative.
Silk Cashew Milk is a Dairy free and Non-GMO milk alternative. 

When the box arrived at our doorstep, we were surprised to see both sweetened and unsweetened. We ran into the kitchen and tore open the sweetened Silk Cashew Milk.

The Mommy: "Mmm, that's pretty good! I don't know if I'd want it on my cereal though. It'd make it take like cashews."

The Brother: "It's different. I like cashews. I like Silk Almond Milk better, but this is okay."

The Sister: "I'm not trying it!"

The Brother: "It's good!"

The Mommy: "Try just a little sip."

The Sister: "There. I don't like it. See?"

Then, we got busy. We didn't eat cereal or drink milk for a few days.

The Mommy: "We need to try the Unsweetened Silk Cashew Milk."

The Sister: "Go right ahead, I'm not drinking it."

The Brother: "Sure, I'll try it."

The Mommy: "Wow! I like this better than the Sweetened Silk Milk!"

The Brother: "It is better! It still has a cashew-y after taste though. Hey, do we still have those cashews?"

The Sister: "I will never try it."

The Mommy: "This tastes more like real milk. It is creamy like milk. I would like this on my cereal. Yes, we still have cashews."

The Brother: "Yay! I love cashews."

So, you can see, everyone has a differing opinion. You should try it and decide for yourself. I have a little disclaimer. I'm struggling with some medical issues. This past year, I have acquired many food allergies that never existed in the past. I liked the Silk Unsweetened Cashew Milk so much that, against my instincts, I had two cups. Shortly after, I began sneezing, coughing, and tightening in the chest. This is similar to my milk allergy reaction. I don't seem to have a problem with Silk Almond Milk. I put a little on my cereal a few times per week. I would be concerned for anyone with a nut-allergy. Do I have one? The verdict is out, I will be tested next month. Pretty much I am allergic to everything. I just want to share my true experience with you. Surely, if you have a nut-allergy, you wouldn't attempt to drink a milk made from nuts.

On a more positive note, I would LOVE to have a milkshake made with this milk. Some homemade Silk Cashew Milk ice cream, chocolate syrup, cashews... and for me, maybe a Benadryl on the side.

Over at Kitchen Treaty, I found a recipe for this amazing vegan dairy free cashew milkshake. The recipe doesn't call for Silk Cashew Milk, but it would make it so much better! I'm not a health nut; I'd add some chocolate syrup too.

Dairy Free Vegan Cashew Milkshake Recipe
Dairy Free Cashew Milkshake at Kitchen Treaty.

I like this milk because it is dairy-free, non-gmo, no high fructose corn syrup, all those good things that make drinking it even more worth a little sneezing.

This is a great milk replacement option for vegans. It has twice the calcium as regular milk.

For those who like the facts:

25 calories per serving

Creamier than skim milk with fewer calories

Made with the special creaminess of cashews

0g saturated fat and cholesterol

50% more calcium than dairy milk

Free of dairy, soy, lactose, gluten, casein, egg and MSG

Verified by the Non-GMO Project's product verification program

No artificial colors, flavors or funny business

So, what are you waiting for? Try it. You might like it- especially if you like cashews!

Recommended Reading:

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The Milk Makers by Gail Gibbons*

How to Paint with Milk

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

How do I get recipes from Pinterest? You've got an account, what's next? Tutorial (Pinterest 102)

Here is your Pinterest Tutorial to get Recipes

You've set up your Pinterest account, you did everything they told you to do. You even started following your friends on Pinterest. Why do you only have 2 followers? Why aren't people finding you and following you? You wonder, " What am I doing wrong on Pinterest? " Here is your Pinterest Tutorial.

Pinterest Tips & Tricks Kids Creative Chaos Road Kill Boards
Pinterest Tips & Tricks.

Nothing- Everything.

You say, " Hey, all I really want is to know, how do I get recipes on Pinterest? My Facebook friends are blocking me. They hate it when I fill their feed with pictures of food, especially my dinner at a restaurant. I think they'd like it if I shared pictures of the beautiful meal I cooked all by myself after going on Pinterest. How do I do Pinterest?"

What kind of recipes do you like? Healthy Recipes? Vegan Recipes? Dessert Recipes? Gluten Free Recipes? Pinterest has you covered. There are three ways to go about finding recipes on Pinterest.

