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13 Easy Eatable Edible Christmas Craft Activities for Kids

Fun, Easy, Eatable, Edible, Christmas Art and Craft Activities for Kids

We love any kind of eatable, edible art. It's the best after school snack activity for kids. You get to make it, have fun, and eat it too! These 13 easy, seasonal, holiday snack craft activities for Christmas are sure to get your kids in a happy mood. Enjoy!

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Fun, Easy, Eatable, Edible, Christmas Art and Craft Activities for Kids
13 Easy Eatable Edible Christmas Craft Activities for Kids.

  • From Disney Family Fun, these edible sugar plum gum drop penguins are perfect for the scene around your gingerbread house.

Christmas activities for children Gumdrop Penguins
Candy Gum Drop Penguins = Edible Art.

edible craft activities for kids: things to do with marshmallows
Reindeer Marshmallow Pops = Things to do with marshmallows.

Marshmallow Snowman Sippers: things to do with marshmallows
Marshmallow Snowman Sippers.

  • Edible Crafts shared these adorable and easy to make powdered doughnut snowmen. In our after school program, we used candy corn for the noses and candy dots for the facial features.

Pre School Activities Edible Snowman Craft
Powdered Doughnut Snowman = Edible Craft.

How to make Stained Glass Cookie Ornaments.
Stained Glass Cookie Ornaments.

  • We found these edible cinnamon cookie ornaments at Completely Delicious. There are also non-edible versions which smell wonderful and last for years. Just don't eat them!

  • Christmas Yule Log Roll is the perfect Christmas Eve dessert. Make some hot cocoa, start a fire, and slice up your Yule Log Chocolate Cake! We've got the recipe!

How to make an edible Christmas Yule Log Roll Cake.
How to make an edible Christmas Yule Log Roll Cake.

Edible Cinnamon Scented Cookie Ornament.
Edible Cinnamon Scented Cookie Ornament.

  • Make an edible sleigh from candy canes like this one from One Hundred Dollars a Month. Keep scrolling to see our similar version with edible passengers!

edible sleigh from candy canes
Edible sleigh from candy canes from One Hundered Dollars a Month.

How to make a gingerbread house from cardboard
Make a Cardboard Gingerbread House.

Waffle Cone Christmas Trees: Types of Christmas trees
Waffle Cone Christmas Trees from She Knows.

Sugared Marshmallow Snowman
Sugared Marshmallow Snowman from She Knows.

  • This snowman in a jar is one of our all time most popular posts. This one is filled with fiber fill, but you can fill it with mini-marshmallows, chocolate candy, and candy corn to make an easy, edible craft for preschoolers.

Activities for preschool snowmen: Snowman in a jar. We filled this with cotton batting, but you could use popcorn or vanilla fudge.
Snowman in a jar: We filled this with cotton batting, 
but you could use popcorn, marshmallows, or vanilla fudge.

things to do with Marshmallows fun for kids  Edible Art Christmas Crafts
Edible Chocolate Marshmallow Gingerbread Man.

  • Pop some popcorn, add some waffle cone Christmas trees, a candy cane sleigh, peanut marshmallow snowmen and penguins, and you have the outdoor area at your Gingerbread Land.

    How to make Gingerbread House landscape
    The scene outside a Gingerbread House.

    • This little peanut is a snowman. To make an edible version, paint with white icing and decorate with gel icing.

    Edible Peanut Snowman activities for preschool
    This Peanut Marshmallow is a Lapel Pin, but you can 
    make and edible version for your Candy Cane Sleigh.

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    Mayflower Cream Cheese Boats

    Sensory Game for Children with Marshmallows: Fun for Kids!

    Marshmallow Sensory Game for Kids

    Need a few minutes of peace and quiet, Marshmallows are fun game for kids and this SENSORY game for children is the perfect fix. Kids can't talk with the straws in their mouths!  Everyone is intent on winning and they all loved it! Looking for more marshmallow activities for kids? In the sidebar, enter marshmallow(s) for a list of our posts with Things to do with Marshmallows. Enjoy!

    Sensory Marshmallow Game for Preschoolers Edible
    Fold the straw in half and use it like chopsticks 
    to pick up the marshmallows. This way is easier for preschoolers.

    Sensory Marshmallows Game for Children fun for kids activities
    Marshmallows make great sensory games for children.

    How to play Sensory Marshmallow Game

    • Open up a bag of mini-marshmallows and spread them in the center of a cloth covered table. Give every kid a cup and a straw. (The teenage counselors liked it too.)

    • Start with a stop-watch to increase the excitement. Let the Marshmallow Games begin!  Ready, Set, Go!  It is a race to see who can suck up the most marshmallows and place them in their cup.  No hands allowed. Suck and hold until you drop into the cup.

    • I quickly realized no stop-watch was needed and let them play until all marshmallows were gone. We counted who had the most.  The winner got stickers and candy and everyone else got to eat the marshmallows!

