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Rehoming Pets after a Life Change

Moving? Will you Find Your Pet a New Home?

If you're planning a move (we are) what to do with your pets after a life change may be an issue. It's a tough decision. Having recently moved, it was important to find a good home for all of our pets. And, when I say 'all' I mean we needed to find a home for a wide variety of animals, both indoors and outdoors. Now, we're about to do it again. This time, I'm considering rehoming some of our outdoor pets. It's a difficult decision.

Rehoming Pet after a Life Change Pets CAT

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(*Nakturnal Partner)

Over the years, we have adopted many pets from friends and family. No matter, where you get your pet, it's always a labor of love. The best pets come from loving homes. Take Buddie, for example, she has seizures. We can't pinpoint the cause. It's been suggested we put her down, but she's otherwise a happy, little kitty. She has many triggers and as long as we keep the triggers in check we can reduce the amount of seizures she has each week. Often, the seizures are daily! This is due to food, fleas, flea sprays, and other things that seem to be allergens. Right now, Buddy is doing great! I found a cat food that seems to work. It's a little pricey for my liking, but far better than the alternatives. I also found a pet safe candle that helps remove any pet odors. You know, we've got those! Cleaning up after Buddie is a full time job.

Find Your Pet a New Home Rehoming Get Pets

Then, there's Tigger! What a character. He's about twelve. We found him on Craigslist. I don't recommend finding a pet to adopt that way, but we also got ducks and chickens from Craigslist. Tigger often stars in our blog and social media posts. I've shared some links so you can learn more about him!

Male Cockatiel Do they make good pets get home for your pet

At nineteen, my Cockatiel, Nebu, is my oldest pet friend! I got him from a pet store when he was just an egg! Of course, I didn't take the egg home. The pet store hatched him out and raised him for the first 9 weeks then I brought him home! He can get noisy, but for the most part, he's a pet that can move anywhere and, boy oh boy, have the two of us lived in lots of different places! Where I go, he goes. Sometimes, even on vacations!

do Box Turtles make good pets find new home get turtle

Also, there's a turtle. Several years ago, I was mowing the lawn and ran over her shell. I brought her in the house for rehabilitation. They tell me, she can't be released into the wild. She'd never survive and probably spread disease. Not to mention the fact that, turtles are homing devices. She might spend years trying to work her way back to her original home. I'd like to find a permanent home for her, like a sanctuary or zoo or something. Rehoming her with a friend (someone I trust) would be a great option.

But wait, there's more. We have chickens and a duck too. In the past, we had more turtles, more cats, more ducks, and way more chickens! A move wouldn't have been possible. But now, we're down to two chickens and a duck. I've shared some links about our journey below.

Our new neighbor loves animals. I'm considering leaving them with him. It's a tough decision though. But, we are embarking on a new path in life.The kids want to try public school next year! I ask every year, this year they both said yes!! Ugh. Difficult decision for me. We just bought a house. But we've decided to move back to my hometown where we'll be surrounded by friends and family. The kids will go to school with their cousins. We want to make the transition as easy as possible for all. Since money is a factor, finding trusted new homes for some of our beloved pets seems like the best option.

Have you ever rehomed a pet? Let's be clear, the pound is not an option. I never understand how anyone can do that to a family member. Sure, if they're lucky someone else will adopt them, but the odds aren't good. Even a no kill shelter isn't great. They'll have abandonment issues. I feel like we're family for life, but sometimes, you have to make tough decisions. Any advice?


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Jake's Jokes for Kids: Chicken and Slide Clip Art Images

Need a Good Chicken Joke? Wonder why the chicken crossed the road?

A couple of silly jokes for kids from Jake. Why did the Chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide! Enjoy these funny chicken jokes for kids. Enjoy!

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Chicken Memes Quotes Quote Chickens Meme Joke
Chicken Memes Quotes Quote Chickens Meme Joke.

Jake's Jokes: Chicken Jokes Memes Quote and Picture Clipart
Chicken Joke: Why did the chicken cross the playground?

To get to the other slide joke with picture
To get to the other slide...

  • Why did the chicken cross the road?
To show the possums how it is done.

  • Why did the gum cross the road?
It was stuck to the bottom of the chicken's foot.

