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Non-Toxic Face Paint Homemade Recipe

Homemade Edible, Non Toxic Face Paint Recipe with Coconut Oil

We love Halloween, Dramatic Play, and all things theatrical. We are always testing new ways to make face paint at home. You'll find several homemade recipes for face paint in our archives. Of all of our recipes, this Non Toxic Face Paint Homemade Recipe using all natural coconut oil is our favorite. Enjoy!

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Non-Toxic Face Paint Homemade Recipe All Natural Coconut Oil
Non-Toxic Face Paint Homemade Recipe All Natural  Coconut Oil.

Edible Paint Craft: Kissing Hand Preschooler Sensory Art

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn is the perfect Story for the First Day of School

This story is so sweet, a little tale about Mama and Baby Raccoon. Mama kisses her baby's hand before he heads for his first day of school. We've made a companion craft for preschoolers with a Sensory Play appeal that uses our special recipe for edible paint.

The Kissing Hand with Craft for Preschool & Kindergarten with edible paint.
The Kissing Hand with Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten.
Chester Raccoon's Mom reassures him he will enjoy school. She takes his hand, gives it a kiss and tells him to touch his cheek when he needs a kiss. He gives his Mommy a kissing hand too. And, we've made one for you to share with your little ones.

How to Make an Edible Handprint for The Kissing Hand Book

Vanilla Jell-O Pudding Cups
Gel Food Coloring
Strawberry Gel Pie Filling
Sugar Sprinkles
And lotsa love...

The Kissing Hand book.

Look, it's a craft. It's a dessert!  It's crafty, edible art!

This hand-print is 100% Edible and Yummy too.  Jell-O Pudding Cups make the perfect finger paint, just add a little gel food coloring. We let the kiddos mix in red and blue for a fun color mixing experiment, then we got some gooey, strawberry pie gel, plopped it in the middle to show where to kiss, and then added purple sugar sprinkles on top.  

It smells and tastes great and after six weeks this one still looks the same (no nasty rotting) so pin it on your fridge or better yet, frame it!

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Sensory Activities: Edible Straw Painting for Toddlers ~ Yum!

Edible Painting with Straws is Fun, Sensory Activity for Toddlers

Toddlers love to play with straws. One of the first milestones is learning to drink out of a straw. Blowing through a straw if also a fun, sensory experience for toddlers. This activity uses both. It is fun to watch them practice. Grab a cottonball to teach them to blow through the straw and then mix up some edible paint to make these cool, colorful blot pictures.

Edible Painting with Straws is Fun, Sensory Activity for Toddlers
Our paint isn't just edible; it is yummy too!
Yummy edible milk paint recipe
Neon food color, maple syrup, milk, and cornstarch. Mix in three equal parts syrup, milk, and starch. Add one or two drops of color.
Little ones learn to blow thru the straw vs. sucking ~ not as easy as it seems.
It makes great finger-paint too.

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Jake's Journey in Art: Homeschool Printmaking Lesson with Foam Trays and Pencils

Homeschool Art Lesson in Printmaking

Jake's journey in art focuses on REUSE. Make your own prints with foam trays in this fun Printmaking lesson. This homeschool art lesson requires only a few supplies making it perfect for homeschool. Enjoy!

Reuse Foam Trays for Printmaking
Animal Prints with Foam Trays Piggy Art.

What fun! This is an incredibly easy way to teach the art of printmaking to young children. The assignment required choosing an animal to draw and first drawing it on paper by looking at the image upside down. If you draw an image upside down, you tend to focus less on the end product and more on each individual line. 

The idea is to make drawing perfectly less overwhelming, when turned right side up, it magically becomes a great drawing!

Homeschool Art Project How to make your own Prints with foam veggie trays
Printmaking Lesson: Messy Craft with Paint and Prints.

Hmm... Great theory. Jake drew his pig by copying the image with the right-side up, then he proceeded to complain profusely about how everyone's drawings were better than his. It took a great deal of coaxing to get him to draw the picture upside down. He felt it was a waste of time and "stupid". 