  1. Click the big Pinterest at the top of your page and scroll through your home feed.
Nothing good?  Pictures of your friend's kids? Images of the 1980's? Weird geek stuff? You need cooler friends. No worries, we can help.

  2.   Click the search bar on the left side of the screen. Type in recipes, pick "pins", and scroll through until you find something you like. Heart it. Pin it. This could take a long time. You have unusual taste. There aren't any pins for road kill stew. What's a hungry pinner to do?

  3.  Click the search bar on the left side of the screen. Type in "road kill recipes". Now, you could click pins, or pinners, but this time click boards. Now follow all of the boards titled "ROAD KILL RECIPES".

How do I get recipes from pinterest Tutorial and funny Road Kill Recipes
Funny bunnies road kill from

Scroll through the boards that you find most appetizing. See anything you like? Pin it. Here's where it gets fun! When you come back tomorrow to pin and click the big Pinterest to find your home feed, you will see all the new pins from the road kill boards. Are some of them super stellar? Click the pinner and "follow all"; I'll bet you have a lot in common. 

Boy, oh, boy do you have a lot in common. You are special. Only a elite few share your tastes.

That was easy. Now, you've learned how to search for you favorite topic, follow the boards, pinners, and pin it to your own "Road Kill" board. Go create some fun boards so like minded individuals will want to follow you.  In the right top bar, click on the " + " sign. Choose create a board. Follow the prompts to create your own unique boards. For example, if you are into a road kill theme, you might want to add these board titles:  Things to do with Raccoons, Dead Deer Projects, Awesome Opossums, Skunk Oil Tips, Squirrel Secrets, and Duck Dynasty Fun. Fill your boards, by doing a search in the Pinterest bar just like I taught you in the above paragraphs. Can't find anything good? Oh yeah... you're a little off, but that's okay. Try a Google search, copy the url, go back to the " + " and choose add from a website. Paste your URL in the bar. 

Voila! You've done it.

 Keep it up, I promise you will gain a follower or two if you keep pinning all these awesome pins.

Next time, Bookmarklet- will it harm my computer? Should I use it? And, the MAGIC secret that will blow your mind. In the meantime, you might like these Raccoon coloring pages. ;)

Pinterest Account Management
Pinterest Tips & a Magic Trick (The Secrets of Bookmarklet) Pinterest (201)
How do I do Pinterest? (Pinterest 101)

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Six Fun Things to do with Fla-Vor-Ice Pops: Recipes for a Cool Kids' Birthday Party

Fun Things to do with Frozen Pops and Shaved Ice for Kid's Party

Remember when you were a kid, and your mom sent you outside with a Fla-Vor-Ice Pop?  To cool down in the hot summer, we'd eat our pops and then run through the sprinkler. The best thing about Fla-Vor-Ice is they are "mom approved".  Did you know they are gluten free, low in calories, and sugar?  Each standard pop has just 5 grams of sugar.  Like Fla-Vor-Ice on Facebook for more information and tons of fun ideas. 

This post brought to you by Jel Sert.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Kids like Fla-Vor-Ice Pops, because they are a fun and refreshing treat with great tasting flavors.  They come in original fruit flavors, Tropical flavors, and even a sugar-free variety. There is a Fla-Vor-Ice Pop for everyone.  During summer camp, we always have a box of freezer pops in the ice chest.  Since  ice-pops are portable fun for everyone, you never know when one might come in handy for one of these fun things to do with Fla-Vor-Ice Pops.

1.  Make a homemade, rainbow slushy for your next summer party. 

Fun Things to do with Frozen Pops and Shaved Ice for Kid's Party
Summer Party Recipe Ice Pop  Rainbow Slushy.
2.  Keep frozen Fla-Vor-Ice pops in an ice chest during outdoor play dates or summer vacations, and use them as a quickie first-aid ice-pack for head bumps and boo-boos. They also help with hydration.

3.  For a fun, outdoor game use ice-pops and party cups.  Line the children up, so each one stands two feet in front of a party cup, cut-off the end of their ice-pop, and count to three.  On three, everyone tries to squeeze their frozen ice into the cup without missing.  The winner is the one who flings the most frozen Fla-Vor-Ice into their cup.    

4.  Squeeze your frozen Fla-Vor-Ice into plastic Easter Eggs and then refreeze them to make a fun Easter Egg shape ice-pop treat like these from Play Eat Grow blog.