  • Why did the egg hide?
Because she was a little chicken.

  • Why did the duck cross the road?
Because it was the chicken's day off.

Around our house, the duck crosses the road to follow the chicken's to the other side. The chickens cross the road to eat the neighbors bird seed and drink from his bird bath. Don't worry, it isn't a real road!

Creative Country: Big Red Barn Chicken Coop Ideas

Here is a fun idea for a Chicken Coop

Beware! Chicken Coops they sell at the store are not safe for your chickens. They aren't raccoon, opossum, weasel, or mink proof. 

I've heard awful stories of raccoons pulling the animals right through the wires and of minks squeezing through and, like a vampire, sucking the blood from every last animal and then lining them up in a row! 

We had a "friendly" possum and learned the hard way that "opossums sometimes eat sleeping poultry". Did  you get that part, eat? They eat them alive starting with their abdomen. It is very sad. It also ate part of our little girl duck's beak, poor thing. Please don't let this happen to you. The guilt is unbearable.

A friend of mine had some materials left over after building their barn, so they made a Chicken Coop to match! I am jealous! Don't you think they should market these? 

Here's a fun Big Red Barn Preschool Activity to make.

Big Red Barn Chicken Coop Ideas
Chicken Coop Barn. 

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Hey, What is the name of the Cartoon Chicken that...

Famous Cartoon Chickens: What are their Names?

I heard you were wondering what is the name of that cartoon chicken in that funny cartoon show. You know, the silly, little, cute, tall, fat, cocky, cock-a-doodle-doo, rooster or hen? Well, I know the chicken cartoon you mean. Enjoy!

What's the name of the cartoon chicken that says, "I say, I say, I say boy"?  Well, my friend, that chicken is a rooster. 

His name is Foghorn Leghorn, and he's often referred to as the Looney Tunes Chicken. He appeared on the Bugs Bunny and Road Runner Show, Merry Melodies, and he even won an Oscar. Well, one of the cartoons he starred in won, "Walky Talky Hawky" in 1946.  His buddy is a Rhode Island Red, aptly named, Red.

What's the name of the Superhero Chicken? He's also a rooster, and his name is Henry Cabot Henhouse III. He says, "Bawk for Super Chicken." He played on the "George of the Jungle" cartoon series. He drinks super sauce out of a martini glass to transform into a hero.

What's the name of that little chicken with big glasses on the Foghorn Leghorn Chicken Cartoon? His name is Egghead Jr. He first appeared in 1954 on "Little Boy Boo".  His mother's name is Miss Prissy. Foghorn liked to say, "That boy, I say, that boy..." often  in reference to the little chicken.

What is the name of the chicken in Chicken Little? Little Rooster, again. Chicken Little was his name, but they often called him "Ace".  He had glasses too. This Disney cartoon came out in 2005.

What is the name of of the chicken in that cartoon?
Photo from Wikipedia for the movie soundtrack.

What is the name of the chicken in the Barnyard movie?
In 2006, Rob Paulsen played a silly chicken in the movie Barnyard.
His name was Peck. Again, a rooster.

What is the name of the chicken in Rock-A-Doodle?  The movie came out in 2004. His name is Chantecler. His name refers to a breed of chicken originating in Canada. 

In the 2000 movie, Chicken Runthe Rooster's name is Rocky. Hey, hey, hey... the girl got a star. The hen in this one is named Ginger. In the end, they want to know which came first, the chicken or the egg, so they can start a chicken farm.

There is a new cartoon the kids watch on Netflix, "Chicken Town".  The rooster is named, Zino. Polly (the landlord) is always after his chickens.

What is the name of the rooster chicken in that cartoon Chicken Town?
The French cartoon, Chicken Town is on Netflix. Picture from Animation Magazine.

                             Real Baby Chicks Picture

What do you call a baby chicken? 

Adult male chickens are known as roosters or cocks and females are called hens. Cock-a-doodle-doo! However, in  baby chicks under 1 year old, females are called pullets, and males are sometimes referred to as cockerels. 

If you are purchasing one at a feed store, straight-run means they haven't been sexed so you can have boys or girls. Sex-link means the chicken is from two different breeds of parents. The male and female chicks show  different feather colors at birth, so they are easier to identify.