The battle ensued, he tried it, and the results were similar. That's good news and good news, I think. The good news is he tried it, saw it worked, and wasn't stupid, and the good news is he draws pretty good either way.

You will need: 
Foam Trays, Pencil, White Paper, and Acrylic Paint.

First, draw a picture of an animal on a piece of paper. Remember, if you are looking at an image, turn it upside down and draw it upside down first. Now, turn your image around, and check out your handi-work. This is practice.

The next step is to "draw" the image onto a foam tray. Make sure to press down hard to make a deep indentation into the foam. Now, cut the edges off your foam tray so it is a flat surface. It needs to be completely flat to make the print.

Lightly paint your foam image. You can use one color or several. Make a practice print on paper to remove some of the excess paint.

Then, carefully place your foam tray paint side down onto a clean sheet of paper. Press firmly, but do not move the tray or the image will smear. With a finger or hand on each end of the tray, carefully lift it from the paper to reveal your beautiful print. Wipe the tray clean, and experiment with new colors. 

Once they started making prints they didn't want to stop!

Tip:  The best prints are the ones made as the paint is starting to wear off the tray. This is a great way to make holiday or birthday cards. You can also cut them out and frame them as Christmas gifts.

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How do you Keep Kids Happy on Rainy Days?

A Guide to Keeping Your Kids Happy on Rainy Days

For adults and teens rainy days are great: you have the perfect excuse to stay inside, curl up on the couch and catch up with your favorite TV show or video game. Yet for little ones, rainy days force them to face the prospect of one more dreaded day stuck inside the house. When you use this guide to keeping your kids happy on rainy days for tips and tricks, rainy days don’t have to equal boredom for the kiddos!

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How do you Keep Kids Happy on Rainy Days?  Cowboy Costume Dress Up
Howdy Partner! Mayhem in a Cowboy Costume.

Boredom Busters for Rainy Days

Click through the links below for fun activities on how to keep kids happy on rainy days.

Get Creative with Painting
Painting doesn’t have to be just painting anymore; try some fun ideas, like painting with spaghetti, or paint rocks to look like ladybugs (on a drier day before the rain started, of course) or try finger painting in a fun new way. If you're up for it, let the kids try face painting with you as their model!
Maybe you have a designated kids' playroom and you want to get creative with a spare bit of white wall that's just begging for a splash of bright color. You can always paint your wall like a chalkboard and let the kids go wild!
If you're organized, you can prep for rainy day activities during the summer by collecting interesting seashells at the beach or walnuts in the yard, and saving them for a rainy day when you and the kids can paint the shells all kinds of creative ways!

Entertain All of Their Senses
As you know, younger kids are receptive to nearly anything entertaining, so don’t underestimate the power of visual and aural stimulation. Whether it’s a colorful cartoon on the TV or sound waves making the floor vibrate with their favorite childhood tunes, you can use this stimulation as a spin off for a drawing activity like this cartoon anime lesson.
Oh, how times have changed!
Also, you may want to consider investing a little more in home tech equipment for a true all-round experience; for example, has a great range of audio and video equipment, including amplifiers to really fill up the house on those gloomy weather days. With all those beats pumping though the house, you'll be up dancing on the ceiling! Seriously though, dancing with your kids is the best rainy day boredom buster ever!!

Use the Furniture to Your Advantage
If you have a large living space with plenty of couches and chairs, consider building a lion's den or a makeshift maze for the kids. You can move the furniture around and even drape the furniture in towels and bed sheets to create a cozy tent or tepee area for the kids to crawl into and stay quiet for a while. Ask Alexa to read a story while you catch up on some chores.

decorate with fairy lights on Amazon
Decorate with Fairy Lights. Photo Credit: Amazon

Add a sensory element by placing toys and books inside the blankets and light it up with funky fairy lights to make it a space the kiddos will never want to leave (until the sun comes out, of course.)