Form Ice Pops Popsicles into plastic Easter Eggs for a fun holiday treat
Picture from Play Eat Grow blog.  Hop over for more great ideas.

5.  Use Fla-Vor-Ice freezer pops in a homeschool science lesson about the changing states of matter.  Time the ice-pop to see how fast it freezes.  Compare it's freezing time with that of other liquids like milk, water, or yogurt.  Let it melt in a bowl on the counter, leave it out, and then track how many days it takes to evaporate.  Does it completely evaporate?

6. Before your freeze your pops, pour the liquid into fun ice cube molds, and use them to flavor your favorite clear soda.  Yum!

It's your turn, what will you do with your Fla-Vor-Ice pop? Hop over and share your ideas on Fla-Vor-Ice on Facebook! 

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A BMI Calculator Can Give You the Motivation to Lose Weight

Online BMI Calculator

Been indoors packing on the pounds? It's time to shed the layers of clothing and get outside and play. Growing up, I was chronically skinny except for a brief time in 5th and 6th grade. Due to health issues and medication, as I got older, the weight crept up every couple of years. When motivated, it's easy to get the weight off and drop pounds. Now, as the aging mommy of two kids, the motivation rarely comes and the weight sticks around. I did find a little motivation by plugging my numbers into a BMI calculator. Scroll down to use it, the first BMI Calculator picture is a just pinnable image for Pinterest.  Enjoy! 

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BMI Calculator Weightloss Tracker App

Pin this image to save to Pinterest.

Below is the actual, interactive, online BMI CALCULATOR.

Free Online BMI Calculator.

Online Weight Loss Tracker

Ditch the The Food Pyramid?
Motivation. I've worked on upping my food intake. Yes, upping. I never ate more than once a day. Now, I try to eat three times a day with snacks. I've reinvented meals. I rarely sit down to eat, and I don't fill my plate in a food pyramid with one "meal." For me, that means a yogurt here, a banana there, a peanut butter sandwich, or veggies with dip spread throughout the day. I do eat everything in the food pyramid, but not in one sitting.  Should you eat dairy? at 45, I found out I was allergic to milk (not lactose intolerant.) I ditched milk and rarely eat ice cream. Yogurt and cheese don't cause me problems, so I'm able to fulfill my dairy needs. I also discovered a had hyperparathyroidism, so now I take vitamin D softgels every day.

I tried to ditch the pop, but that didn't work. However, I've made little changes. Food before pop in the morning. One soda or less per day. You'd think I'd gain weight, but I didn't gain a pound. In fact, I lost a few. I tried to find a picture to share, but I run from the camera.  Below, is the best I can do for a before picture. On the positive side, the weight always seemed to keep me looking younger. These days, aside from being old, I'm fairly healthy. Unfortunately, the BMI calculator doesn't agree. Another option is to find a good Weight Tracker App. With an app on your phone, you can track everything on the go.

**UPDATE (2016) 
I've lost over 30 lbs. and kept it off. My biggest tip is to stop eating bread (any sort of gluten). Also, take a daily probiotic. I've ditched the pop! Started by swapping Mountain Dew for Sierra Mist (natural sugars and sweeteners) and then I switched to Coca-Cola Zero. I'm working on swapping this for Propel. I drink a lot of Propel, but I want my caffeine. My go to snack is Vanilla Oikos Triple Zero try it in a Strawberry Smoothie. In the past, I was too sick to exercise. The weight loss was all diet related. Bread, cereal, cake, cupcakes, doughnuts, bagels, pizza, pasta- all gone from my diet during the weight loss. Since I've been able to exercise, I do eat them occasionally. I plan to lose 20 more lbs. this year, by adding exercise.

*I'm not a doctor. These are what worked for me. No health advice is implied.

BMI Calculator for weight loss struggle
What do you wish you could do differently to improve your health?

Positive Weight Loss Goals

**UPDATE (2019)
I'm 50 now and look better than I've looked in years! Still eating while on the move and using resistance bands for stretching every day. Working on losing 10 more pounds. I'm able to walk, do squats, bike ride, etc. I've even started kayaking! If you told me 10 years ago that I'd be kayaking, I would've laughed in your face! Getting fit allowed me to get healthy. So many health issues have disappeared. I'm thinking about running marathons. Not sure my knees can take it. We'll see.
What are you waiting for?

Weight loss story photos


Healthier Recipes that helped me. 
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