What is the name of that duck baby in those old movies? Pick me, I know!
Baby Huey is not a chicken.

Which brings me to my favorite chicken! But wait, he's a baby duck or duckling. He first starred in "Quack-a-doodle-doo" in 1949. Huh? I always thought he was a big chicken. Anyway, his name is Baby Huey. You know the one... so silly, so duh-y.

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How to Make a Chicken Paper Bag Puppet and Pattern

Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens, 3rd Edition*

Chicken Little*


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Healthy Living Tips and Ideas on Pinterest: Why I'm Taking Baby Steps to Change my Life

A few weeks ago, I published a post with a BMI calculator asking you to join me in my weight loss endeavor. I've been trying to shift my focus to healthy living. For me, eating isn't really the problem, but I'd like to get the entire family on a healthy schedule and diet. So, I've been visiting lots of healthy living websites looking for tips and ideas and pinning healthy lifestyle pins on Pinterest.

organic gardening healthy Living Tips
Tomato plants in our organic garden.
I'm too young to be a hippie and too old to be a hipster, so I guess I'll just become a crunchy mama. I lean that way for sure, but it isn't always practical for me. I am into attachment parenting though, so I am well on my way. Only... I don't look the part. I lost my way, and I am struggling to get back to an appropriate level of fitness.

Fake it 'til you make it. That's what I intend to do.

Yep, I have a little garden patch, some chickens, and a few ducks. I've been building a coop and a barn for something else. Maybe a goat or a llama? It popped into my head this week that I need to build a greenhouse for my plants. I kill Rosemary every year. This year, I didn't even bother with her!

Healthy Living Tips and Ideas Pekin, Roane, and Wyandotte Chickens at 3 months old Organic Gardening
Wyandotte Chickens and Pekin Ducks at 3 months old.
If you follow this blog, you probably know we're kind of Pinterest superstars. As a visual person, I love Pinterest. No, I probably won't get back to any of the things, but I sure like to look at the pretty pictures and dream. So, what are my favorite boards for healthy living?

  • Crum Creek is a health food company with the motto "indulge in healthy".  They have great Pinterest boards with lots of ideas for making healthy choices.

  • Vegetarian Zen is a blog about a family learning to become vegetarians with the motto "happy body, healthy mind".  This is a great place to learn all about how to be healthy. Vegetarian Pinterest Boards.

  • Pure Health Girls this is a site focused on raising awareness on how to take control of your health and longevity. They provide valuable information about the dangers of pesticides, hormones, and GMO's. See the Pinterest Boards here.

For great healthy living tips be sure to hop over to Pinterest and check out all of these great pinners :)

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Learn How to Draw: Trace The Pictures of a Cartoon Chicken, Chicken Hawk, and Duck Clipart Printables

Looking for a Chicken Cartoon? 

Save these traceable images to your computer to print, or click on the pictures for a free printable pdf version. You can learn how to draw a chicken, duck, or other birds by practicing! Trace these pictures or print them out as chicken coloring sheets. We've just become the proud parents of six baby Wyandotte chicks. You'll find lots of chicken art ideas. Just type "Chicken" in the sidebar browse us search bar. Enjoy!

Chicken Joke and Clip Art Cartoon

Learn How to Draw: Trace The Pictures of a Cartoon Chicken, Chicken Hawk, and Duck Clipart Printables
Cartoon Chicken Picture Traceable.

Real Red Barn Chicken Coop

How to Draw Birds Traceable Cartoon Chickens
Traceable Cartoon Chicken Images.

Can you freeze eggs?
Cartoon Duck Clipart
Cartoon Duck Traceable Pattern.

Homeschooling Art Lesson: Folk Art Chicken Quilt Squares
Cartoon Chicken Clip art Little Red Hen
Draw and Color a Cartoon Chicken.

Baby Chicken Hawk Coloring Sheet Clip Art Image How to Draw a Bird
Trace a baby chicken hawk clip art.

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How to Make a Rooster or Chicken Hat Band Mask or What She's Not Wearing Wednesday

Looking for an Easy Chicken Hat Tutorial?

