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How to Make a Rooster or Chicken Hat Band Mask or What She's Not Wearing Wednesday

Looking for an Easy Chicken Hat Tutorial?

Chickens: Rooster, Hen, Pullet, Cockerel or Cock. Whatever you call them, we're on a kick. Our baby chicks are six-weeks-old, and we adopted three duckling companions for them. We're still waiting to see if they turn out to be girls or boys. The waiting is the hardest part. Enjoy!

In the meantime, we are crafting chickens. We've made a chicken hat/ mask for the littles. It's an easy craft for preschool kids. Pair it with The Little Red Hen for a fun companion class lesson. Hopefully, they'll be happy to wear their new cap. You could even perform a little chicken play skit.

how big are 4 week old baby Pekin ducks ducklings
Baby Pekin Ducks, four weeks old. 
They don't want to wear a chicken hat.

Mayhem was not in the mood to wear a chicken hat. So, this post is what she's not wearing. Shh... I'll tell you what she is wearing. She marched upstairs and found a pair of hand-me-down khaki shorts which she paired with last year's favorite rainbow striped dress. This year, it is more like a polo shirt. Maybe she'll be back to her DIVA self next week. In the meantime, hope you enjoy crafting construction paper chicken or rooster hats with the kids.

How to make a rooster chicken hat band mask preschool play costume
Chicken hat for Little Red Hen play skit.
  • Cut two, two inch strips down the length of the construction paper. 
  • Measure one strip band to child's head. Glue ends together. 
  • Now fold the other strip in half to form the chicken's beak. 
  • Bend in half until ends meet, glue together, and attach beak to hat band strip. 
  • Cut out the comb and wattle as pictured 
  • Paste wattle to beak, draw two black circles for nose holes. We cut out two paper "chicken combs" and glued to a piece of cardboard to make the comb stand tall. 
  • Score a slit in each end of the comb and slide into hat band. Ta da!
You've got a preschool chicken costume in less than 15 minutes! 

Here's an idea for a kid's flower hat band or did you ever wonder how to make a chef's hat for kids? Or maybe a Phineas Birthday Party Hat for kids...

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Elizabeth, our "marches to the beat of a different drummer, "Wyandotte Chicken - 4 months old.

Learn How to Draw: Trace The Pictures of a Cartoon Chicken, Chicken Hawk, and Duck Clipart Printables

Looking for a Chicken Cartoon? 

Save these traceable images to your computer to print, or click on the pictures for a free printable pdf version. You can learn how to draw a chicken, duck, or other birds by practicing! Trace these pictures or print them out as chicken coloring sheets. We've just become the proud parents of six baby Wyandotte chicks. You'll find lots of chicken art ideas. Just type "Chicken" in the sidebar browse us search bar. Enjoy!

Chicken Joke and Clip Art Cartoon

Learn How to Draw: Trace The Pictures of a Cartoon Chicken, Chicken Hawk, and Duck Clipart Printables
Cartoon Chicken Picture Traceable.

Real Red Barn Chicken Coop

How to Draw Birds Traceable Cartoon Chickens
Traceable Cartoon Chicken Images.

Can you freeze eggs?
Cartoon Duck Clipart
Cartoon Duck Traceable Pattern.

Homeschooling Art Lesson: Folk Art Chicken Quilt Squares
Cartoon Chicken Clip art Little Red Hen
Draw and Color a Cartoon Chicken.

Baby Chicken Hawk Coloring Sheet Clip Art Image How to Draw a Bird
Trace a baby chicken hawk clip art.

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Preschool Sensory Play Activities: How it all got started!

Sensory Messy Play and Preschool Activities

We've had many great years teaching messy play and preschool classes for The Play Connection and hope the future will send even more blessings our way. Here are our top sensory and messy play preschool activities from 2013. What a blast from the past!

This post contains affiliate links.

Sensory Messy Play and Preschool Activities

Here is a listing of our top posts of 2013. Many offer great ideas for fun, preschool activities, clip art, and lots of fun for kids! Enjoy!

  1. Christmas Eye Candy: Photos of Christmas Trees in Snow Clipart
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  5. Fun for Kids with Phineas and Ferb Printables
  6. Lots of photos of Bread Clipart
  7. Cute Valentine Clipart and Free Printables for Kids Classroom Valentines
  8. 9 New Year Activities for Kids with games for kids too
  9. Marshmallows: Fun for kids SENSORY game great for preschoolers
  10. The Tooth Fairy Sagas: Free Toothfairy clipart and true Mommy Drama
  11. Activities for Kids: Make your own snow for Sensory play fun for kids
  12. Birthday Party games for Kids and Moms on a budget
  13. Our new Series Made the cut! Creative Country Sayings and Inspirational Quotes

Activities for pre school Pre K Kids Creative Chaos Lora Langston Edible Crafts fun for kids
Memories from 2008 - 2012.