Catch up with Chores
It doesn't sound like the most fun thing to do, but if you have a whole bunch of household tasks you need to catch up with – and a rainy day just so happens to present an opportunity to do just that – then make the kids pitch in and get all those chores done together.
Need some motivation? Here are some printable chore charts for kids to help you keep track of their progress and work toward rewards!
Turn ‘matching up odd socks’ into a fun game with a prize, or maybe get creative in the kitchen if you have food that needs prepped, and let the kids help whisk up dinner!
You can also turn chores into competitions! Promise a special treat for the winner of ‘who can tidy the front room the fastest!’
How cool is that? Using chores as rainy day boredom busters is a great way to teach kids that helping around the house can be fun!

Play Dress Up in Costumes
You don't need a trunk full of costumes to play dress up with kids and keep them happy on a rainy day. No Ma'am, just raid your closets for old clothes, ties, and bandannas. In the picture above, we raided Grandma and Grandpa's closets for an old vest from the 70's, a gun holster, and an Australian Outback hat. Voila! Instant cowgirl costume.
Making costumes can keep kids busy for at least an hour on a rainy day. Once the costumes are complete, it's time for some good old fashioned pretend play!


Games for Kids from Kids Creative Chaos

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Play?

Playing Outside Improves Mood

This post was sponsored by Landscape Structures as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Have you noticed a change in your children when they're playing outside? Sure, they may complain that they're tired or that it's too hot or even that they're bored. However, outdoor play benefits kids in many ways. Once children have built the coping and social skills needed to interact in an outside play environment, the benefits of outdoor play far outweigh their complaints! What are the benefits to outdoor play? Keep reading to learn some tips on how to keep your kids happy outdoors.

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Play?
What are the benefits of outdoor play?

Be Prepared. 

When you take your kids to an outdoor play space or local park, be sure to be prepared. Bring a cooler with bottles of water for hydration, cool, healthy snacks like carrots and cucumbers, and go ahead and throw in a treat for when they've depleted all of their energy. 

You may also want to bring a change of clothes, a non-toxic bug repellent, a blanket for resting, hats or sunglasses to shade them from the sun, and a first aid kit. Whatever you can do to insure the happiness of your children and counteract any excuses they may have for not wanting to play, only increases your chances for success.

If you're forgetful and always seem to forget the essentials, keep a park preparedness kit in your car. We never leave the house without folding chairs, a vinyl table cloth, and an umbrella packed in the trunk. If you leave a mini cooler in the trunk, it's always waiting there to be filled. You can simply stop at any convenience or grocery store along the way.

Benefits of Playing Outside

Best Places for Outdoor Play

No matter where you choose to incorporate outdoor play, it's beneficial to your child. Simply being outdoors in the sunshine can boost your child's immune system because the sun gives us vitamin D which is essential to health and happiness. Dr. Clare McCarthy shares some benefits of outdoor play over at Harvard Health. Even if you have a tiny yard, be sure to create a space for your child to get in some daily outdoor play. If they like to color or finger paint, set up a table for crafting outdoors.

Water is the most fun element of sensory play.

A well designed play structure will keep your kids busy for an hour or two. You may not be familiar with the brand name Landscape Structures, but I'll bet you've seen one or two. These playground structures aren't just for swinging and sliding, they're set up with all kinds of ways to get kids moving and to encourage sensory play.

When you give children the freedom to play and discover on their own, they build self-confidence to explore more things on their own. They want to see what else they can discover without mom or dad. So, sit back and relax while the kids explore the outdoor environment and find new ways to have fun.

Hello, over there! This megaphone encourages interaction with others.

Landscape Structures playgrounds are designed to welcome children of all ages and abilities. This play equipment has all kinds of sensory elements and play activities that encourage kids to work together making it easier for them to socialize with others. These playgrounds also encourage exercise, but don't worry, your kids will have so much fun playing on the equipment they won't even know they're exercising!

Sneaky playground equipment encourages exercise.

Sensory play aids in the learning process. Children who play outdoors have more access to sensory elements as the five senses are involved in nearly every aspect of outdoor play. They hear other children laughing, birds chirping, and bugs buzzing. They feel the wind on their face and the grass on their feet. They can even taste the outdoors when berry picking or licking their salty lips.

Practicing on the bars builds upper body strength and self-confidence. 

These poles encourage learning to balance.