Chickens: Rooster, Hen, Pullet, Cockerel or Cock. Whatever you call them, we're on a kick. Our baby chicks are six-weeks-old, and we adopted three duckling companions for them. We're still waiting to see if they turn out to be girls or boys. The waiting is the hardest part. Enjoy!

In the meantime, we are crafting chickens. We've made a chicken hat/ mask for the littles. It's an easy craft for preschool kids. Pair it with The Little Red Hen for a fun companion class lesson. Hopefully, they'll be happy to wear their new cap. You could even perform a little chicken play skit.

how big are 4 week old baby Pekin ducks ducklings
Baby Pekin Ducks, four weeks old. 
They don't want to wear a chicken hat.

Mayhem was not in the mood to wear a chicken hat. So, this post is what she's not wearing. Shh... I'll tell you what she is wearing. She marched upstairs and found a pair of hand-me-down khaki shorts which she paired with last year's favorite rainbow striped dress. This year, it is more like a polo shirt. Maybe she'll be back to her DIVA self next week. In the meantime, hope you enjoy crafting construction paper chicken or rooster hats with the kids.

How to make a rooster chicken hat band mask preschool play costume
Chicken hat for Little Red Hen play skit.
  • Cut two, two inch strips down the length of the construction paper. 
  • Measure one strip band to child's head. Glue ends together. 
  • Now fold the other strip in half to form the chicken's beak. 
  • Bend in half until ends meet, glue together, and attach beak to hat band strip. 
  • Cut out the comb and wattle as pictured 
  • Paste wattle to beak, draw two black circles for nose holes. We cut out two paper "chicken combs" and glued to a piece of cardboard to make the comb stand tall. 
  • Score a slit in each end of the comb and slide into hat band. Ta da!
You've got a preschool chicken costume in less than 15 minutes! 

Here's an idea for a kid's flower hat band or did you ever wonder how to make a chef's hat for kids? Or maybe a Phineas Birthday Party Hat for kids...

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Kids' Crafts: Crochet

Elizabeth, our "marches to the beat of a different drummer, "Wyandotte Chicken - 4 months old.

Purple Tutu, Pink Leggings, and Combat Boots: She's back! What's She's Wearing Wednesday to Build a Chicken Coop

What she wore to work on our Chicken Coop

Chickens! Who doesn't love a good purple, Target tutu with a pair of combat boots? Pink leggings and a fancy shirt (worn backward) tie it together. This pairing was planned to help the Daddy build the chicken coop/duck pen. "Cause, it's cold and I need pants and boots."

What she's wearing Kids purple tutu fashion Mayhem
These don't look very heavy.  I can help build a chicken coop and duck pen.  I've got my boots! (Okay, Jake's boots.)
Later, she added a pair of grippy work gloves. No diva can be without fancy work clothes, right? There's nothing quite like Mayhem fashion. We need to start our own kid's clothing line, don't you think? Maybe, she'll make the pages of J. Crew someday?

Carrying blocks for the coop's foundation.
Oh! That's heavier than I thought.
"Mommy, Grandma doesn't know that I'm not a girly girl who  likes to wear fancy clothes and keep clean." -Mayhem

Construction of the chicken coop begins.
I can do this!
Our coop is up, but it isn't ready to been published for the world to see. In the meantime, read about a beautiful chicken coop my friend built: Red Barn Chicken Coop.

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Building Chicken Coops For Dummies

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Snowman Craft for Kids out of Egg Shells by Mama Mia

Snowman Crafts for Kids Eggshell Snowman

One of my old blogging buddies came up with this cute snowman craft. You could make a whole day of learning with preschoolers or homeschoolers with this little project. For a science lesson, discuss the properties of an egg, boil some eggs, remove the shells, eat the eggs, and craft with the shells! Imagine the possibilities if you colored your eggs with Easter egg dye first. You can make egg shell mosaics for an art lesson for kids. We've got a flock of chickens, so I am always looking some activity to do with eggs.

Snowman Crafts for Kids Eggshell Snowman makes a fun science lesson for kids.
Preschool snowman craft with egg shells from Mama Mia's Heart to Heart.

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Make Minutes Matter: Breakfast before School can be Quality Time for Conversation: Everyday is a Big Day Program

Rushed Time before School can Turn into Memorable Moments with a Daily Conversation added to your Family Mission

How to have a conversation with your kids at breakfast
Make everyday count with Breakfast conversation bites.