Here's my favorite Homeschool Lesson from 2013.

Primary and Complementary Color Homeschool Art and Science Lesson.
Primary and Complementary Color Homeschool Art and Science Lesson.

(Pre K to Elementary)
There are many Homeschool Lessons in this series, so make sure you click the labels under each post. (Still Life, Water Coloring for Kids, Weaving, Self-Portrait activities, Building Models for Science, Christmas Gingerbread House how to diy, Color Theory Lessons, Primary Colors, and even some History  along the way - it's art to me how we've designed our lives throughout the years. I hope you will follow along on the journey.)

We published a Kitchen Kids Cookbook with mix and make recipes for kids. We helped fund raise for Santa's Elves of Indy, we started Homeschooling through INCA (Indiana Connections Academy,) and we moved to a house in the country. 

2013 holds many dreams as we look forward to gardening, raising chickens, goats, and hopefully bunnies and alpacas, get that YA novel published, and share a few of the many stage plays and skits for kids I've written over the years. Bring it! I am excited to get started :-) 

What does your future hold? Leave a comment and let us know.

Follow us on Pinterest (Kids Creative Chaos and Pin it! Online Scavenger Hunt for Pre school Curriculum) and Google +  Can't find us on Twitter? Check the right sidebar for a link we're @playconnection

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Creative Country: Big Red Barn Chicken Coop Ideas

Here is a fun idea for a Chicken Coop

Beware! Chicken Coops they sell at the store are not safe for your chickens. They aren't raccoon, opossum, weasel, or mink proof. 

I've heard awful stories of raccoons pulling the animals right through the wires and of minks squeezing through and, like a vampire, sucking the blood from every last animal and then lining them up in a row! 

We had a "friendly" possum and learned the hard way that "opossums sometimes eat sleeping poultry". Did  you get that part, eat? They eat them alive starting with their abdomen. It is very sad. It also ate part of our little girl duck's beak, poor thing. Please don't let this happen to you. The guilt is unbearable.

A friend of mine had some materials left over after building their barn, so they made a Chicken Coop to match! I am jealous! Don't you think they should market these? 

Here's a fun Big Red Barn Preschool Activity to make.

Big Red Barn Chicken Coop Ideas
Chicken Coop Barn. 

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Jake's Jokes for Kids: Chicken and Slide Clip Art Images

Need a Good Chicken Joke? Wonder why the chicken crossed the road?

A couple of silly jokes for kids from Jake. Why did the Chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide! Enjoy these funny chicken jokes for kids. Enjoy!

This post contains affiliate links.

Chicken Memes Quotes Quote Chickens Meme Joke
Chicken Memes Quotes Quote Chickens Meme Joke.

Jake's Jokes: Chicken Jokes Memes Quote and Picture Clipart
Chicken Joke: Why did the chicken cross the playground?

To get to the other slide joke with picture
To get to the other slide...

  • Why did the chicken cross the road?
To show the possums how it is done.

  • Why did the gum cross the road?
It was stuck to the bottom of the chicken's foot.

  • Why did the egg hide?
Because she was a little chicken.

  • Why did the duck cross the road?
Because it was the chicken's day off.

Around our house, the duck crosses the road to follow the chicken's to the other side. The chickens cross the road to eat the neighbors bird seed and drink from his bird bath. Don't worry, it isn't a real road!

Frozen Eggs? Have you ever tried to freeze eggs? The Chicken Variety and Free Chicken clipart

Free Chicken Clipart, do you freeze eggs? 

The significant other always buys tons of milk... right after I go to the grocery. He does the same with eggs... Well, he did and then I went and bought an egg factory: six chicken hens and two duck hens = over 60 eggs per week. Help!

freeze eggs printable chicken free clipart coloring sheet page
Cartoon Chicken Printable Coloring Page
To Learn how to draw visit the source of this cutie

Recently, I discovered milk can be frozen - just be sure to pour about a cup out to allow for expansion.
My eggs always freeze in the fridge. Except the annoyance of getting the shells off they work just fine. So, I wondered; can you freeze eggs?  We freeze people eggs, why not poultry eggs?

Turns out, it's a yes. Read the Frozen Eggs link below for how to.

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Snowman Craft for Kids out of Egg Shells by Mama Mia

Snowman Crafts for Kids Eggshell Snowman

One of my old blogging buddies came up with this cute snowman craft. You could make a whole day of learning with preschoolers or homeschoolers with this little project. For a science lesson, discuss the properties of an egg, boil some eggs, remove the shells, eat the eggs, and craft with the shells! Imagine the possibilities if you colored your eggs with Easter egg dye first. You can make egg shell mosaics for an art lesson for kids. We've got a flock of chickens, so I am always looking some activity to do with eggs.

Snowman Crafts for Kids Eggshell Snowman makes a fun science lesson for kids.
Preschool snowman craft with egg shells from Mama Mia's Heart to Heart.

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