What will you do when it's raining? Rain is the best sensory activity! Grab an umbrella and some rain boots and slosh through some puddles with your kiddos! Reach up to the sky and savor the raindrops as they splash on your face. Show your children that rain is fun, don't discourage it. Rain even smells good! These days, most parks use rubber mulch. If storms do force you to stay inside for awhile, don't worry about the playground being wet. Be a good parent and take the first trip down the slide to dry it off for those finicky little ones.

Encourage social interaction with other kids, but don't force it. Kids are smart, they know what you're trying to do. If they're moody, they'll fight you every step of the way. Also, simply knowing that you want them to interact with other kids can make the feel self-conscious. They may feel too shy to talk to another child when they know that you're anxious for it to happen. Pretend to keep busy reading a book or returning a text. Don't get too caught up though, those little eyes are always watching you. Sometimes, they want you to watch them and know that you're proud of them. Always be ready with a thumb's up!

A simple way to encourage socialization is to point out a favorite character on another child's clothing. "Hey, look he's wearing a dinosaur shirt. Don't you love it!" Your child may not respond, that's okay. Don't push them. You've given them something to talk about. You've made a connection with another child. Sit back and watch what happens. Socializing may start out awkward. If you have a backward child, trying to force it will certainly backfire. Learn to be happy with a nod or a smile. The rest will come with time.

Playing Outside Improves Mood
Outdoor play improves mood.

Some benefits of outdoor play.
Sleepy kids!

As an exhausted parent, one of the best benefits of getting in a lot of outdoor play time with the kids is that you'll get to enjoy some down time when the kids take naps. Even if they are past nap taking, they'll probably stay quiet for the car ride home! Be careful not to let little ones get too over tired. Often, an over tied preschooler will have trouble sleeping through the night. They need just enough exertion for a good night's sleep. And no one wants an over tired toddler...


More Ways to Play from Kids Creative Chaos

Rainy Day Boredom Busters

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May Calendar of Holidays and Special Days: Unusual and Unique

Unusual and Unique Holidays and Special Days of May

These dates in May will help you plan fun activities for school, after-school, or camp programs. Want to know if you should wear mismatched socks, a silly hat, or make a special treat to celebrate? You've come to the right place. Here's our printable, editable, downloadable calendar of May holidays.  Enjoy!

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May Calendar of Holidays and Special Days: Unusual and Unique

Printable Downloadable Calendar for May Holidays
Click here for: 

Printable Downloadable Calendar for May Holidays 2020

When is Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May. In 2020, Mother's Day is May 10.

May 1 - National Mother Goose Day! So celebrate by dressing up like your favorite Nursery Rhyme Character, reading a bedtime story, or making a fun Mother Goose craft (We have some chicken crafts). Play a Goose game.

May 3 - International Space Day began in 1997. Celebrate with an outer space craft for kids, a trip to a local history center or space museum, or wear an astronaut suit around town.

May 4 - National Star Wars Day!  Hip hip hooray for Yoda! We've got a Yoda craft. Sport a set of green ears to school today! Make a Yoda mask... and don't judge all those crazed Star Wars fans walking around in authentic looking costumes.

May 12 - National Limerick Day. Memorize a limerick... What is a limerick? You know... you really do. Something about a lady from France? Eh, there are nicer ones too. Go write your own limerick today. It is a nonsense poem. You make a lot of non-sense, right?

May 13 - Yes, Frog Jumping Day is a real day. So, go find a frog and challenge it to a jumping contest. Wait. No, that's not right. Grab two frogs and ask them to have a jumping contest. The frog who jumps the farthest wins. You could dress like a frog and play a healthy game of Leapfrog instead. Hey, if you do that will you make a video and share it with me? Thanks!
Frog Art Lesson for Kids

May 14 - National Dance Like a Chicken Day. Do you know how to do the Chicken Dance? No? What, you've never been to a wedding. Cluck, cluck boy, do we have chicken crafts for kids. We also have Chicken printables and chicken cartoons. Did you take a video of your dance too? Yep. Share it here in the comments.