    Aren't marshmallows fun?

    Squishy Sensory Marshmallow Edible Game for preschoolers.
    For another sensory element, poke marshmallows with straw.
    Then, try to pick up and place into the cup before they fall off.

    Children's Party Activities: Toss the Marshmallows Game for Kids


    Marshmallow Toss Game: Easy, Budget-friendly Birthday Party Game for Kids


    Get back to the basics with 
    Marshmallows, always fun for kids and perfect for children's party activities!  We have lots of marshmallow activities for kids. Enjoy!

    How to Play Marshmallow Toss Game

    Children's Party Activities Toss the Marshmallow Game for kids

    Things to do with Marshmallows

    What you Need:  Bucket or Large Bowl and a bag of Large Marshmallows 

    How to Play:  Divide the party-goers into pairs. The first team up chooses a catcher and a thrower. The catcher stands on one end of the room and holds the bucket or bowl on top of their head and the thrower stands on the other end of the room with the bag of marshmallows. The thrower tries to toss the marshmallows into the bucket. The catcher can move and duck to try to catch them, as long as they do not move their feet and they must remain standing. Each team takes a turn to see which team can catch the most!

    Easy Edible Craft Sugar Color your Marshmallows

    How do you Sugar Color Marshmallows?

    We love all things marshmallows, and we're always searching for things to do with marshmallows. When we saw these sugar colored marshmallows on "A Nut in a" we had to try them! The marshmallows are colored with cookie sugars. What do you think? These would be great for building a colorful, gingerbread house or fun, marshmallow flowers.

    how to color marshmallows
    DIY Colored Marshmallows from A Nut in a Nutshell blog.

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    October Calendar of Special Days and Unique Holidays for Kids 2020

    Printable Unique Holidays and Special Days October Calendar 2020

    The FREE Printable October calendar 2020 is full of fun autumn activities. It's fall in the states! Time for carving pumpkins, hiking, and enjoying friends and family around a campfire. It is also full of fun, unique and special days and holidays for kids. What will you celebrate? Enjoy!

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    October Calendar of Special Days and Unique Holidays for Kids 2020

    This Free Printable October Calendar of Special Days and Holidays can be edited to your liking. Just save a copy and rename it. Click the link to download and save yours!

    OCTOBER 2020 Calendar of Special Days

    October 2 World Farm Animals Day

    World Farm Animal Day
    Farm Animal wall art available at

    Read the Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown and make a paper barn and silo from an envelope and cardboard tube.

    Pretending with Farm Animals
    Trader's Point Creamery near Indianapolis offers Farm Tours.

    October 4 - National Taco Day
    October 6 World Habitat Day

    Habitat for Humanity joins with partners around the world to rededicate to a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Show your support by attending a local World Habitat Day event or organizing one in your own community!

    World Habitat Day - Get involved!

    October 10Angel Food Cake Day

    Spooky Angel food cake by Matthew Mead. See the link below to get his book.
    We found this spooky angel food cake from the book Cakes for Kids: 35 Colorful Recipes by Matthew Mead. The best part is, you start with a store bought cake. Easy and fast! We once make a pumpkin from a store bought cake. Hmm... I wonder if I have any pictures.
    October 14  - National Dessert Day
    This is my kind of day! Yum!  Want to learn how to make doughnuts at home? Just click the link for a fun recipe to make with kids on National Dessert Day!

    October 15Global Handwashing Day
    I like this day too! I like to wash my hands, even better I like other people to wash their hands! I know my germs; I don't know theirs!

    October 25 - World Pasta Day
    You should make some Harvest Skillet Pasta with the kids.

    October 30 - National Candy Corn Day
    Make Candy Corn S'mores!

    Make candy corn s'mores with candy corn marshmallows
    Make candy corn s'mores with candy corn marshmallows.

    October 31 - Carve a Pumpkin Day and Halloween, of course.
    Halloween, is our favorite holiday! You'll find lots of diy costume ideas and Halloween treats for kids- just do a search in the sidebar for more fun ideas! Get started with, Things to do with Pumpkins.

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    Gingerbread Man Marshmallow Activity for Kids fun for Preschool

    This cute gingerbread man is one of our many  marshmallow activities for kids

    Marshmallows- an inexpensive, yummy way to make fun projects for kids and create eatable art. Search in the browse us bar in the sidebar for more ideas for preschool and sensory play. Enjoy!

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    Edible Art Marshmallow Gingerbread Man Activity

    More fun things to do with Marshmallows Activities

    Fun Games to Play with Marshmallows for Quiet Time

    Here are three children's activities using Marshmallows that are oh so fun for children. Marshmallows are a quick way to steal a few second of quiet time. Kids love them with all their puffy squishy goodness they are fantastic for sensory play. Want to add an element of Messy Play? Just add water or edible paint and make marshmallow prints. 

    photo of marshmallows fun for children activities
    Marshmallows are the perfect companion for kids quiet time.

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    Marshmallow Game