If you are like me, your early morning routine is rushed, scattered, and not always in the best of family spirits. We try, but getting ready and organized for school is hectic. If only, we were well organized and had enough time to prep he everything the night before- but our lifestyles don't always allow for such structured free time. I'm a Homeschool Mommy. It sounds far easier than it is - well, it did to me. As the principal, teacher, gym instructor, and music director, (plus my full-time job as a social media manager) life is often stressed, and I rarely have time to focus on the little things... the important things.

Kellogg’s® Frosted Mini-Wheats® and Scholastic partnered and then contacted me to write about #mini-missions™​ it hit home. We do a lot of things for others. We are always up to something for community service or helping friends. It is time to focus on us! So, this week, we did just that. Thanksgiving is nearing, and it is a good time to remember what we are thankful for this year. Our Mini-mission is to continue to collect toys and clothing for area Christmas drives. November is a great month to collect donations as people are beginning to get into the holiday spirit. Sometimes, we collect gift wrap and tape to donate. Other times, we get clothing, books, or toys. Always, we remind ourselves how giving back does the heart good.

Each day at breakfast, we focused on a simple conversation starter.  This is a great way to learn more about your kids' interest and what makes their mind tick.  My children love to explore theoretical concepts... you know, why is the sky blue?  So, I went with it. Plan out a conversation starter each day. Do your homework. If you are going to ask and answer questions like, 'why is the sky blue', you better know your stuff. Research ideas online the night before. Here are a few of our conversation starters, and the fun answers we came up with for our conversation bites  #mini-missions™.

Day One 

Q: What is your favorite memory from helping with community service this year?

A: I don't know.

Momteruption: Try again.

A: Cake Pops?

Momteruption: What about them?

A: They were good!

Momteruption: Well... they were good weren't they, but what else?

A: I am happy April made the cake pops and donated her time for Santa's Elves of Indy.

A: I was happy to help Daddy that day.

Mom: It is nice to spend time as a family working to help others!

Day Two

Q: Today is the first day of the rest of your life what are you going to do?

A: Ride on Nebu (our pet bird.)

Momteruption: Try again.

A: Ride on a Tiger.

Momteruption: Something, you can do today!

A: I don't know.

Momteruption: Well.. I would try to be more positive from this day forward and always think about what I can do to make life better.

A: I will take care of the chickens!

Momteruption: *sigh* Well, that's a good start.

Day Three

Q: Why is it important to sit down and eat a healthy breakfast?

A: Because food is fuel!

A: Because you are hungry and need food to live.

Momteruption: Those are both good reasons. Food is like fuel it gives us important vitamins and mineral.

Kidteruption: Yeah, like these on the Frosted Mini-Wheats™​ box.

Momteruption: Exactly! It is a part of a healthy breakfast, we should have fruit and milk or juice too so we'll be ready to learn!

Kidteruption: Like Bananas!

This is just a sampling of our conversation bites. You can see, it is harder than it looks, but as the days the progressed, the kids began to warm up to the idea :)

Breakfast before School: Introduction to the Every Day is a Big Day program

When your family completes a Mini™ Mission, you can earn free Scholastic books for your family and a chance to win prizes for your school and community. Visit to register your family for the Every Day is a Big Day program.  Each month, log in and complete a new Mini™Mission to earn 2 free Scholastic books for your family.

When your family completes a Mini™ Mission, you are also entered into a sweepstakes where 131 prizes will be awarded to schools and communities each month. Download free monthly stories chronicling Mini’s™ adventures against the evil Skipper. Kellogg’s® Frosted Mini-Wheats® and Scholastic have partnered to bring you the Every Day is a Big Day program, created to benefit families, schools and communities across the country.

Your family is invited to complete monthly Mini™ Missions to get free books for your family. Also, each month you’ll be entered into a sweepstakes for the chance to win one of 131 valuable prizes for your school and community. As you earn books and enter the sweepstakes, your family is sure to have a blast and learn something new along the way!

Start here and register for your first monthly mission!

This is a sponsored conversation by me on behalf of Kellogg's(R) Frosted Mini-Wheats(R). The opinions and text are all mine.

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