May 14 - National Endangered Species Day. What is on the endangered species list? The Manatee for sure. The Eagle was, but is it still? IDK there are Bald Eagles after my chickens and ducks every other day. I see how they got to be endangered! Don't shoot, it is a Federal Offense. Endangered Species: Myotis Sodalis Bat

May 17 - National Armed Force's Day. Give thanks to a serviceman or veteran. Send a card, send a craft, give them a hug. Let them know you appreciate their service to our country.
Army Coloring Pages for Teens

May 18 - National No Dirty Dishes Day. I'm getting tired of writing all of these days down, I was going to skip to the end of the month here, but... REALLY? No dirty dishes day? That's a holiday I won't be celebrating. I'll just pretend. Don't open the dishwasher or the oven.  Am I right? Make your own Homemade Dish Detergent

May 22 - National Vanilla Pudding Day. Only because I have some things in this blog to do with Vanilla Pudding. Eat some today and make some edible finger paint with Vanilla pudding

May 24 - National Scavenger Hunt Day. Go outside. It is May, have a real life scavenger hunt. Here are some fun scavenger hunt ideas. Is it raining? Go play our Pinterest Preschool Scavenger Hunt.

May 27 - National Cellophane Tape Day. What the heck is that? It is tape. Don't you just love tape? You probably call it Scotch Tape, but that is a brand. Things to do with tape? Paper crafts! Tape a poster to your wall. Here is a friendship poster for your wall. Go tape it up in your room. Wrap a present. Send it to me! Thanks, I like presents :)

May 29 - National Paperclip Day. Make a paperclip necklace and wear it to school today. Don't steal your teacher's paperclips. The teacher's desk is off limits. Things to do with paper clips.

Looking for coupons to save on your holiday budget? Check out: Coupon Annie for more info.

When is Memorial Day?

May 30, 2016- Memorial Day. Ditto with the National Armed Force's Day, but now we remember those who served and died. Wear a ribbon, lay a wreath on a tombstone, make a scrapbook, share a story. Wave the flag. You could also dress up like a flag and walk in a parade, I guess. Whatever floats your boat. Flag Craft for Memorial Day

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Child Development Psychology: Sensory Play Aids in the Learning Process

Early Childhood Development: Learn with Sensory Play

The psychology behind a child's ability to focus academically or follow rules can be positively influenced by the environment. Parents and caregivers can help children with sensory processing disorders or developmental issues ease into everyday activities with simple games and activities.

Child Development Psychology: Sensory Play Aids in the Learning Process

4 Holiday Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

4 Cardboard Tube Crafts for the Holidays

Whether you use a paper towel roll, wrapping paper roll, or toilet tube, these cute cardboard tube crafts for the holidays are easy to make. We made 4 fun holiday toilet paper roll crafts with bits and bobbles from cardboard rolls. Scroll down to see our Thanksgiving Turkey, Christmas Reindeer, Snowman, and Little Puppy. Enjoy!

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Cute Cardboard Tube Crafts
Cute Cardboard Tube Crafts.

1. Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

We used cardbboard paper towel rolls and toilet paper tubes to make these little creatures. They are skinnier than most, because we cut a 1" strip out of each roll and then hot glued the cardboard back together. Each holiday creature is cut at a different height, so they can be displayed in an attractive centerpiece for the holidays.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Thanksgiving Turkey
Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Thanksgiving Turkey.

If you want to make Cardboard Tube Crafts for Thanksgiving, purchase some felt leaves. We found a Thanksgiving garland kit on clearance and used the pieces to make turkey feathers. An autumn pack of pipecleaners. pom poms, and felt bits were used for his beak and head.

To attach the head, it is best to use hot glue. Place a bead of glue around the top of the cardboard tube and then press and hold the pom pom down until the glue sets.

If you want to paint your tube, do that before you begin decorating it. We like the natural look of of the cardboard roll.

2. Cardboard Tube Puppy

make a cardboard roll puppy
Cut a 2" section of cardboard roll to make a little puppy.

Mini Cardboard Tube Creatures.

3. Cardboard Paper towel Roll Snowman Craft

cardboard tube snowman
Use a vegetable skewer to make hands
for your cardboard toilet roll snowman.

Cardboard Toilet Roll Snowman Craft with Scarf
Twist two pipecleaners together to make a scarf for your snowman.
We glued two cottonballs together to make  his head.

4. Reindeer Toilet Roll Craft

toilet roll reindeer craft
Wrap pipecleaners around your finger or a pencil
to make spiral antlers for the cardboard reindeer.

More Cardboard Roll Crafts for Thanksgiving

Easy Cardboard Toilet Tube Turkeys
Mayhem designed her own Easy Cardboard Toilet Tube Turkeys.

Cut 1/4" strips approximately 3" down the toilet paper roll to make the turkey feathers. Then, bend 1 strip down folding the end up to attach the turkey's head. Cut two orange strips and glue inside the tube to form legs. Now, you have a shelf sitter turkey for Thanksgiving.

Share your ideas with us in the comments.


Paint with Cardboard Tubes

The Night Before Thanksgiving

Holiday Salt Dough Ornaments

Make an Envelope Barn and Toilet Roll Silo

Felt Leaves

Cardboard Toilet Tube Rocket for New Years

Nursery on a Budget Ideas

Decorating a Creative Nursery on a Budget: A Guide

Having a baby is an exciting time, and as a result, many parents go all out to create the perfect, creative space for their new bundle of joy. However, due to restrictions such as maternity leave or working only part-time, parents are often looking for inexpensive ways to transform their spare room into a creative nursery space for their infant. If you're looking for ways to design your nursery on a budget, here is a guide with some top tips for saving money while decorating the new baby's room.

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Nursery on a Budget Ideas
Portable crib doubles as a playpen. Get one here: budget friendly crib by Baby Delight.

Use Furniture Store Coupons  

If you want to buy new furniture for your baby’s room, but struggle to save up the necessary funds to give your child the nursery that you've dreamed about, consider finding coupons for furniture stores in your local area.

Table and chairs for baby's room from Bed Bath and Beyond.

For instance, a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon can cut the cost of a range of vital items that you'll need for the renovation, including beds, bedding, rocking chairs, and vanities. This will ensure that you can create a special space for your child without over spending.

diy wall art for baby's room nursery

Create Your Own Decor and Wall Art 

One of the best ways to create a bright and inspiring nursery for your child is to install eye-catching wall art and fun nursery decorations in their space. Although you might not be able to afford the extravagant ornaments of home design magazines, you should consider DIY to make your baby nursery decorations that they'll love. The more vivid, the better for baby to see!

For instance, you can use tape, paint, and stickers to create inventive murals for your child, or create flags, soft toys, and cushions out of scraps of leftover fabric. As your child gets older, you can also help them make their own wall art by framing their paintings.

make your own wall art with fabric scraps kids room

Buy Pre-Loved Items 

If you want to invest in child-friendly furniture without the high cost of buying new, consider purchasing pre-loved items? Not only is shopping second-hand much cheaper than buying from your local store, but it can also help you find one-of-a-kind gems that match exactly what you have in mind! You can buy pre-loved furniture from charity shops, antique and second-hand furniture stores, and even through buy-and-sell groups on social media like Facebook Marketplace.

Re-purpose Furniture You Already Own 

Many families have a vast array of unused furniture stored in their attic and garage. Hoarded furniture comes in handy when you're looking to create a nursery for your newborn. You may discover that much of this old furniture can be adapted toward a new purpose in your nursery, which saves you money. Redo it in funky colors and add new nobs and hardware to give it a modern look.

Buy Long-Lasting Furniture

When you're considering how to decorate your baby’s bedroom on a budget, you also need to think about saving money in the long term. For instance, buying long-lasting and multi-purpose furniture, such as loft and desk beds, allows your nursery to grow with your child and reduces the need to replace furniture as your child ages. You should also think about choosing furniture in durable materials that can withstand the chaos of childhood play. It may not save you money upfront, but in the long-term you'll be thankful for the wise purchase.

nursery dresser that grows with child
Get a quality nursery dresser that will grow with your child.